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20 Free Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates 2022

  1. How to Build a Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Website!
  2. Best Free Bootstrap Templates To Create Modern Websites
  3. Premium Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

How to Build a Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Website!

In this article, you’ll discover ways to build responsive web designs. You will also find out why it’s cool to use a bootstrap.

Ignoring the growing trend on phones and tablets is impossible. You need a website optimization for every device. Create a responsive website using Bootstrap HTML5 theme. Your website will be automatically configured and adapted to any phone screen.

The Bootstrap framework is the most popular framework. It is a file or several files with the finished written code that are connected to the site in the head section, after which it becomes possible to use the capabilities of this framework. It is not only HTML and CSS. Styles and scripts are included in the Bootstrap framework. You need to add the necessary style classes and attributes to HTML-elements. Create blocks, assign them a fixed width and work on the layout.

Best Free Bootstrap Templates to Create Modern Websites 2022

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Shipa | Multipurpose Business HTML5 Template

Shipa, developed by professional designers, is a top-notch business HTML template with semantically valid and well-commented coding. Its central concepts are responsiveness and reliability. During the customization, you will discover numerous pages and sections that you can easily change and modify according to your needs. As well, it is fully responsive. Due to its multipurpose design, you may use it for different business spheres. We also guarantee:

  • Straightforward installation;
  • Regular updates;
  • 24/7 support from experienced specialists.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Business Company Template

Free Business Responsive Template Website Template.

A website is a perfect chance to tell people about your business. Companies use websites actively to tell their potential customers what services they provide. It’s important to make your website look modern and professional. This template is a good option. It not only looks modern, but it’s also optimized. The theme doesn’t have any unnecessary elements. This template is built using modern web technologies to guarantee high performance. It has various sections where you can tell more about your companies and how you can help other people. The cross-browser compatibility assures that nobody will have any issues viewing your website.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Element – a Responsive Design Agency Template

Free Responsive Design Agency Template Website Template

The competition among design agencies is quite high. It’s important to use any means to make sure potential customers will notice you. One of those means is a good website. This template combines two important features – modern design and high performance. This template is built using the latest web technologies to make all the elements work properly. It has many sections where you can tell more about your agency, experience, services and tell how you helped other customers. This template is extremely easy to customize. Do you want to add something? – you can do it. Do you want to remove anything? – do it. Your website will look properly on any device.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Pesto – a Cafe & Restaurant Template

Cafe & Restaurant Free Website Templates Website Template.

Here’s a nice template if you want to create a website for your café or restaurant. You can easily modify this modern-looking theme. It’s possible to add new elements or customize the existing ones. It includes all the elements you need to create an informative website. You can add a menu, so your customers know what they can get. This template is fully responsive, so it will work correctly on all devices. It’s SEO-friendly, so your website will be easy to find. This is a nice template and if you want to create a stunning website a café or restaurant – get this right now.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Business Company Responsive Website Template

Free Business Responsive Website Template Website Template

Finding new clients can be quite challenging. A good website can help you with that. The point is that the website can be used to provide potential customers with the necessary information. This template is a perfect basis for your future website. It has numerous sections. You can use them to tell customers about your company and how you can help people. A good thing about this template is that it’s fully responsive. Therefore, people can use any devices to access your website. Another important factor is that the template is SEO-friendly. Your website will be easy to find using search engines. Get this template and save your time!

Demo | Download | Hosting

Pizza House – an HTML5 Theme for Restaurant

Free HTML5 Theme for Restaurant Website Website Template

Do you want to create a modern website for your restaurant? Here’s a nice template for you. It was designed using modern web technologies. It helps to make sure that the website will work fast and properly. This theme is fully responsive. The competition among restaurants is quite tight. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that people can find you. This template is search-friendly. It helps to make sure that people can find your website. This theme is flexible – you can easily modify it. You can add new elements or remove unnecessary ones. You can also customize everything to make your website look unique. It also has a nice parallax effect to add the depth effect.

