Programmatic Advertising 101 — a New Long-Read Post for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever considered online ads as a way to make money with your blog? Or maybe, you’d like to boost your own online business via advertising? In any of these cases, this post is for you!

Imagine that you’ve bought your first website, filled it with awesome content, and even managed to attract some traffic to it. What do you do next? How do you increase your audience over a short period of time? If you have some budget to spare, online advertising is the answer.

In our new guide, Dmitriy Chebakov (the COO of SmartyAds) and Julia May (one of the TemplateMonster’s writers) cover the very essentials programmatic advertising. They detail on the inner workings of automated ad auctions and provide you with actionable tips of how you can make ads work for your online business.

What’s more, they do this in plain English: no buzzwords, no marketing lingo, and every term is explained in simple words. Also, Julia and Dmitriy managed to narrow everything down to two perspectives:

  • The standpoint of Entrepreneurs and Startup Owners. This part of the guide will help business owners use advertising to reach new clients, build their customer base, and grow their online business.
  • The standpoint of Bloggers and Owners of a content-based websites. This way, the guide brings value to people who want to display ads on their own websites.

Without further ado, click on the link below to read this post. I’m 100% sure it’ll provide you with lots of well-structured and practical knowledge.

Read the post P.S. In case you enjoyed the post, have a look at our earlier longread entitled “No-bullshit Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs”. I guess, the name says it all with this one: no false promises, no overgeneralized info — just the practical tips and tricks that you can actually use to start your very first business.

P.S.S. 🙂 As you might’ve guessed, we’re making long-read posts our new tradition. To make them really valuable, we will team up with experts and ask them about actionable advice that worked for them.

Also, we, the MonsterPost team, are going to ask you to make this tradition really, really useful. In case you want to see a particular topic covered in detail or you need an expert opinion on a question — leave a comment and will cover it in our next long-read post.

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