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7 Tips to Help You Sell Your Website Faster and for More Money

It is crucial for every website to implement strategies to attract its target audience in the digital landscape. Great marketing strategies, as well as understanding the dynamics of traffic acquisition, will not only allow for a steady flow of website traffic, but will also help you to retain the existing audience. This will, of course, be in the forefront of the mind of those looking to buy your website.

From establishing an online presence and building credibility, to boosting SEO and providing information to customers, all of this is a reflection of your business. Here are some ways to improve and sell your website for more money, and faster.

improve website

1. Irresistible Content

Low quality content will not attract target clients; rather, it will discourage them from returning to your site. The content should be clear, concise, and well structured such that the readers don’t need to labor through the words.

Additionally, your content should be extensively researched to provide the reader with all they need to know about the subject. It should be informative, but interesting. At the end of your posts, include a ‘call-to-action’ to ensure your readers act on what they have read.

Make sure to include high-quality photos in your articles. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words (as well as bringing in image search traffic). In conjunction with short videos, these images break the monotony of a wall of text and provide points of visual interest.

2. Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media marketing or the use of social networking sites to publicize your site should be used in conjunction with content marketing (creating and promoting content which will influence customer action).

Each type of marketing is a powerful tool, and if staffing allows, using them together will improve your site brand reputation when done correctly.

The power of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube is immense, and it is worth the effort to integrate them to take advantage of their strengths. If you simply have no time to do all of them, try to do one really well and automate the rest with plugins or auto-posting services.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO improves certain aspects of your website to boost its performance and ranking on Google searches.

If you have gotten to the stage where you have a site worth selling, most of this will probably already be apparent, but make sure that:

  • Keyword research has been carried out for every article
  • Locations, dates, and/or sentiment keywords are also used if applicable
  • Your website loads quickly (pay particular attention to TTFB)
  • You stick to one topic per page/article
  • Heading tags are used in the proper hierarchy
  • Short but descriptive URLs are in place
  • You are working with evergreen content the vast majority of the time

4. Maximize affiliate revenue before selling

It is imperative to ensure your income channels, such as any affiliate links and ads, are in perfect working condition. If you are missing out on revenue through old or broken affiliate links this will lower the perceived worth of the site when the buyer is taking income into account.

If there have been problems in this area, think about holding off on selling until you can get a few months of increased revenue into your records.

Are you also using the best affiliate programs or ad networks on your site? There can be huge differences in performance, income, and conversion rates by changing the vendor you work with, or alternatively by going to the source if possible.

5. Launch a new product or service

The introduction of a new product and/or service is a surefire way to acquire a larger online audience. This can also result in affiliate partnerships, links from other blogs, and even interview requests. If the new product is beneficial to your audience and answers their wants and needs, it will encourage them to refer your product/service to others and increase traffic to your site even more.

This fresh source of income will be desirable to potential buyers and will increase the value of your site again as you have demonstrated yet another stream of income that is not only current but can also be mimicked with similar offers in the future.

support Ukraine

This needn’t be a huge video course either. Something as simple as a PDF with valuable information selling for $10 will reassure buyers that your audience is responsive to offers, and this is a valuable trait for your traffic to have.

6. Build up an email list

Even if this isn’t part of your current strategy, a few months of building an email list will show potential buyers that the option is there to be built upon.

Give away free reports, whatever it takes to get signups that you (or your buyer) can market to later. Once again, demonstrating the possibilities your site has is going to increase perceived and real value. The sooner you begin to use this strategy, of course, the larger and more valuable your website becomes due to this asset.


7. Do your homework

Do your homework
An article like this can be very helpful, but of course, we can’t cover every possible way of increasing both the perceived and real value of your website. This is where a little homework will pay you back in spades.

Look around the website marketplaces for sites similar to yours and see which ones have brought the highest selling price and then look at what was offered with the site, how it looked, and how the description was written. Then try to mimic the plus points before you go to market yourself.

This, above all else, is likely to be the best piece of advice here. Conduct thorough research and then you will be able to make concrete, informed decisions with this knowledge.


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Karen Evans

Karen is a former college student who thought that was the path to success. After making real money learning how to build and scale niche blogs she decided to go full time and hasn't looked back since. Reach her on LinkedIn.

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