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Many talented authors from all over the world share their digital products on the TemplateMonster marketplace. Since 2017, Meetanshi has been helping entrepreneurs grow their online businesses by creating stylish templates, mockups, logos, and other digital products. Moreover, the company is not limited to e-commerce and also creates resume and CV letter templates and even 3D models for games.

We were fortunate to learn more about the company by talking to its co-founder. Shivbhadrasinh Gohil is delighted to share his story with you in this interview. 

TemplateMonster Graphic Designer Interview with Meetanshi

TemplateMonster: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Where are you from?

Meetanshi: Greetings from India! My name is Shivbhadrasinh Gohil. I am the co-founder of Meetanshi, an eCommerce solutions providing company. At Meetanshi, we have a dedicated team of designers that works on creating superior design and graphic solutions such as logos, mockups, design, templates, vectors, and models.

TemplateMonster: How did you start your career?

Meetanshi: I started my IT career back in 2009 and have worked with many eCommerce domains to date. In 2017, we founded Meetanshi, an e-commerce development company mainly focused on leading e-commerce platforms, including Magento. Later, we decided to fill the gap in the design and graphics of our service and began to provide modern digital solutions.

TemplateMonster: What features are common for all of your products? How can we distinguish them among others?

Meetanshi: We at Meetanshi approach the quality implementation of each design task with special responsibility and attention. Our team is working on a very subtle level. We develop our templates and mockups, taking into account all the client's expectations so that the end-user no longer has to spend time refining and editing their online store website design.

TemplateMonster: Do you work alone or with a team? (if with the team, please tell us about it)

Meetanshi: I believe that "Together, we can achieve more!" Thus, we have a dedicated team of graphic designers and design experts who are diligent in their work. Each team member is highly professional and skilled, which allows us to offer excellent and best design solutions on the market.

TemplateMonster: How did you choose your career? Do you like being a designer/developer?

Meetanshi: I have always dreamed of making a difference by providing unique digital products for e-commerce businesses that meet customers' requirements. Apart from developing e-commerce solutions, I have found that design and graphics also play a vital role in increasing online sales. It is where we started to provide top-notch designs for our clients, and we are really happy to offer the perfect combination of all ecommerce solutions on one platform.

TemplateMonster: What is your favorite and least favorite part of your work?

Meetanshi: My favorite part of the work is creating diversity and uniqueness by providing excellent design and graphic solutions to our clients worldwide. We are glad to see the templates, designs, and mockups we made being used by so many people around the world. Nothing can be more satisfying than this for a designer and developer. And unfortunately, the least favorite part is the lack of appreciation and recognition of our efforts.

TemplateMonster: Do you follow up with the latest design trends? What trends do you use in your work?

Meetanshi: Evolution is the key to success in the ever-changing market. Thus, researching new market trends and implementing them into our products is one of the most important parts of our design tasks. Our dedicated team is actively involved in the design communities and platforms like Pinterest and Dribble to stay updated with the latest tendencies.

TemplateMonster: Could you please describe your audience? What would people enjoy the most about your products?

Meetanshi: Our ideal audience is the ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to design their stores with eye-catching graphics and themes. But that's not all. We also provide templates, designs, and graphic solutions suitable for a wider range of audiences.

In addition, our clients often appreciate our designers for their attention to subtle details. Besides, they love the high customization flexibility of our products.

TemplateMonster: How long does it take to create an item from scratch?

Meetanshi: Well, it can vary depending on the project. Usually, our designers can complete a template within 1-2 working days.

TemplateMonster: Why did you decide to work with TemplateMonster? Would you recommend this platform to others?

Meetanshi: TemplateMonster, being a highly reputed graphic template platform, provides beginners and experienced designers an amazing opportunity to reach a wider audience. We chose TemplateMonster to expand our reach, increase visibility and achieve better recognition. So I would definitely recommend other designers and design agencies to join the platform.

TemplateMonster: What do you like the most about being an author of digital products?

Meetanshi: One of the most obvious benefits of working as a digital author is that digital products never run out. Hence, you create a product you can sell unlimited times.

TemplateMonster: With what products are you planning to amaze your customers in the future?

Meetanshi: We plan to dive into the production of the most flexible and customized products ever. Our team is constantly working in this direction.

TemplateMonster: Please share some tips for beginners.

Meetanshi: When it comes to creativity, hard work is not enough. Do your best, but don't forget about inspiration and keep your creative light bulb on. Try to put a message into your work and convey it through designs and colors and make sure you get the desired effect.

Best Meetanshi Products

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