Feel The Power Of Diversity: Aesthetic or Horror Icons?

Aesthetic icons. Table of contents:

  1. Tips and tricks on how to create aesthetic icons
  2. Cartoon icons: which to choose?
  3. Tumblr aesthetic anime icons
  4. Adobe Illustrator icon tutorial
  5. Aesthetic icons vector freebies

They are tiny but significant. Without them, it’s difficult to imagine a good-looking and professional website. They can say a lot just by using one image.  Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Today we will talk about these miniature assistants in website creation, aesthetic icons.

There are a great number of different themes for icons such as horror icons, aesthetic anime icons, traveling icons, and many others. Actually, you can make up any icon you wish.

If you don’t have any ideas, I will do my best to inspire you in this article. We will dive into several tutorials on how to make an icon and then look through different types of aesthetic and horror icons. As a bonus, we will look at some exceptional examples of freebies.

So, stick around!

Best Aesthetic Icons

101 Landmark _ Building Icons - Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

101 Landmark _ Building Icons - Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

79 Hair Beauty Icons - Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

79 Hair Beauty Icons - Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

Natural Disaster Pack Iconset Template

Natural Disaster Pack Iconset Template

Medical 100 Set Pack Iconset Template

Medical 100 Set Pack Iconset Template

Robotic Pack Iconset Template

Robotic Pack Iconset Template

Tips and tricks on how to create aesthetic icons

Creating icons is the best way to show your inner world, your personality, and unlimited bounds of the imagination. This is surely a beneficial variant of art for beginners.

First of all, you should select the device or app which you want to use for making the icon. You can choose any that fits you. Whether it is Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop, or GIMP, or PicCollage, or even PowerPoint. Illustrator and Photoshop are used all over the world and we have seen loads of marvelous artworks.

Second, you need to choose the theme for the aesthetic icons. You can pick up a full set with six or more examples, or just create icons one by one around different topics. Turn on your imagination.

Then, come up with your style. Pay attention to details. Keep in mind that icons should look simple and consist of one to three elements. They should be pretty clear and natural to other people.

When you are sure about what you are going to create then catch some key points:

  • use preview bounds
  • play with geometric forms
  • use a grid to make your icons exactly symmetrical
  • keep it simple
  • expand your strokes
  • use a pixel preview mode to be sure that the design is  clear

For more tips and tricks, watch this video with essential rules of using Illustrator.

Remember these golden rules, and follow all these steps. I hope you will grow from beginner to master in no time.

Cartoon icons: which to choose?

Has your client asked you for a kids’ website? Or maybe you want to vary your content via cartoons and get more bums on seats? Or you just want to enlarge your audience which is fond of cartoons?

For each of these purposes, you may be interested in aesthetic cartoon icons. You can’t even imagine how many multiple variants exist. The world is your oyster! Choose a desired or well-known cartoon and try to make the most attractive Tumblr aesthetic icons.

Before you go to give rein to your imagination, I would like to present some extraordinary and charming icons sets. Let’s check them out!

Pop-art icons

Guess, everyone have seen comics pop-art icons.

If you are going to fight with superheroes don’t forget to take these aesthetic pop-art icons along. They are made in a style of comics ‘Bang’, ‘New’, ‘Sale’ bubbles will say a lot.

Adventure Time

Feel ready for a real adventure?

It’s high time for Adventure Time. The popularity of this cartoon is growing among children and adults. Try the idea and use some funny and fascinating icons at the same time. Finn, Jake, or Princess Bubblegum–choose your characters.

Ninja Turtles Icons

Cartoons are really powerful source of imagination.

Come back to your childhood and watch the Ninja Turtles one more time. They will look attractive on any of your web projects. One ninja turtle, two ninja turtles, more ninja turtles.

The Simpsons Icons

I bet you have seen at least one piece of this cartoon.

How do you feel about The Simpsons? Yes, they deserve your attention greatly and aesthetic Tumblr icons deserve it more. Lisa Simpson will solve any of your problems. Do you need to showcase emotions via the icons? Then choose Tumblr aesthetic icons.

Superheroes Mask Icons

Have you ever wanted to have a secret identity?

Meet superheroes set in cartoonish style with pretty easy icons. Complement your designs and projects with these stunning aesthetic icons. Also, as a bonus, you can use them as horror icons for Halloween.

