Outperform the Competition in Adwords With Ease [Jacob Baadsgaard Speaking]

You’ve tried every trick in the book, but neither traffic nor conversions come to your website? You spent money on online ads and they resulted in zero leads and several hundred clicks from Zimbabwe? That sucks! And it doesn’t have to be like this anymore.

I’ve interviewed the CEO of Disruptive Advertisement Jacob Baadsgaard to teach you to outperform your competition in Google AdWords and achieve stunning results. Here we go.

What’s the first thing website owner needs to learn about advertising online?

There are no super hard theorems unless you learn the math basics. Same is true for online advertising. So what makes ads in Google different from flashy ads on Times Square?

How to use AdWords beneficially for my business?

A toddler can use Google AdWords. It’s using it beneficially where most fail. What’s the secret there, huh, Jacob?

What tools should one use to optimize work with AdWords?

As well as any other kind of work, your AdWords campaigns can always be optimized. I’d listen to the master of the trade like Jacob.

How to counteract ad blindness?

Lately, people tend to not see ads at all. We subconsciously ignore them. But marketers won’t stop. They know how to counteract it.

What are the ways to optimize click-through rates in your campaigns?

CTR is one of the most important metrics for all of the marketers out there. And CTR can be higher for your campaigns. We’ll gladly share with you how.

How to spend less on AdWords and still get the results?

AdWords don’t need to drain your whole budget if you work smartly in them. It might sound like a fairy tale, but you can spend less and still get results. By spending smart.

How to retarget in AdWords?

‘Retargeting’ is a super important word in advertising online. You stalk your potential leads until they become your paying customers. What’s the key to successful retargeting, though?

What are some tips to convert people from videos?

Don’t we all hate it when there’s an ad before the video we want to watch on Youtube? But I know for a fact that once or twice there was an ad that was witty and relevant enough for you to click on it. What was the secret and how do you get same results for your business?

You can watch the full webinar here, but I believe that now you’re ready to go ahead and leave your competition behind with AdWords. Before that, you need your site to look stunning. Check out our WordPress business themes and leverage your AdWords game easily with one of them.

Jeff Bell

Jeff is a Tech Support Operator at TemplateMonster. Helping our clients to edit and customize their sites every day, he knows what they need most and how to make it as easy as possible. More than one satisfied client already promised to call their child after him. Being a semi-professional high jumper in the past Jeff leaves no issue unresolved.

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