Meet the First TemplateMonster Wapuu – Cossack Wapuula

TemplateMonster is happy to announce its first Ukrainian Wapuu, Cossack Wapuula.

If you're using WordPress you're probably familiar with its most adorable and popular mascot Wapuu.

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Being an essential symbol of the Japan WordPress community, Wapuu has gradually been adopted all over the world.

Today you can hardly find a WordPress meetup without one.

Wapuu, the WordPress mascot

Meet Cossack Wapuula

Wapuula is the first Ukrainian Wapuu (wapuu).

Its appearance was inspired by Ukrainian Cossacks, free independent people who lived in Ukraine during the XIV-XVII centuries, and who became the traditional representation of Ukrainian.

The clothes of Wapuula resemble those worn by Cossacks, in particular the embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka), which is the part of Ukrainian national costume. Mustache and forelock are also inspired by the Cossacks' appearance.

Wapuula is hugging WordPress sphere painted in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag.

Wapuu is a symbol of WordPress open-source community, and we're happy to be a part of it.

Creating our own Wapuu has been our intention for a long time, and finally we did it. We'd like to offer a special thanks to Sergey Brave for designing Cossack Wapuula, and Takayuki Miyauchi, for quickly adding it into the Wapuu archive. Now you can easily find it among other Wapuu mascots!

Member of the Cherry Framework team.

WordCamp Kyiv

Cossack Wapuula has joined the Wapuu family just in time. In two month, on September 24-26, 2016, Ukraine will host its first official WordCamp in Kyiv.

See You at WordCamp Kyiv!

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