Halloween horror icons 

You will definitely need those for your website during the Healloween.

Boo! Look at the spooky horror icons set. This is a great collection of 32 Halloween scary icons, which can be applied as stickers, posters, or postcards elements. High-quality horror icons are always a good idea, and it doesn’t matter that Halloween is over. It’s never too late to prepare for next year. By the way, TemplateMonster has a treasure of aesthetic icons with thousands of various wonderful templates.

Tumblr aesthetic anime icons

Talking about aesthetic icons, we have forgotten one. I mean anime. The one place full of anime icons and the greatest fans is Tumblr. There is an enormous number of different pictures, aesthetic icons, horror icons, and people who are fond of this social network. I must add that this network is something worth sharing.

For those who are crazy about Japan and anime culture, I have prepared something special. Here you will find some breathtaking aesthetic anime icons, and Tumblr is the most appropriate place for this theme.

Source: artistyicons.tumblr

Look at these fascinating and elegant anime aesthetic icons. You can make up attractive invitations using these icons, stunning decorations on the dish, or even create a story for Instagram with the help of pink aesthetic icons. Have a grand party!

Source: animiconz.tumblr

After extremely pretty Tumblr aesthetic icons, it’s time to examine less sweet anime icons. Next, meet the most horrific icons with anime characters. These beautiful and scary girls will impress everybody and make your clients be scared out of their wits.

Source: 99heartsawakened.tumblr

Continuing the theme of anime, let's not miss the aesthetic anime icons on Tumblr with handsome boys.

Adobe Illustrator icon tutorial

I want to show you one super simple example of creating an icon. We will make an egg icon from Pokémon Go. It will be a pretty easy tutorial for your first steps in aesthetic icons designing. So let’s start!

  1. First of all, set up a new document and you are ready to start
  2. Then set up two layers, one for a reference grid and another for our egg icon.
  3. Next, build this reference grid in a few extremely easy steps.
  4. Take the Ellipse tool and create a circle on the bottom of the reference grid. Also, leave some px for an unfilled gap. The most difficult thing is left behind.
  5. After that, with the help of the Direct Selection Tool, select the top anchor point and push it towards the top. Wow! It looks like an egg, we are almost at the finish.
  6. Add the outline to our super-simple egg icon using the Offset Path method.
  7. Then give it a highlight on the upper points and the shadow on the lower.
  8. Finally, create two little circles on the egg with weird shapes (you already know how to change the shape).
  9. In the end, don't forget to gather all the elements together with the help of the Control-G shortcut.
  10. Our magic egg is done. Congrats!

If you have some questions about this and that, just look at the Pokémon Go minimal tutorial. There is a fascinating aesthetic icon with detailed instructions that might come in handy.

As a bonus, check out a short step-by-step tutorial from ‘how to’ in Adobe Illustrator. Follow the rules and be confident in your skills. Now you can give this world brand-new aesthetic or horror icons.

There are two marvelous videos on YouTube which could be great visual assistants in creating fresh icons. Get to know the journey simple set icons by Tip Tut and unique set of icons. These guys give us a bit-by-bit ‘how to’ so let’s look through them and increase our knowledge.

 Aesthetic icons vector freebies

We have already looked through hand-made aesthetic icons. However, does everybody desire to make something by hand? Of course, you need to be a creative person with tremendous ideas. For this reason, I invite you to get acquainted with several sources of free icons.


All designers are admired by Freepic and its collection of icon files. There you will find more than 83,000 examples of icons for free. They are clear, soft, and modern. The aesthetic icons are available in PNG, EPS, and SVG formats.


Iconfinder will make your projects marvelous in a few minutes. This icon source is your Aladdin's lamp with plenty of variants. Social media, business, startup, travel, UI elements - all these components can be obtained within Iconfinder.


Streamline is the perfect solution for those who are fond of minimalism, accurate lines, and clear message. Find more than 20 topics and 2000+ stunning icon files.


Iconmonstr expects to be a real monster in icon creation. Meet more than 3000+ icon files and download them for free. Enjoy the process and your project.


The last sample of icon source offers you colorful and vivid icon sets. Icondeposit consists of free attractive aesthetic icons. Don’t miss a chance to be the owner of fascinating icons.

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