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Posing Techniques for Non-Models

  1. Intro
  2. Review of the most effective posing techniques for non-models
    1. Control your hair
    2. Pull the chin (or ears) forward
    3. Lift the arm
    4. Leave visual space by the waist
    5. Turn the shoulders
    6. Don't show the whites of the eyes
    7. Don't let the nose break the face
  3. Conclusion


Photo shooting is hard work that requires professionalism and patience from both the photographer and the model. Professional models are much easier to work with. There is no need to explain to a world-class model how to pose to get a successful result. Shooting an amateur might be somewhat challenging.

It’s essential to make sure that your model is comfortable in the photo shooting environment. Try to find some time for small talk to get to know each other better. After a small conversation, you will have a contact, and then your work will be much more pleasant and productive.

How to make a portrait of a person who has no experience of posing? A photographer will need to guide his model on how to move and adjust poses to look like a model on the portfolio.

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Review of the most effective posing techniques for non-models

1. Control your hair

It’s obvious your hair should be clean, shiny and well-groomed or styled. If you have long hair, make sure it is controlled during your photo shooting.

If you are not a fan of hairstyles, it is better to leave everything as it is - being natural is always trendy.

What should be avoided is your hair sitting on the shoulders. Play with it, try different hair positions, put it on one or other side, gather hair at the nape. All the hair poses are quite individual; you need to be creative to get an impressive portrait.

posing techniques

2. Pull the chin (or ears) forward

Usually, people relax their chin. Photographers guide their models to move ears forward. This pose looks natural on a photo, though it might be unnatural for a model. Look at the photo below. Can you see the difference?

posing techniques

3. Lift the arm

When people stand relaxed with their hands pressed against the body, usually it looks quite problematic on a photo. Your hands look larger than they are. A model should be asked to keep a hand floating a bit to get some space between the hand and body line.


4. Leave visual space by the waist

Everyone wants to look slim and beautiful. Leave visual space by the waist like it is shown in the right photo below. As you can see the right hand is moved forward a bit, which left some space behind the waist and played up its harmonic and slim look.


5. Turn the shoulders

When you take a picture of a girl, it is better to turn the shoulders to make her look small and skinny. When a female model is looking directly into the camera, she looks wider in shoulders. Though, this tip is not applicable to a photo of a big boss or a male sports star, for example. This advice is critical in photo shooting.


6. Don't show the whites of the eyes

If you want to capture a dreamy look or a look that is not directed at the camera, the best solution would be to ask the model to look at some object behind you, and not somewhere to the side. When the white of the eye is evident, this is not good for a photo.


7. Don't let the nose break the face

Taking a photo of the face and rotating the head of your model, make sure the face proportions are not violated. This is the case when the nose appears longer and breaks the line of the face. If the model turns her head to you, getting some space between the tip of the nose and the cheek, a facial profile will be beautiful and correct.



Combine all these seven posing techniques to get high-quality and professional photos: Play with your hair; pull your ears forward to get an attractive photo; lift your arm to avoid large hands; do not extend the line of your waist; turn the shoulders; pay attention to your eyes to hide some of the whites; and try turning your face to make sure the nose does not break your face line. These tips are simple and important to follow.

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3 responses to “Posing Techniques for Non-Models”

  1. Michael Oleander says:

    Not only did you steal literally every photo in this “guide” you even stole the entire thing from various other real posing tutorials – and don’t even bother to give credit.

  2. You’ve got some great tips for posing. My daughter wants to be in pageants, so I wanted to give her advice. I’ll tell her that it’s good to turn her shoulders, like you said.

  3. David Stevenson says:

    Please do not post a photo of people on railroad tracks. If you feel you must have railroad tracks go to a museum.

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