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QA Tester Resume. To get a decent and a well-paid job today, it’s not enough to be a talented specialist. If you are not confident enough in yourself and your abilities, and also lacking in creativity to “advertise” yourself to your employer, then most likely you won’t get the job of your dream or you may even remain unemployed altogether. Paying special attention and a considerable amount of hours writing a quality CV is a sacrifice that is worth the effort. After reading our article today, with almost one hundred percent probability, you may write a killing QA tester resume that more than one company will immediately respond to.

How to Impress Your Employer

Regardless of your specialization, any field of activity is quite competitive, and accordingly the chances of getting a job are significantly reduced. Sometimes for certain positions, especially those related to the field of IT technology, recruiters may receive several hundred responses. In order to optimize their time and process the amount of information received, the recruiter devotes no more than half a minute to each resume. The only chance to draw attention to your candidacy is to write not only a grammatically correct, organized and structured CV, but also to make it the most attractive and eye-catching as it's possible.

According to the statistics, the content of the main page of the QA tester resume plays a key role in success; it determines the impression to the greatest extent. Therefore, it’s in this fragment that you need to effectively and colorfully present your personality, thereby convincing them that you are the worker the company needs.

How to Make a Great First Impression

A classic mistake of many applicants is to present a detailed history of their life without dividing it into sections separating important and secondary information. It is unlikely that a recruiter will be interested in knowing about your awards in basketball competitions if you are applying for a position as a software tester. To focus on fundamentally important data about yourself, use a description of the vacancy as a cheat sheet, in which the most preferred skills and character traits are always indicated. All this should be placed at the very beginning of the CV.

Brevity is the soul of wit. This principle is welcomed here. Do not beat around the bush, filling your CV with a bunch of clichés, stamped phrases, and other spam. Limit yourself to writing a few short and meaningful phrases that clearly state an important message.

In the upper part, include the name of the job offer to which you are responding and indicate in the list of skills everything that you have experience or talent in, and do not be too lazy to rewrite everything that is indicated in the vacancy. Thus, you will automatically belong to that small group of applicants who have studied in detail the text of the vacancy and adapted their CV to the requirements of that particular company. This will definitely attract attention of the employer, significantly bringing you closer to the goal.

resume templates

Best Skills for QA Tester Resume

Success is in the details. One of these crucial details is a list of skills. In general, all of your skills may be divided into two main groups: professional skills and personal skills.

Obviously, the first group is not much, but still more important for the employer, because he is primarily interested in your professionalism and ability to benefit his company. Therefore, in this part of the CV try to tell as much as possible, namely:

  • career goals (literally a few lines);
  • educational qualifications (listing of all completed courses or degrees from educational institutions, in chronological order, starting with the most recent);
  • information on improving skills (taking advanced training courses, etc.);
  • previous jobs (detailed description of each position, as well as projects you were a part of, and an indication of the range of your responsibilities and achievements on each project).

Even if some things are not directly related to the vacancy, but are quite common in the IT industry, be sure to indicate them, because, firstly, it will help your track record look more impressive, and secondly, possession of these skills may help you further in career advancement.

As for the second group, recruiters especially appreciate the following qualities:

  • your QA skills;
  • ability to pay attention to details (timely detection of minor errors in the functioning of the system helps to avoid software failures at the stage of modification and release);
  • multitasking (due to the large number of competitors in this business, timely testing and product release, respectively, delivery of the project on time, and ideally even earlier, adds additional points to the company);
  • communication skills and ability to work in a team (when developing games or software, you will always have to contact other employees, and the ability to think and work as part of a team greatly increases the chances of a quick and successful completion of projects);
  • being a fast-learner (everything changes at an incredible speed, so the ability to grab new knowledge quickly will greatly help you to remain a sought-after specialist).

QA Tester Resume Templates

In this case, the template is a tool that minimizes the time and effort spent, while giving a better result at the output. The document is pre-divided into all the necessary sections that need only your completion. An interesting feature of many samples is the original presentation of the material. For example, in Anderson’s template, the degree of your programming skills is displayed as a scale that is as complete as your knowledge.

