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How to Optimize your SERP CTR And Increase Traffic

After creating a website, it's time to garner as many visitors as possible from the search results by ensuring that your Meta data is correctly optimised to achieve the highest possible Click Through Rate (CTR). It's highly beneficial to have the most enticing and informative Meta data possible. This will allow you to get much higher CTR's from the search results, even if you're not ranked in the top spots!

Having a well-optimised title tag and Meta description not only increases your organic rankings, it also ensures potential visitors will be more inclined to click on your website in the search results when they see it. If your site has the best CTR in the top five spots, then it's only a matter of time before Google put your site at the very top based on the quality CTR feedback it gets when showing your site in the search results.
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To follow are some great practices that can increase your the through rates on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and will ultimately lead to increase traffic to your business site.

Build a Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign


A great way to improve your organic CTR's is to use AdWords. Having a branded AdWords campaign allows you to have a double listing in the search results which conveys authority and trustworthiness to potential visitors. When searchers see your business has a listing in the AdWords section and in the organic results, this has been proven to increase click through rates on organic listings.

Few people realize that AdWords is actually a really handy test environment. You can try different headlines and descriptions and monitor their effectiveness by comparing the click-through rates of your different ads. When you have an ad that is a clear winner, implement that winning sales copy or description into your organic titles and descriptions.

Solution Based Blog post generates steady interest


If you can’t solve the problem of your potential visitor, then why should they visit your website? The trick here is to be as informative as possible. By providing an instant solution or answering the most common questions about your particular keyword search, you show the potential visitor that you are ready to provide value and the solution they are looking for resides on your website.

The trick to this strategy is to ensure that you leave one essential ingredient out. If your Meta description answers all of the potential questions about your keyword, then there would be no reason for them to actually visit your website. This is when it pays to use 'cliffhangers' at the end of your descriptions in an attempt to create some intrigue and some unresolved tension in your description copy. Doing this will help you get a better click through rate.

Emphasis on Power words in the “Title”


Using 'power words' in your title and description tags can really boost your click through rates. There are hundreds of power words available at your disposal and when you strategically placed these power words in certain positions within your Meta data, the results can be astounding.

Just using these power words alone in the right positions can actually boost your organic rankings. If your site is in 4th position in the search results, and you have eye-catching power words that are boosting your click through rates, then your rankings will also definitely improve. This is provided that your website actually lives up to the claims it's making in the Meta descriptions and it provides a good experience for users.

Try using power words in your headings and descriptions to evoke emotions and always try to motivate the web searcher with offers and sales to copy they can't refuse.

Power words like, NOW, TODAY, LIMITED add such Awe and invariably connect with the user on an emotional level which can help you skyrocket your CTRs.

Use Rich Snippet to enhance your SERP ranking


Rich Snippets can really be the icing on the cake when it comes to boosting click through rates. Google has only recently ruled out the use of aggregated reviews from third-party websites to achieve star ratings. Technically, reviews can only be used if they were made on your own site. By implementing the correct schema markup, you show your star ratings directly in the search results to boost your click through's.

There are so many rich snippet formats to take advantage of, and all of them will have a positive effect on your click through rates.

Remember – Your Site's CTR's Effect it Rankings


If your site is ranked in the top three spots and no one is clicking on it because of a poorly optimized Meta title and description; your rankings won't stay there for long. As Google places more and more emphasis on user experience and user feedback, ensuring your site has a good CTR from the SERPS is now more important than ever.

I have seen sites in lower competition niches go from 6th position all the way up to 1st spot based on click-through rates alone! On some pages, I spend up to 15 minutes crafting a title and description that's optimized for click through's. I know the time is well spent because when the site finally does get to the top, the meta title and description are clear winners and really stand out from the crowd. This only reinforces your rankings and causes, even more, people to click through to your website from the SERPs.

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