Monstroid2 Reborn. An Update You Were Not Expecting to Get

I hope you got it from the headline that we’re going to talk about the Monstroid2 update. Yeah, we mean it, the Monstroid2 WordPress theme released at the beginning of 2017.

Frankly speaking the Monstroid2 from 2017 pales in comparison with what it has become in 2018.

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Previously Monstroid2 themes was a so-called ultimate developer tool chest.

One needed a single copy of the Monstroid2 theme to build an unlimited number of websites, but due to the editing capabilities, most final products probably looked similar. This is because the Power Builder + Monstroid2 were not giving so much customization freedom as Elementor + Monstroid2.

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Why is the New Monstroid2 Better?


Elementor Builder

It goes without saying that the new Monstroid2 theme is powered by Elementor builder.

With this awesome tool, you’ll get a chance to create an absolutely unique website without having to write a single line of code, ever.


While our coders were developing the new Monstroid2 they decided to do an experiment. They took one of the homepage layouts and tried to build this page using Elementor and WPBakery Builder.

It turned out that the coder who used WPBakery Builder required twice as much time as his colleague who used Elementor.

Their resolution was quite simple.

Coder who used Elementor: “Damn, that was really fast!”

Coder who used WPBakery Builder: “How come WP Bakery Builder has so many fans?!”

Please note that Monstroid2 comes mated with a free version of Elementor builder.

500+ Sections

The new Monstroid2 theme comes packed with 500+ predesigned sections.


Inside the Elementor interface, you will find the Magic button (it’s the real name of this button) it gives you an access to 500+ custom sections that you can use on any page, new or already created.

The number of sections will increase week after week, to get the new ones you will have to sync updates through the Theme Core plugin.


Upon the release, the Monstroid2 theme will have 20 skins that cover various micro-niches, due to Elementor builder and Magic Button you’ll be able to use any section from any of these skins on any page you want.


What’s more, every week you will get several new skins and a bunch of new sections for FREE!


Comparing to the Monstroid2 from 2017 latest version became a few times lighter, only 250kb. Previously Monstroid2 theme required some medium (and higher) class hosting provider, but now you can install it on the cheapest hosting you can find, and it will work perfectly fine!


Not only the weight was reduced, but also the page load speed, the homepage on the demo loads around 1.2s.

monstroid2 update

What’s more important. The new Monstroid2 theme has neither inline CSS nor third-party plugins. This helped to increase page speed and decrease the number of requests to the database.

Jet Plugins

Another great addition to the Monstroid2 theme is the Jet Plugins. Currently, there are 9 items and all of them are included in the template package.

  1. JetBlocks
  2. JetTricks
  3. JetWooBuilder
  4. JetTabs
  5. JetParallax
  6. JetReviews
  7. JetMenu
  8. JetElements
  9. JetBlog

What’s more important all of these plugins complement functionalities of an Elementor builder giving you more freedom in terms of customization and maintenance.

monstroid2 wordpress theme

Since Monstroid2 themes comes with free lifetime updates these will also include all new Jet plugins. You’ll be able to install them via Theme Core section.

Here you can read more about all Jet plugins.


Another great thing is the WooCommerce integration, it includes not only all store subpages, but a JetWoo Builder plugin. With its help, you can create custom product pages, previously one had to alter PHP and CSS to make modifications to the product pages.

monstroid2 elenebtor wordpress theme

In case you heard about recent Elementor update that brings WooCommerce builder, please be advised that this feature is available in PRO version only. 


Since the Monstroid2 theme is available for presale right now you can get it with 30% discount ($53), regular price will be $75.

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