Demo | Download | Hosting

LeadGen – a Marketing Agency Website Template

Free HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency Website Template.

Marketing is important and if your company provides this kind of service, then you need to build a nice website. A good website can help you build trust between your company and a potential customer. This is a versatile template. You can easily modify it. It’s possible to add new elements, remove something or customize various features. This template is a perfect starting point. You don’t need to waste your time creating anything from scratch. It comes with numerous elements, like carousel and grid gallery scripts. It’s built using modern web technologies, so your website will not only look nice, but it will also work fast. This template has the cross-browser feature, so your visitors will always get the best possible user experience no matter what browser they use.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Bootstrap 4 HTML Template for photographers

Free Bootstrap 4 HTML Template Website Template.

A website is a perfect place to demonstrate your photos. If you are a photographer then a website is a great place to demonstrate your experience. This template is a great option to create a personal website with photos. It has all the necessary elements to create an amazing website. It comes with various elements and features, like the smooth parallax animation feature and a flexible gallery (it has several gallery scripts like carousel, slider, grid). This template is built using modern web technologies so it combines high reliability and performance. This theme is fully responsive, so you can build a nice responsive website.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Sealine – a Travel Agency Website Template

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Travel Agency Website Template

Travel agencies actively use websites to promote their services and tell people about stunning places to visit. This is a great template to promote a travel agency. It has numerous sections where you can tell about different counties and your agency. This template comes with all the necessary features and elements. It comes with a Google map feature, so your clients can find your agency. This theme supports parallax and HTML plus flash animation. Therefore, you have everything to create a nice-looking, useful website. Another great thing about this template is that it is SEO-friendly. You can promote your website and it will be easier to find.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Home Service – a Repair Services Template

Free HTML5 Theme - Cleaning Website Template.

It’s important to promote your services correctly. A website can be super helpful. However, if you want other people to trust you – your website has to look professional as well. This template combines two important factors – performance and attractive design. This theme is flexible. You can easily add and customize various elements to make your website look as you want it to. It’s search-optimized, which is crucial when you promote your services. It helps to find your website using various search engines. The template is mobile-friendly, so visitors will have zero troubles using your website. An attractive website that works flawlessly will help you build trust between you and your potential clients.

Demo | Download | Hosting

iStudio – a Design Studio Website Template

Free HTML5 Theme - Design Studio Website Template

Design studios need to have stunning websites. A website is a perfect option to demonstrate designing skills. This template comes with all the necessary elements to build a modern, high-performance website. You can unleash your creativity and create the website you need. It’s provided with various elements, like several gallery scripts. This template is built using modern web technologies. Therefore, your website will work fast and properly. All the elements are tested to make sure everything works perfectly. This theme is SEO-friendly. It means that you can make your website easy to find. The competition among design studios can be quite high. A modern-looking website is a perfect option to attract new customers.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Responsive HTML5 Theme for Photo Site

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Photo Site Website Template

If you are a photographer then you should consider building a personal website. It would be a perfect place where you can show your photos. Building a website can take some time. You can avoid this challenging process if you take a template. This theme comes with everything you may need to create a modern website with various features. It has a nice parallax feature, which can add the depth effect. This template was built using modern web technologies, so you can be sure that your website will work fast and flawlessly. Moreover, this template allows you to build a mobile-friendly website.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Wonder Tour – a jQuery Travel Theme

Free jQuery Travel Theme Website Template

A website is a perfect option when you want to tell people more about your travel agency. You can also tell why people should use your services. You can also use the website to tell about your agency or places that are worth visiting. Building a website can take some time. Luckily, this template can make the whole process easier and faster. This theme is search-optimized. It means that you can make your website easier to find using search engines. It comes with various gallery features – you can create a gallery where you can show photos from the most stunning places.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Arty – Architecture Website Template

Free HTML5 Theme - Architecture Website Template.

