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Gamers’ Headshot or 8 Effective Ways to Make Money Gaming

Despite the fact that gaming was considered as a tool to relax and provide some fun many years ago, it’s even more than just a hobby now. Lots of people worldwide make money gaming without any need to waste their time looking for a full-time job.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Moreover, a lot of gamers drop it because when you do it for money it is not as simple and funny as when you do it as part of your leisure time activities. Here you encounter the same story as in any other sphere of life: someone wins while somebody loses.

No, there is no need to quit your typical lifestyle and dive into the huge international arena of video games. For sure, there are various gaming websites and gaming themes, on which you can spend some time after work or at the weekend. Anyway, if you really imagine yourself as a gamer for the rest of your life, there are some effective ways to play games for money.

Create Professional Gaming Guides to Earn Money by Playing Games

All gaming newcomers are hungry for full and enhanced guides that could help them to achieve goals while gaming. So, why don’t you make money gaming and create some? It can be a video tutorial, a well-structured eBook, or your own gaming blog, whatever.

Create Professional Gaming Guides

The thing is, that you need to be a real expert in certain games to create a really cool guide. Moreover, it makes sense only if you write walkthroughs for popular games, so you can make more sales. However, the more popular a game is, the more effort you need to invest to beat any serious competition with your guide.

Take Part in Game Tournaments and Play Games for Money

Another way to play games for money is to participate in a competitive gaming. There is a bunch of popular make money games that are open for tournaments and have pretty good prize pools. The main thing here is to promote yourself as a good player, so you can be featured in the tournaments of PvP games’ favorites.

Take Part in Game Tournaments

However, be careful of fraudsters who promise big winnings and do not pay gamers at all.

Test Games

Basically, any game creator can make a mistake because there is nothing perfect in the world. However, all game developers dream of creating hassle-free games with no bugs and errors to please their products’ users.

For this reason, developers hire people to Beta test their games looking for anomalies and bugs, so, they can fix everything on time. If you adore gaming, it’s a good way to make extra money by getting involved in your favorite hobby.

Test Games

Despite this approach allowing you to work really hard testing all aspects of various games, be advised that the salary is not high and it is really difficult to find this kind of job at a big game producing company.

Stream Your Gameplay Live and Make Money Gaming

Basically, streaming your gameplay is a good way to play online games and earn income. The thing is, that here you can make money gaming on advertising, donations, subscriptions, whatever. The key point here is your audience and it’s not that easy to get it.

Stream Your Gameplay Live

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You might have zero or 2, 5, 7, etc. visitors for weeks or even months. However, you can change the situation if you promote yourself professionally.

Try to spice up your gaming live stream with funny jokes, emotions, your own way of thinking and manner of speaking, and allow all your uniqueness to stand out. It will definitely help you to attract an audience and to boost your income as a gamer. Additionally, you can join YouTube Gaming or Twitch for starters.


Launch Your Own Podcasts

Here I’m all about your devising and presenting an exciting game-related show, which could help you to entertain the audience and to make money playing games online. You know, it’s something like a tutorial and a live streaming walkthrough but it comes together. For example, various discussions, gaming tips & tricks, and so on.

Launch Your Own Podcasts

However, there is a downside: you need to invest a ton of efforts to build the audience numbers and to keep them engaged. Consequently, make sure that you create podcasts and videos only of premium quality. Your content should be informative, interesting, and well-structured. If you don't, your audience will search for a better podcaster. Basically, you can easily start making these types of videos on YouTube.

Write About The Gaming World

Almost every sphere of life has lots of related topics about which one could write, and gaming is not an exception. Create digests that will cover the latest news in the world of gaming, provide professional reviews on new games, and interview first-class gamers who make money playing video games to treat your readers. I would call this money making way a gaming sneak-peek because you collect the most exciting facts about the industry and present them in a well-faceted brief post.

Write About Gaming World

However, here you need a steady self-development process. I mean improving your writing skills and the way of devising how to beat the competition. Basically, you can create your own gaming website and not only make money playing games online but also to post this kind of content there. Also, you can work for somebody and post your articles on different blogs, etc.

In addition, there is one thing I specifically want to clarify at a glance. There is no sense in waiting for hundreds of readers with your first post. Here you also need to be patient and wait a while to be heard and remembered. Moreover, do not create your site if you’ve never made something bigger than a shopping list.

Pump Up Your Game Characters for Sale and Play Games for Real Money

If you’re an advanced gamer who can take characters to the highest level, feel free to make money gaming and use it! Just develop and improve characters from various make money games and then sell your gaming accounts.

Pump Up Your Game Characters for Sale

Basically, there are lots of games that allow users to sell characters. For example, DOTA 2, Pokemon Go, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and many others!

Create Your Own Gaming Website

Do you want to make your own game in the future? Are you going to earn money by playing games, by games’ advertising and reviews? Anyway, launch your own gaming website, which will help you to play games for real money and do any stuff related to games. Moreover, a professional-looking site will help you to promote yourself as a cool gamer all over the Internet

By the way, there is a great novelty for real gamers! WorldPandaria Responsive Website Template from MotoCMS has a premium game portal design, a plenty of handy widgets, easily customizable pre-made pages, and much more!

Create Your Own Gaming Website

Demo | Download

Here you get a code-free site building thanks to a drag & drop website creator. Moreover, WorldPandaria is pre-loaded with a number of professional tools that will help you to make money playing video games and enrich your gaming website with stunning blog posts!

How long have you been a gamer? Do you have any other ideas on how to make money gaming? Please, let me know in the comments section below! By the way, if you need more cool gaming designs, take a look at this top-notch collection of game portal templates. Do what you love, love what you do, make money gaming and enjoy your day!

Allison Reed

TemplateMonster's SEO and Editor, proud to live and work in Ukraine. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

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