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Sell Website Templates at TemplateMonster – New Authors Wanted!

  1. Products You Can Sell in the TemplateMonster Marketplace
  2. Commissions to Sell Web Templates in the Marketplace
  3. How to Sell Website Templates with Author-Driven Prices
    1. How to Get Money for Selling Website Templates
    2. Becoming a TemplateMonster Author
  4. Reasons to Sell Web Design Templates at TemplateMonster

Even newbies know that joining the marketplace is the best way to promote themselves and their items. It opens new horizons, brings a ready-to-buy auditory, makes you fit the latest quality standards, etc. Designers, developers, and studios would quickly sell website templates, themes, add-ons, graphics, and other digital products online. 

This post has all the needed info for those who want to become an author at TemplateMonster. You can join the marketplace to sell exclusively earning a higher commission rate, set author-driven prices on some products, and so much more.

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Start Selling

Products You Can Sell on the TemplateMonster Marketplace

Historically, the company was the first theme creator hitting the market almost two decades ago. Soon it became an open platform for web design studios and freelancers all over the globe. Anyone can join the TemplateMonster Marketplace to start selling their digital products, from starters to professional theme devs. The marketplace continuously grows and accepts multiple product types. When meeting the quality requirements, Authors can sell the following items:

  • Website themes & templates;
  • Plugins, add-ons, and other extensions;
  • Presentation templates in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides format;
  • CV, business card, invitation, and other types of templates;
  • Vectors, illustrations, fonts, logos, and anything else related to graphic design.

The marketplace features products based on WordPress, Shopify, MotoCMS, Magento, OpenCart, HTML, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, and other popular platforms. However, you can send a request if you would like to sell your web templates matching an entirely new type.

Here is what you need to open a new product category.

  1. You should have 15-10 graphics or at least 10 web templates.
  2. Make sure these products are not older than 3 years.
  3. Send a request with your products’ info to [email protected].

And don’t forget to use the subject line “New product category at TemplateMonster.” The company collects items for the audio category, including sound effects, background music, logos, and idents.

Commissions to Sell Web Templates in the Marketplace

There are different commission rates for selling web templates exclusively and non-exclusively. You can get up to 70% author’s commission when selling products only in the marketplace.

The commission rate will be 40% if you sell the items in the TemplateMonster Marketplace and other platforms.

Would you like to sell Shopify themes? Check the next point, as this product type allows setting author-driven prices. The table below shows how much money you can earn, depending on the product type.

Product type % for selling exclusively % for selling non- exclusively
WordPress WP theme
WooCommerce theme
50-65% 40%
Elementor template 50-65% 40%
HTML Website templates 50-65% 40%
Landing page templates, Newsletter templates, Admin template, Specialty page, Muse template 50-65% 40%
eCommerce PrestaShop & Magento themes 50-65% 40%
Shopify theme, OpenCart template, BigCommerce themes, MotoCMS eCommerce template 50-65% 40%
VirtueMart template, ZenCart template 50-65% 40%
CMS Joomla template 50-65% 40%
MotoCMS 3 template, MotoCMS HTML template, Drupal template 50-65% 40%
Plugin WordPress plugin, PrestaShop module, Javascript elements, Magento extension 50-65% 40%
Presentation PowerPoint template, Keynote template, Google slides, Infographic elements 65% 65%
Graphics Logo template, PSD template, Iconset template, Fonts, Resume template (printable), UI elements, Gallery template, Fonts, Unbounce template, App template, Sketch template, Certificate template, Corporate identity template, Product mockup, Social media templates, Illustration (vector), Pattern, T-shirt design, Animated banner, Magazine template 65% 65%
Video After Effects template, Premiere Pro template, Motion Graphics template, Final Cut Pro template, DaVinci Resolve template, Stock video, Stock Motion graphics 65% 65%
Audio Stock music, Logos and idents, Sound effects 65% 65%

How to Sell Website Templates with Author-Driven Prices

TemplateMonster offers authors to set author-driven prices for web themes, as well as graphics:

  • WordPress themes – recommended price range is $39 – $69; the lowest price in the category – $29
  • WooCommerce themes – recommended price range is $59 – $79; the lowest price in the category – $39
  • Magento themes – recommended price range is $69 – $99; the lowest price in the category – $39
  • Joomla themes – recommended price range is $30- $49; the lowest price in the category – $29
  • HTML5 Templates – Available price range in this category: $19 – $999; recommended price is $29 – $60
  • Landing Page Templates – Available price range in this category: $16 – $999; recommended price is $19
  • Admin Templates – Available price range in this category: $16 – $999; recommended price is $19 – $29
  • Newsletter Templates – Available price range in this category:  $14 – $199; recommended price is $17
  • Specialty Pages – Available price range in this category: $5 – $99; recommended price is $19 – $39
  • OpenCart Themes – Available price range is $39 – $999; the average recommended price is $45 – $78.
  • Shopify Themes – Available price range is $39 – $999 per item; the average recommended price is $45 – $78.
  • PrestaShop themes – Available price range is $39 – $999; the recommended price is $49 – $98.

So how to index the item’s price?