A modern website with various features can be a perfect tool to promote your services or tell about your company. Moreover, people tend to trust companies that have attractive, properly-working websites. This template is a great starting point to create a modern website with various useful features. It is built using modern web design technologies. You can be sure that all the included elements are optimized. Every element work as it’s expected. The template allows you to create a responsive website, so people will always get the best user experience no matter what device they use. Another great thing about this template is SEO. You can create a website that will be easy to find.

Demo | Download | Hosting

DJ Fox – a Music Website Template

Free Music Website Template

This is a great template for musicians. If you want to create a personal website where you tell about your career and where you share your music with other people, then this is the template for you. It includes all the necessary elements to create a modern, reliable website with numerous features. This template uses HTML plus JS and Parallax animation features, so you can add some stunning effects. It also comes with a nice audio player. You can add, remove and customize various components. All the elements are built using modern web design technologies. It means that everything works fast and properly. Overall, this is a perfect starting point to create a modern website.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Costra – a Pro Website Template

Free PRO Website Template

A website is a great tool when you want to tell more about your services and find new clients. However, building a website from scratch can be quite challenging. This template will make the whole process easier. It comes with everything you may need to build a nice, modern website with various features. All the included elements are 100% optimized – they work fast and flawlessly. You can easily modify the template – you can add new elements and customize them or remove something. This theme allows you to create a mobile-friendly website. Therefore, no matter what devices visitors use – they will always see your website as it is supposed to look.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Herber – a Template for Food Delivery Website

Free Website Template for Food Delivery Website Template.

If you deliver food, then a website is a great option to increase the number of clients. It’s a perfect option to provide people with information. This template is great for you because it facilitates the process of website creation. You can easily add new components. All the elements used in the template are made using the latest web technologies. Therefore, everything works properly with all modern browsers. It is SEO-friendly. It means that people won’t have trouble finding your website using search engines. The code of the template is clean and optimized – it doesn’t have any unnecessary elements, so your website will load fast.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Creator – an Exterior Design Website Template

Free HTML5 Theme for Exterior Design Website Website Template.

Design can be quite challenging. Moreover, competition among design agencies is quite high. You need to use all the available means to make people pay attention to you. One of those means is a stunning website. This template can help you create a modern website that will amaze your potential clients. It’s SEO-friendly. It will help make your website easy to find using search engines. It comes with such features as parallax animation, carousel gallery, CSS3, etc. Overall, it’s a great starting point to create a modern website. The template provides you with unlimited customization – you can change almost everything about it.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Intense – a Sport Website Template

Free HTML5 Theme for Sport Site Website Template.

Sport is all about achievements. This template is great for websites dedicated to sport. You will get everything you need to create an impressive website. It includes numerous elements that can make your website look amazing. All the elements are optimized – they work perfectly. The theme code is clean – it doesn’t have anything unnecessary. It helps to reduce the time necessary to load the page. Therefore, you provide visitors with the best possible user experience. Moreover, the theme is fully responsive, so your website will look correctly on different devices. You can also add a nice gallery (there are different layouts available) to show people what they can achieve or to motivate them.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Business Website Template

Intense Free - Business HTML Website Template.

Finding new clients can be quite challenging. It’s important to provide people with information – you need to tell people how you can help them. This is a great business template. You can create a modern-looking website with various elements. This template is SEO-friendly. It means that your website will be easy to find using search engines. The template has various sections, where you can add important information about your company. You can tell what your company does, and how you helped other clients. The template code is clean – it helps to assure high performance. Therefore, your website will be loaded fast.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Free Responsive Corporate Template Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Premium Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Multipurpose SLE HTML5 Template


Making a website that will look impressive is a challenging task – you need to come up with something new. However, this multipurpose html5 template would be a perfect basis for your project. The theme comes with numerous UI elements. You may quickly add the necessary ones to get the required functionality. You can also easily change the style of the website. No matter how complex you want the design to be – the website will always run smoothly due to performance optimization. This template is a great option for commercial and non-commercial projects. Create a stunning website to tell more about your company, the projects you work on, or the services you provide.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Softree - Multipurpose Website Template


When creating a website, it is essential to remember that it should reflect your business’s concept, main statements, and strategies. If you want to impress your customers and conquer them with your modern sense of style, then you should opt for this beauty among all Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates. It is completely responsive, well structured and well put together, which are the main aspects for further developing and promoting the site. Achieve success easily and easily with this beautiful template!

