Shopify Academy: A Perfect Place to Start Your Business

  1. The challenge
  2. The place where everything starts - Shopify Academy
  3. The professionals
  4. Dreamcloud Academy and Shopify Academy
  5. The teaching concept of Shopify Academy
  6. Building a successful online store with Shopify Academy

There are many online stores where you can buy almost anything you want, from clothing and jewelry to games or even automobiles. This sector is quite large and it continues to grow. As a customer you get many offers – you can find several stores where you will find something you need and you can choose what shop works better for you.

shopify academy

But, what if you want to enter the world of eCommerce and open your online store to start your business online? Where should you start and what will be your first steps?

The challenge

The eCommerce sector is quite large and even if you divide it into smaller sectors (based on the products that sellers offer), you will still see that there are many sectors and the competition within these “subsectors” is still quite large. Another challenge is that business success is often based on customers’ loyalty. Therefore, if you have been buying something from one company for several years, why would you suddenly buy the same product from another company? Therefore, we need to answer another question: “How do you make customers want to buy your products?

Another question arises: "Where should you start and what platform should you use?" You may need to find something that’s user-friendly, so you can focus more on your products and not on the technical side (unless you have an IT specialist who will do everything for you). As you can see, there are many challenges and it will be impossible to achieve success without good theoretical knowledge and professional guidance. Of course, there are many courses, that can help you create your online store, but one of them deserves special attention, and that is Shopify Academy.

The place where everything starts - Shopify Academy

Shopify is a large platform that allows you to create online stores. It has all the tools you may need to create and run an online store. The great thing about Shopify is that it’s flexible – it’s scalable. Shopify is a good option whether you want to sell a small number of products, or if you want to become a popular online store that can help customers worldwide. It has various built-in tools to create and analyze your campaigns – you get all the information you need to create successful economic strategies and change them to meet your requirements. It also provides you with the tools that allow you to manage everything. Shopify has an application so you can control everything no matter where you are.

Shopify Academy is a unique opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the eCommerce sector so you can become a professional. You will be taught by professional entrepreneurs who will guide you and help you deal with various challenges that you will have to deal with. In this case, you may wonder, “Is Shopify academy free?” It is. The aim of the whole program is to teach you how you can become a successful entrepreneur and how you can create a comprehensive strategy and increase your income. Nevertheless, there are premium tutorials and you need to pay to access them.

There are many on-demand courses that cover everything eCommerce related. If you have any questions and you want to get a professional answer, then you should consider using the Live Workshop feature. The academy also has numerous business tools – you can find templates or tutorials that will help you build your business. Everything is detailed, so you can do everything step-by-step and clearly understand what to do and why.

It’s also important to mention that the Shopify Academy community is very friendly – you can find other entrepreneurs who want to build their online business as you do. You can share important information and you can even find a partner here. This academy is a great opportunity for people who want to become a part of the eCommerce sector. You don’t even need a Shopify store to take a course and it doesn’t require you to be technically savvy.

The professionals

It’s always better to learn from the best. Each Shopify Academy expert is ready to share their experience and knowledge in a certain field. For example, an expert from Shopify Academy – Gretta van Riel will help you make your online business successful using Instagram. Ezra Firestone will focus on Facebook and Instagram advertisements. The Shopify Academy Instagram course shouldn’t be missed, as Instagram is a powerful marketing tool today and it may become even more powerful in the future. You also shouldn’t miss the Shopify Academy dropshipping course from Corey Ferreira.

There are many courses that you shouldn’t miss and you need to check the available courses and tutorials sections.

Dreamcloud Academy and Shopify Academy

Dreamcloud Academy also provides you with useful information, tutorials, and courses that help you create a successful online store. Nevertheless, there are some differences:

  • Shopify Academy is focused on various aspects of online business and the main tool is still the Shopify online platform. Everything you learn here is all about Shopify, its tools, and services.
  • Dreamcloud Academy isn’t focused on a certain platform – it gives you the concepts that you can use with various platforms. It still covers various aspects of online business.

Does this mean that Dreamcloud Academy is worse? No, it isn’t. It can still give you solid knowledge that can be applied using various online platforms to become a successful entrepreneur.

Shopify Academy is all about Shopify, its tools, and services. It’s a great option if you already have decided to use this platform for your future online store. Choosing Shopify as your platform is a smart decision, considering the number of additional tools and services you can use to build your store. Moreover, it provides you with the information you need to know to create a comprehensive and successful strategy.

The teaching concept of Shopify Academy

This academy provides you with useful tutorials and the teaching concept is great for everyone. Again, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge.

There are numerous lessons and each one ends with useful information that includes additional resources, where you can learn more or get the necessary tools. These resources are Shopify partners.

The courses have modules that are, in turn, divided into lessons – it helps not only make lessons shorter, which makes them easier to understand, but it also helps to find the necessary lesson in the future and re-watch it, if you need it. It also has the “Tracking” feature, so you can track your progress.

