Promotional Videos Masterclass [Matt Ruby Speaking]

Your marketing efforts don’t need to go in vain! What if I told you there’s a content type that is getting more and more popular each day?

What is it, you will ask? It’s the video content! Your marketing strategy needs video content like a breath of fresh air. And I’ve interviewed Matt Ruby, the CEO of Vooza to give you the perfect understanding of how to make promotional videos that sell.

But before we talk serious business, take a look at this short clip from Vooza and have some fun.

How do you research topics for your videos?

There’s no doubt that you can create a super funny and witty video that will make viewers fall in love with your service or project. But it won’t matter unless the video is super relevant and to the point. So what’s the key is finding the perfect topic? Take it away, Matt:

What are the most efficient channels for distributing promotional video content?

Once you have an awesome motion picture depicting all of the pros of choosing you and your company, you need to make sure your content gets to your target audience, preferably for free. Here are some tips:

What are the pitfalls of creating promotional videos?

You watch a guy on a skateboard and think you can do same tricks he does. You try and fail. Same holds for promotional videos. It’s not just rolling out of your bed and filming your thoughts. That would be vlogging, and we don’t want that. Here are the pitfalls you need to avoid creating promotional videos:

How to start growing your business's audience?

There are success stories of different businesses all around the good old internet. But very few of those stories give you the steps to take to attract people to your project. Here are some thoughts:

What are the keys of a successful promotional video?

Is there a secret formula? Is it just talent? Can a non-standupper create a funny and effective promotional video? Let’s see:

Can viral video be designed intentionally or is it just a blind luck?

Imagine you wake up one morning and you see that the video you uploaded yesterday already has 5m views and 100k thumbs-ups? How did you achieve that? Was it the right number of cats per video or something else? Can it be done on purpose?

What’s the minimum skill set required to record a successful promotional video?

To become a doctor you need to study for a long-long time. And to create a successful promotional video? What are the skills needed for that?

What's the minimum budget of a decent promotional video?

Of course, we talked about money. How much does a promotional video cost? What expenses are there?

What are the most common mistakes people make in their promotional videos?

It’s in our nature to make mistakes. But it’s also in our nature to learn from others. Here are some tips from Matt Ruby on what mistakes you should avoid making your first videos.

By now you got to be ready to create your own viral super funny promotional video and make loads of money with it. Go get it. In case you're going to bring all this video creation to the whole new level, take a look at our templates for video portals and create your own blog.

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