Demo | Download | Download for Free in ONE

Jobset - Job Board HTML Website Template

Turn your ideas into reality in just a few clicks with this high-quality, powerful, and responsive job board Bootstrap HTML5 template. Composed with full responsiveness and mobile adaptation, Jobset works perfectly on any computer, mobile phone, or tablet. It also has a simple drag and drop interface and is easy to customize. 

Let’s explore the other characteristics Jobset has:

  • HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Various trendy layouts are available.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.6.0.
  • Social media integration.
  • Dashboard Included.
  • No coding knowledge is required.

Demo | Download | Hosting

TaxiHub - Taxi Responsive Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

If you are looking for a responsive bootstrap HTML5 website for a taxi company, you need to choose this one. Your site will adapt to any screen resolution on any device. You won’t have problems with width, length, tables, columns, and rows if you open it on phones and tablets.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Repair Fix

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Computer repair company HTML5 Website Template. You can create any computer-related website with this template. It has some widgets for social networks buttons, interactive elements, blog, etc. It also has an extensive set of elements and blocks. It’s easy to use on any device. You will need to get the site of your dreams.

Demo | Download | Hosting

INTENSE - Multipurpose Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

500+ ready-made HTML files, attractive web design and much more are waiting for you! Don’t lose your chance to be the owner of the best template ever!

Demo | Download | Hosting

ID Interior - Interior Design HTML5 Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

The template has a vast number of options and functions. It’s easy to use for everybody. Amazing CSS styling makes your website sellable, modern and responsive. This is a decent template if you are looking for a template for an interior website.

Demo | Download | Hosting

It's indispensable for any contemporary business to run a website. No matter if you just plan to launch a startup or have a well-established company, a rock-solid online presence will only help you reach a wider audience and stand out from competition. For this compilation, we have hand-picked 15 new and trendy Bootstrap website templates that target a variety of business niches. Picking any of them you will attain more than just a good-looking ready-made design. You will receive a powerful solution that will make your business an eye-catcher.

All themes that we have chosen for this chart were designed and developed by TemplateMonster's team of creative professionals in the second half of 2016. We keep a close eye on the latest innovations in the web design industry and apply those to our templates. All running on the fully responsive Bootstrap framework, the themes are fully editable and can be adjusted to match your business needs ideally. We did our best to pick ready-made solutions that are suited for different business niches. Take a look at the results that we have attained below.

Desire Night Club HTML5 Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Do you like a nightlife? Do you have your own business? The Responsible bootstrap HTML5 template is ready to help you! Columns and rows will be alright. Your website will adapt to any screen resolution on any device. The new bootstrap version will help you to customize your website. Don’t be silly, get it!

Demo | Download | Hosting

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

If you are looking for a creative photographer portfolio, this template is the best choice for you! You can get a fantastic website without coding. HTML and CSS will make your dream website. Choose this one.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Fantastic -Beauty Salon website template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Do you have your own beauty salon? You will get success with our responsible template! It’s easy to use. There are no problems with widths, lengths, and screen resolutions. Our template is friendly and suitable for any device. Check it!

Demo | Download | Hosting

Sheltek - Real Estate Responsive Website Template

The code is clean and modern. The setting is simple. You will not waste your time to understand the settings. This template is suitable for websites of real estate agencies. You can easily build a website in a short time.

