“Web Design on Board”: Pinterest Inspiration for Web Designers

In 2011 one of the best discoveries on the net, among social media networks, was Pinterest. This service allows you to bookmark images, you like the most, and organize them in various albums.

These days Pinterest have entered the hot ten of social media services. Numbering more than 70Mln users due date. As for the users statistics, Pinterest is popular among young women, artists and craftsmen of various ages 25-44 years. Most users, characterize it as a highly addictive network, I bet it’s not that addictive as Instagram.

But generally what’s Pinterest? It’s a simple platform to create your own themed albums, it lets you publish photos and images and share them with others. Users can also publish pictures in albums of other people, and follow people on the basis of common interests, such as fashion, design, food, bikes, chicks, etc.

Pinterest gives an opportunity to create interactive albums with a shared access. As within any other social network you can: follow other users, reshare their content, leave comments and tag people. Constant updates of other people you can get in a look of a timeline. What’s more, you can hook up other social networks like Facebook or Twitter to attract wider publicity to things you have shared.

So, what's the aim of our today's talk? We'd like to share with you some great Pinterest boards dedicated to graphic design. These guys whom you can follow are the 'Jacks of their trade', so you can use their albums to get some inspiration. By the way do not hesitate to check our Free eBook The Art of Growing Your Presence on Pinterest.

Feel free too follow these guys.


I think that would be right if you follow your favorite Monster. Welcome to the Pinterest board of TemplateMonster, here you will find things that did not find their place on Facebook or Google+.

web design pinterest boards 1

* * *

Susana Rios

Check out the boards by Susana Rios, there you will find 25 boards with various design goodies touching all aspects of design both web and interior.

web design pinterest boards 2

* * *

Luke Bott

Luke is a design enthusiast, that shares awesome content, part of it is produced by Luke, another part is the content from around the web he finds interesting.

web design pinterest boards 3

* * *

Manuel Velin

Manuel Velin is an art-director at Dagobert, at his Pinterest account Manuel shares his own designs as well as content that is of a great interest for him.

web design pinterest boards 4

* * *

Jane Speed

Is a president and creative director of carteblanchecreative.com. At here boards o Pinterest you will find enormous amount of design content that can inspire you and give ‘a push’ when your Muse is out.

web design pinterest boards 5

* * *

Josh Middleditch

Josh is a graphic designer from UK, he shared great design-oriented content within his 30 boards.

web design pinterest boards 17

* * *

Michal Galubinski

Michal is a creative designer specializing in interface design, mobile application design and web-design, within his boards you will find number of great examples of design that will give you a productivity leap that you needed so much.

web design pinterest boards 6

* * *

Jessie Tyree

Jessie Tyree is a recent graduate of Fine Arts from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She describes herself as a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, storyteller, and all-around random artist-type of person. Her board is full of inspiring print imagery.

web design pinterest boards 7

* * *

Thiago Hapner

Looking for a mixture of print design styles? Check out Thiago Hapner's boards.

web design pinterest boards 8

* * *

Steve Nealy

As a creative director of brand development agency twentytwo.biz. Nealy is experienced in all media and is as passionate about his work as he was when he first arrived in the business. His Pinterest board 'Design Identity' is great source of inspiration when it comes to branding, featuring logos, posters, flyers and more.

web design pinterest boards 9

* * *

F. Isabel Simler

Fiorela Larrea is a freelance creative professional with a multiplying arsenal of software skills. Although her branding board only contains 44 pins at presents, they're mighty fine ones. Her love for vintage branding shines through and acts as perfect inspiration.

web design pinterest boards 10

* * *

Charlene Koh

Charlene Koh thinks of herself as a dreamer, wanderer, and all-round maker. Her branding board is full of cutesy, clean cut offerings that'll get your branding muscles flexing in no time.

web design pinterest boards 11

* * *

Sneh Roy | Cook Republic

If you're looking for cute and girlie branding, then head to Charlene's board.

web design pinterest boards 12

* * *

Hrvoje Grubisic

With a passion for typography, design and illustration, these subjects dominate Hrvoje Grubisic's Pinterest account. However, typography is infront here, with over 300 pins of inspirational imagery. Our favourite is his gorgeous collection of vintage typography, which, quite rightly, has a board all to itself.

web design pinterest boards 13

* * *

Design Quixotic

With over 1,000 pins, Thea Kennedy's board is a mountain of inspiration

web design pinterest boards 14

* * *


Bev Missing is the founder of bath and body product brand RAIN, with the products and packaging both created using only handmade techniques. Bev definitely has an eye for exquisite packaging, as her Pinterest board is full of beautiful creations.

web design pinterest boards 15

* * *

Web Design Board

Do you like web design? Then follow our Web Design Board to discover the hottest trends in the world of web design and our showcase gallery of the greatest looking websites on the planet.

web design pinterest boards 16

* * *

That's it guys, if you follow some other boards you are free to share them in the comments below.

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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