Key Features

The presented samples have several advantages, the most significant of which are:

  • Minimalist style design. Since the resume should have an official style, the absence of unnecessary details is preferred.
  • The choice of different formats. Support for leading formats in the field of editing allows you to easily make the necessary changes in any way convenient for you.
  • Complete readiness for printing. All submitted documents are in A4 sheet format, so the process of printing and sending the finished file to the employer becomes a minute task.
  • The presence or absence of photos. Layouts are fully adapted, both for the use of photographs, and for writing resumes without attaching personal photo cards. The choice is yours.
  • Availability of cover letters. If it seems to you that the data specified in the main document is not enough for the recruiter to fully familiarize yourself with your candidacy, then the attached cover letter will definitely increase your chances.
  • Free Google Fonts. If this is a good choice, this aspect helps to make the text more readable and outwardly attractive.
  • 24/7 support. In case of unforeseen problems and malfunctions, professional developers will solve any difficulties.

Gariel Masarena Resume Template

Gariel Masarena Resume Template

Carmen Resume Template

Carmen Resume Template

Anderson Resume Template

Anderson Resume Template

Muriel Williamson Resume Template

Muriel Williamson Resume Template

Sophie Williams Resume Template

Sophie Williams Resume Template

QA Tester Resume Templates Table

Below we suggest some templates that may interest you.

Template Features Price
Kelly Miller US letter size, availability of icons and business cards $20
Anderson Well-organized layer, standard page size + 3 mm bleed $10
Sophie Williams Standard paper size + bleed setting $10
Muriel Williamson 3 mm bleed setting, help file $10
Carmen Barrows 4 page template, spot color design $10

QA Tester Resume Samples

In order to more clearly imagine how such a QA testing resume should be compiled, we suggest looking at the following example, based on which you may improve your own.

John Smith

39786 New Orleans Phone +1 (111) 111 1111


A certified specialist (QA Tester) with five years of experience in this position seeks to join Red Tech Corporation as a QA Tester with the subsequent prospect of growing to a specialized QA Tester. I am ready to participate in the leading projects of the company, as well as engage in the development of basic strategies for obtaining the highest quality product.



  • Senior QA Tester
  • 09/2017 - present
  • Conduction of tests to identify errors and their subsequent elimination
  • Participation in the preparation of the test plan
  • Close cooperation with project managers and developers, and also directly participates in their processing.
  • Leading of teams during the test period to determine acceptable application performance.

New Orleans

  • QA Tester
  • 10/2014 -05/2017
  • Help in the development and optimization of work in the department.
  • Work with developers to schedule application improvement trials.
  • Close cooperation with stakeholders in order to optimize the work and achieve the most effective development results.


  • Master's degree in Computer Science
  • New York State University


  • The ability to cope with tasks on time, without breaking deadlines, while multitasking.
  • In-depth knowledge of software, backed up by their actual application in practice.
  • Knowledge of programming languages ​​(Python and Java) with the ability to write high-quality codes in these languages.
  • Ability to provide customers with software that meets their specific requirements.
  • Communication skills with employees, ability to find a common language, work in a team.

FAQ: QA Tester Resume

?What are the responsibilities and duties of a QA tester?

The list of responsibilities includes writing test plans and preparing all the necessary materials for their implementation. Testers directly test new software products for compliance with established requirements. In case of problems, they enable software debugs.

?What is the QA tester’s salary in the USA?

As for the beginning of 2020, the average salary in this position is about $65,000 per year. However, depending on the company in which you work, and the amount of work that you perform, the wages may range from $50,000 to $80,000.

?What does it take to become a QA tester?

Since the main task in this position will be to ensure the quality of various applications through testing, practical experience will be of primary importance. However, having a diploma of specialized education and certificates undoubtedly plays in your favor.

?Is work as a QA tester difficult?

Although many beginners hope to hear that they don’t need any specific skills in the field of coding, in reality all this is necessary, and in addition it is necessary to have creative thinking and constantly improve your skills.

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