Demo | Download | Hosting

The jobs - Job Board HTML Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

This is a good template for people who are looking for a job or employers. The fresh, clean and responsive design will help you create a website for advertising vacancies, find suitable personnel, get resume and resume from the employer. Everybody can visit your site everywhere at any time.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Dental clinic Website Template

Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Do you treat teeth well? Do you want to attract more people? Do you want to advertise your services online? Our fantastic and smart template which has a wide range of settings can help you easily and quickly create an excellent site.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Kanter - Creative Responsive Minimalistic HTML Website Template

Kanter is a pixel-perfect HTML5 theme that is best suited to be used for photo studio websites. It is quick and easy to modify owing to collections of pre-made pages, layout styles, color schemes, and advanced customization options.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Jada - Creative Portfolio Website Template

Jada theme will appeal to everyone looking for a ready-made theme to bring a touch of creativity to portfolio sites. The theme will be especially useful for freelancers and design agencies. Video backgrounds and neat animation effects will add a more captivating presentation to your portfolio.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Dental Center Website Bootstrap Template


Use this theme to build a fully responsive Bootstrap page of a medical or healthcare business. Featuring a clean and responsive design, it brings a perfect balance to a web page built with its help. This is a multipurpose solution, which comes loaded with some pre-designed pages and a rich UI kit that will bring a  versatile presentation to your official web page. The theme is integrated with an easy-to-use appointment manager, which can be accessed in the header.

Live Demo | Download

Starbis - Multipurpose Bootstrap Webpage Template for Business


Starbis is a powerful, feature-rich and visually stunning HTML5 theme suited for an array of business projects. It is integrated with an innovative Novi builder, letting you create versatile layouts without touching a line of code. Starbis is one of those Bootstrap website themes, which are pre-loaded with an array of ready-made page templates for representing blogs, portfolios and eCommerce sites in a sleek and professional style. It is not only fully responsive but also retina ready, ensuring that your site's content will look razor sharp on the last-generation screens. A wide selection of galleries, sliders, and stunning animation effects are intended to spice up your website's visual presentation.

Live Demo | Download

Visage - Plastic Surgery Clinic Bootstrap Web Page Template


This is a multipurpose template best suited for medical and beauty websites. It includes a rich UI kit and over 45 pre-designed pages that are ready to go live out of the box. Multiple header and footer layouts are included to help you personalize the theme's structure in a way that matches your business needs ideally. A clean and user-friendly design of the template is spiced up with parallax scrolling backgrounds and stunning animation effects, which will hardly leave anyone indifferent. Your audience should highly appreciate an integrated appointment manager.

Live Demo | Download

Transportation Responsive Website Template


Get transportation and logistics projects live using this responsive Bootstrap website template. A clean and straightforward design is intended to bring the focus of the users' attention on the things that matter the most. The theme boasts a clear content hierarchy and a balance of written and visual data, providing for better comprehension of your corporate message. Thanks to a variety of working forms included in the theme's pack, you will provide the web audience with additional handy opportunities to get in touch with you effortlessly.

Live Demo | Download

INTENSE Real Estate Website Template


Remember we were talking about Intense multipurpose HTML5 template a little bit earlier in this post? This is one of its multiple child HTML5 bootstrap templates. Best suited for real estate and furniture sites, the theme is rich in impressive galleries and sliders showcasing your offering at their best. For a quicker property search, the theme features a sticky menu and an advanced search form placed atop the header slider.

Live Demo | Download

SEO Website Responsive Website Template


SEO Agent is a multipurpose HTML5 Bootstrap template built in flat style. Custom illustrations add personal touch to the theme's design. Featured in the theme's header and backgrounds, they provide for better content comprehension. Parallax scrolling effect spices up a clean layout of the theme, providing for a more interactive site browsing. CTAs are bold and eye-catching. The main navigation panel is sticky, proving the users with quick access to the rest of your site's pages.