  1. Start with the modern market analysis. Visit different marketplaces to see products that are similar to yours.
  2. Study the features. Take a closer look at the feature’s list to decide if you want to keep the theme in line with flagships.
  3. Look for trends. Think of the design solutions. Does your product have an exclusive appearance with trendy UX/UI elements? Did you use any voguish color palettes for web design components?
  4. Value your item. Look at your features list to decide if it has all the relevant must-haves. How many templates or demos the theme contains? Are there several design variations? How valuable is your product? Is it a niche-oriented theme or people can use it for various kinds of websites? Does it have any unique options?
  5. Estimate your time and experience. Think of how many hours or even days it took you to craft the product. Was it a challenging process? Did you buy any helpful features, add-ons, or other supporting tools to create the theme?
  6. Sum everything up. Mind average prices, latest requirements, web design trends, and your experience to decide which revenue you should get.

Now it’s time to figure out how you will make money on the marketplace.

Please mind that the commission for exclusive items also depends on the sales volume. The more people buy your product, the higher commission you get. For example, here is how the commission of WordPress themes & website templates, Magento themes, PrestaShop themes, OpenCart templates, Joomla templates & WooCommerce themes, other product types will change:

Sales volume Commission
$0–500 50%
$500–1 000 51%
$1 000–1 500 52%
$1 500–2 200 53%
$2 200–3 200 54%
$3 200–4 800 55%
$4 800–7 000 56%
$7 000–10 000 57%
$10 000–15 000 58%
$15 000–22 000 59%
$22 000–30 000 60%
$30 000–39 000 61%
$39 000–49 000 62%
$49 000–59 000 63%
$59 000–70 000 64%
$70 000+ 65%

How to Get Money for Selling Website Templates

Before getting money for a product, you will need to complete the next steps:

  1. View product requirements and make sure your theme or template meets all of them.
  2. Fill in the billing information to withdraw your money.
  3. Send a scan of any valid government-issued ID (it can be passport or driver license) to verify your account.

After you have completed these steps, wait for the confirmation, and voila! You can start selling digital items with a 2-million audience monthly. Note that the withdrawal amount depends on the service you choose. You can get payments from $100 when using PayPal or Payoneer, but withdrawals for the Wire Transfer users start from $600 on the account balance.

TemplateMonster’s authors can withdraw money twice per month. The withdrawal time depends on the day you request it. Here is how it works:

  1. When the author asks a withdrawal during the 10th and 24th days, the system processes it on the month's 25th day. The author gets money during the 26th - 31st month days.
  2. In case the author wants to withdraw during the 25th and 9th days, the system processes their request on the 10th day. The author receives the payment on the 11th - 15th month days.

Becoming a TemplateMonster Author

Becoming a TemplateMonster Author.

How to sell Shopify themes and other web design products with TemplateMonster? Here is a quick guide to start working with the marketplace. All you will need is to:

  • Create your user account;
  • Verify the account;
  • Log in and find the “Become an author” tab;
  • Choose the name for your page or brand (it will appear with all your products);
  • Upload the project archive;
  • Fill in the product details and click on “Submit for review”;
  • Wait for a notification, and click on the link to see your product ready-to-sell.

Reasons to Sell Website Templates at TemplateMonster

Now you know everything and anything to start selling online. In closing, let’s see the main benefits of working with the company. The major reasons to sell web design templates TemplateMonster are the following:

  • Sell website templates from scratch;
  • Become niche-oriented and boost sales by using relevant keywords and product name;
  • Receive free feedback from professional designers and get product optimization tips;
  • Showcase their items to 6 million customers;
  • Get the theme added to the top-rated product's list.

The marketplace is also the right place for skilled authors who want their brand to become recognizable. Here is what you can get:

  • Possibility to sell your items on other platforms;
  • Higher prices for exclusive products;
  • Commissions that become higher with higher sales;
  • Opportunity to add your product to ONE to get even more deals;
  • More activity when linking the working page with the rest of your accounts;
  • Possibility to take part in sales so that there will be even more activity;
  • Add your products to the best-sellers list right on the main page, and more.

Ready to start selling with the Marketplace? Join the team in a few clicks.

Become an Author

Sell Website Templates - FAQ

Can I sell free web design templates in the TemplateMonster Marketplace?

Yes, you can add a free product but only after the review. Email our team via [email protected] with the "Free Products" subject line. We will add your item(s) to the gallery just after the feedback for at least 6 months. Then you can remove it or leave it on the market to make your name recognizable.

How to participate in TemplateMonster's promo campaigns?

By adding products to the marketplace, you automatically make them a part of our promo. Your templates, add-ons, or graphics become visible on the main page and participate in sales depending on the product's topic. We can sell them through affiliate or partners' networks. We also promote the author's items via social media, email, etc.

How to upload digital products to the TemplateMonster marketplace?

You will need to create an author's account and complete the verification process to get started. If you already have one, add your product to a .zip file and go to the "Products" tab in your account. Click the "Upload New Product" select product category, add a name, description, and other information. Once you have added demo, tags, and topic, drag and drop your .zip file in the product upload field.

How to manage TemplateMonster Authors’ financial deals?

All your earning and money withdrawal options are available in the "Billing" tab in the author's account. Here you can edit billing info and check the details about your sales or money withdrawal requests, change options, etc.

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