Comprehensive PrestaShop Security Practices That Work Seamlessly

  1. Possible security issues with PrestaShop
    1. PrestaShop Security Module Assortment
    2. PrestaShop Security Template
    3. Updates & Backups
  2. Wrapping up

Comprehensive PrestaShop Security Practices That Work Seamlessly

E-commerce rapidly moves into top gear. Business owners are looking for effective yet affordable ways to build and develop their business on the web. Security issues serve as one of the main criteria when choosing an appropriate site-building platform because the e-commerce market is based on monetary transactions and gathering personal information about customers. One of the main reasons people abandon e-stores or avoid online purchases is security issues. They feel strongly concerned about identity theft and misuse of their private information. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are inclined to take advantage of PrestaShop software thanks to advanced PrestaShop security possibilities.

To add special credentials to customer trust, PrestaShop 1.7 security system has undergone some changes. Let’s dive into the main security opportunities of the open-source software.

Possible security issues with PrestaShop

There are more than 250,000 web shops based on PrestaShop throughout the world. Unfortunately, many e-stores face malicious attacks at times. Hence, web developers aim their efforts at improving security for PrestaShop to avoid such vulnerabilities as:

  1. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  2. UI redress attacks (clickjacking)
  3. SQL Injection
  4. Remote file inclusion
  5. CSRF attacks

The list of PrestaShop security issues commonly occurring on your website is a great deal longer. However, it’s possible to make it shorter for your e-store by using specific PrestaShop security add-ons.


PrestaShop Security Module Assortment

If you’re looking for effective solutions to improve PrestaShop security protection, try such reliable web apps as:

  1. Protect My Shop module is a comprehensive package of tools intended to protect your web shop against all types of injection and data thieves.
  2. Re Captcha Anti-Spam module is a great chance to block spam emails and protect your registration and contact form by implementing Google protection.
  3. Private Shop module for B2B business allows website owners or admins to have absolute control over the customers accessing their web shop.
  4. Security Booster module is intended to increase website protection by implementing multiple security parameters.
  5. Content Protection module will help you protect your text and images from plagiarists.
  6. Blog Bots/Users allows preventing your site from unwanted users or bots with the help of IP address, codes, or user-agent.
  7. Password Recovery & High-Security Password Storage module guarantees more secure password storage under the protection of the SHA1 with a random salt. Moreover, while creating a new account, this PrestaShop security plugin doesn’t send the entire password by email, except for the first letter.
  8. Strong E-Store Passwords module provides your shoppers with confidence in cybersecurity while they log-in to their shopping accounts.
  9. Protect My Shop module is aimed at protecting your shop against thieves and hackers using 9 scripts of protection.
  10. Block IPS module is one more useful security module PrestaShop has designed to protect your shop from annoying visitors who make false orders/carts by blocking their IP address.

No matter what part of your e-store (password, log-in details, payment info, etc.) has to be protected, there is no problem with picking up the appropriate security module that the PrestaShop team has carefully developed. The list of security add-ons is much longer; you can take a closer look at them here.

PrestaShop Security Template

Using the e-commerce template designed following PrestaShop 1.7 security compatibility, your e-store will be surely secured from many web attacks. The 1.7 version is characterized by the increased level of protection from malicious attacks such as credit card information stealing, important consumer data theft, or gaining admin privileges. There is a wide assortment of e-commerce templates suitable for different products and services at the TemplateMonster Marketplace.

Take a closer look at the templates built-in full compliance with security PrestaShop guarantees:

Name Main Features Price
Eveprest - Multipurpose PrestaShop theme Topics for all occasions

30+ modules

Blog functionality

LookBook Option

NextPrest - Multipurpose Clean E-commerce Bootstrap PrestaShop Theme 5 themes

20+ modules

JX Product manager

Ajax Cart

Koddi - Kids Clothes Clean E-commerce Bootstrap PrestaShop Theme Mega Layout Builder

Adaptive design

JX LookBook

Easy installation

ImPresta - Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme 6 themes

Unique set of features

TM Products Manager

TM MegaMenu

Decorta PrestaShop Theme 3 pre-made layouts

TM Media Parallax

Mosaic products

Social Feeds

Fashion Deluxe PrestaShop 1.7 PrestaShop Theme Multiple product carousels

Variety of selling options

Search engine optimization

Teahouse - Multipurpose Store PrestaShop Theme Product hover

Multilingual/ Multi Currency

Cloudzoom with Image slider

Vente - Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme Variety of apparel-related topics

Pre-made layouts

Megatree - Multi Purpose Store PrestaShop Theme Stylish modern design

Limitless Google web fonts

SEO-friendly code

Handy Vertical menu


Whatever PrestaShop security template from this list you choose, building a digital shop is a pleasure. All the items were crafted under PrestaShop security best practices to protect your customers from malicious attacks.

Updates & Backups

PrestaShop security protection includes backups. Making a copy of your website you can save database and content in case of hacks or other unfortunate situations. The draft of your service is saved every few minutes, so you can always feel secure about your data. Backups allow website owners to recover their websites quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, backups may be a part of some hosting plans; for example, weekly backup service. It’s up to you what plan to choose.

It’s important to keep your store regularly updated. When you update a shop to the latest available version (for example, PrestaShop 1.7), it will ensure your website functionality, enrich it with new features, provide with newest PrestaShop security add-ons, etc. Whatever adjustments you want to make to your store (to configure PrestaShop security payment or implement a new PrestaShop security plugin), it will be easier to put them into practice with updated versions.

Wrapping up

PrestaShop security best practices include a rich variety of modules, add-ons, and improvements. With each new PrestaShop version, a web shop owner gets upgraded security and fixed vulnerabilities. That said, keep up with the times and always stay updated and secure.

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