Live Demo | Download

Perfecto - Plastic Surgery Website Template


The theme stands out from the Bootstrap themes mentioned above with its stunning animations. Just cast a glance at its front page. Representing medical and beauty projects, the theme features a clean, minimalist style. The main navigation panel is presented using an image divided into a set of square elements, each featuring a practical hover effect. Thus, as you put a mouse-over any of the square icons, you see what specific type of content it stands for. Social sharing options are quick and easy to reach, at the bottom of the page.

Live Demo | Download

Financial Vision Website Template


This is one of the best Bootstrap website templates suited for an unusual presentation of business projects. The theme's layout is clear and concise. A neutral color scheme built in gray and black will appeal to the male audience mainly. Thanks to a split screen technique, you can present different types of content simultaneously. The template supports various types of content, letting you make the content presentation far more informative and captivating. The theme's headline and subheadings speak to its objective, delivering your business message to the target audience clearly.

Live Demo | Download

Green Tech Website Template


This is one of the latest and most popular TemplateMonster's Bootstrap 3 website templates that we recommend using for industrial and agriculture purposes. This is a  multipurpose HTML5 template, which comes loaded with every UI and functional element intended for a top-notch performance of your web project. More than 25 pre-designed HTML5 pages will help you bring your site live in the shortest period of time. eCommerce page templates will come in handy to those of you who want to start selling online.

Live Demo | Download

Grand Vector - Design Studio Multipurpose Website Template


The theme is intended for creative professionals who want their web projects to stand out of competition. This responsive Bootstrap template can be customized to match a variety of web projects. Personal sites of freelancers, web design studios, design agencies, and some other websites can be brought to live using this theme. Packed full with some smart customization options and a rich UI kit, it allows you to get the craziest ideas live in a blink of an eye.

Live Demo | Download

Cargo - Multipurpose Transportation Website Template


Use this responsive HTML5 template for a number of transportation, logistics, cars bikes-related web projects. This is one more multipurpose design on this list of the best bootstrap website templates. The front page is highly usable and intuitive. Integrated with an online service calculator, it is intended to bring a more reliable presentation of your business.

Live Demo | Download

Grand Estate Website Template


Clean and modern design of this Bootstrap template is intended for real estate agencies that need to not only showcase property, but also sell it for profit. The template is integrated with an advanced search, letting people find exactly what they need in an instant. Smart filtering options are also included for the users' convenience.

Live Demo | Download

Welding Responsive Website Template


Make use of this responsive ready-made design to bring a professional and reliable look to your industrial web project. The theme features a clear and concise layout structure, bringing the users' focus of attention on the content. The latter is presented by means of texts and visuals, which create a perfect balance on the page. A sticky navigation panel enhances the theme's navigation.

Live Demo | Download

MoonResort Website Template


This is the last yet not the least ready-made design on this list of the best Bootstrap website themes. Intended for a holiday, travel and real estate projects, it brings the visual data in the spotlight. Advanced search allows the web audience to come up with the offers that perfectly match their budget and personal requirements. Quality images featured in sliders and galleries provide for a remarkable showcase of your offerings to the target audience.

Live DemoDownload

website themes

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20 Free Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates FAQ

How to Build a responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Website?

To build a responsive Bootstrap HTML5 is easier and quicker than you may have thought! Just rely on ready-made solutions. Create a responsive website using the Bootstrap HTML5 theme. Your website will be automatically configured and adapted to any phone screen.

Where to search for responsive Bootstrap HTML5 templates?

Here some trusted resources:

1. Start Bootstrap;
2. Bootswatch;
3. Bootstrap Stage;
4. PrepBootstrap.

What are the advantages of Bootstrap HTML5?

The advantages of Bootstrap include:

- Reduce the time required to create a website layout. The framework offers a sufficient number of templates and ready-made solutions.
- Cross-browser and adaptability. Sites created using Bootstrap are identically displayed on different devices and in modern browsers.
- Ease of use. To work with the framework, you will need basic layout skills.

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Anastacia Klochko

Launching a website for beauty studio or spa salon? Do it right as you follow tips and use web themes that Anastacia highlights in her blog posts.

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