How to Plan Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy

In the days of the internet and fast lives, when people buy a book and ask, “Are there pictures in here?”, it is clear that visual content is getting more and more critical. From the photos you see in your Facebook or Twitter feed, images in the news, infographics, videos, gif images, to memes – social media visual content is everything you can see, read or interact with online. If it is not exciting and engaging, your website will start losing followers.

Visual Content

See what we did there? Instead of typing it out for you, we presented some interesting facts in a way that is much more appealing.

A good visual content marketing strategy is today crucial for any business. By using different visual tools, you can make your product desirable and stand out from your competition – but some planning is necessary. Read on to find out how to plan an excellent visual content marketing strategy.

Identify your Goal

Makes sense, right? First, you need to figure out what it is that you want to do with your visual content. Do you want to bring more new visitors to your website, or make sure the old ones stick around? How much money would you like to earn from this new strategy? Are you interested in educating your customers or enhancing your services?

Visual Content

Try to think of all the details and be specific about your wants and needs. Once you’ve figured out what the goal of your visual content marketing is going to be, you’re ready to start working on it.

Look at Your Present Statistics

If you want to improve an aspect of your marketing, you should know how things are now. Check your website statistics and think about the best type of content for your business.

Content Marketing

But, it’s more than just that. With your target market in mind, try to choose the right way to draw their attention. You should do thorough research on what it is that will have the right effect – consider getting this done by a professional. Think about what you want people to DO when they see that photo/video/slideshow. It can be as simple as getting them to click a link or buy your product, or more complicated, like getting them to share your content and bring more potential customers to your website. Whatever it is, be clear about it and think about what would be the best way to achieve it.


Break up Text with High-Quality Images

One of the things online readers usually hate is seeing lines and lines of same old black and white sentences, one after another. Think of it this way – would you enjoy reading a never-ending wall of text? Probably not. Most people will just leave a page that looks like that, even though the title may sound interesting. Face it: text can never be interested enough without some images to break it up.

Of course, there is no need to go overboard with it, but make sure to spice it up with a colorful, high-quality image here and there. Yes, the quality is also super-important. There are various sources where you can find them for free or pay a small price for them – don’t try to save your money on this or you’ll end up losing it instead.

Content Marketing

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Video Content

Whether we like it or not, people are much more eager to watch a short and straightforward how-to video that tells them everything they need to know about a topic than read an article that covers it. Simply put, readers often find it less time-consuming and usually more interesting.

Content Marketing

According to Facebook IQ, you should also think about making your videos (as well as all other content) mobile-friendly, as this form of watching them is on the rise. Their research shows that people gaze five times longer at video content than they do at static content on Facebook and Instagram. They also mention that video content shouldn’t be too long and that it should bring something new and visually exciting, like 360-degree videos that are getting increasingly popular.

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Don’t Forget

There are a lot more tips and tricks that you can use to improve your visual content marketing – this is just the beginning. Make sure to do thorough research before starting to implement your strategy, or you may end up spending a lot of money on something your site visitors just don’t like. You can try implementing different approaches and observing your stats until something proves to have a positive effect. Then, work on it some more until you come up with a perfect mix.

Also, remember to keep everything mobile-friendly: people like to do everything on the go, and their smart devices give them the opportunity to do just that. Don’t lose customers because you didn’t understand them. Give them everything they like and prove it to them that your product or service is exactly what they need!

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