Video lessons are made professionally – the output sound is clean. Video tutorials have the “Closed Caption” feature (CC) – subtitles. The subtitles can be extremely helpful for people who don’t know English too well, to catch all the phrases. Therefore, the content provided by Shopify Academy is international and it can be delivered everywhere. Unfortunately, the CC feature is not available for different languages, so you need to have at least basic-intermediate knowledge of English.

The video content is categorized based on various niches. Moreover, experts show how to use the various tools (for example a tool that helps you create a logo for your store).

There are also various guides that help you complete various tasks. A checklist will help you understand what you need to do. The best thing about such materials is that they don’t have too much information – only the most important parts, but they are enough to get everything done properly.

There are many Shopify Academy courses dedicated to various aspects of eCommerce and you will certainly find exactly what you need. It has a user-friendly UI, so you can easily find various courses. The academy webpage doesn’t have any unnecessary elements, which makes it easy to navigate and it loads fast.

Building a successful online store with Shopify Academy

The eCommerce competition is quite high, but it doesn’t mean that you are sentenced to lose. Of course, you can check hundreds of websites and learn as much as you can (actually, when you become a business person you have to learn something new every day). However, Shopify Academy provides you with everything you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur. You will start with the very basics and then proceed to something more complex.

The competition shouldn’t discourage you. The academy will teach you how to reach your customers and how to understand what they want and how you can satisfy their needs. You will also know how to turn your customers into loyal ones. Overall, Shopify Academy will guide you through various challenging steps of making your online store. Again, many factors depend on you and your products.

Make your store look amazing

Creating an online store involves many different stages. Luckily, the Shopify platform helps to deal with the technical side of the project – the platform may help you make all the elements work properly. People may not pay too much attention to it, as it’s something that has to be there always, no matter what. If there’s an element on the website – it should work properly, that’s what people expect. That’s exactly where Shopify helps you. However, Shopify is very flexible and the store design depends on you. Design is very important – it can make your business profitable and increase the number of your clients. Moreover, design can make your store easy to use, which can also improve your sales rates.

If you aren’t familiar with graphic design or web design specifically, then you should consider getting a template. The great thing about templates is that you can edit them freely by adding or removing elements. Consider checking these Shopify themes.

First, you need to clearly understand what you need. It has a search bar, where you can enter some keywords and find a template optimized for certain products. It also has multipurpose templates – these are very flexible and they are not restricted to a certain category of products.

Here’s a great bundle for fitness. It’s optimized for mobile devices as well, so you can provide your customers with the best experience possible. It has many features, like:

  • The multilingual feature – you can reach customers in different counties
  • Sorting options – make it easier for customers to find something they need
  • Contact form – let your customers drop you a message – it can help make your store more user-friendly
  • Search form – it also improves the product searching experience

It’s a high-performance template – everything works properly and fast (which is very important, as some people don’t want to wait for the page to load and they just close the tab, which means you lose a potential customer).

If you sell various devices, then the Digita template is right for you. It’s optimized for a device store. It has such features as:

  • Masonry layout – make the webpage look modern and include many elements at the same time.
  • Instagram – use this social network to promote your store and goods or just let people know about special offers.
  • Blog – tell people something about modern devices. It can be a great promotion option. Some people may discover your blog and then discover your shop and become your customer.
  • Currency switcher – this is helpful if your customers are from different countries.

This responsive theme is easy to customize. It has a powerful administrator panel, so you can control everything. The shopping cart is based on Ajax.

Storevell Shopify theme is a great option if you sell beauty products. Again, this template looks modern and can be easily customized. It has such features as:

Detailed documentation – it provides you with information you need to know to make your store look the way you want it to.

  • Social options – social networks became great marketing tools and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.
  • Slider – it makes the searching process easier – customers can see different products on display.
  • Wishlist – customers may create wishlists and it can be a good option to increase your sales.
  • Ajax product filters – the filters are flexible and they work fast.

This template has many more features, like a currency switcher, a product owl carousel, an administration panel, etc. You can use it as a basis and create various designs – you can create a store that sells luxurious products or natural beauty products.

Many people can’t live without coffee and the Coffee Time template is a great starting point for a store that satisfies people who love coffee. It has such features as:

  • Sorting options – people can find the product they need as fast as possible.
  • Product quick view – customers can see what they can get.
  • Google map – let customers know where they can find you.
  • Crossbrowser – you can be sure that your store looks identical across different browsers.

This is a great starting point for an online store – it works fast and looks amazing.

If you didn’t find the template you need, or if you sell something unusual, then the Multifly template is right for you. It’s a multipurpose template, so you can transform it into anything you need. It has such features as:

  • Blog – you can tell your potential customers more about various products or trends.
  • Slider – you can make your store easy to use.
  • Multilingual – this can be extremely useful if you have customers from various countries.

It also has such features as testimonials, newsletters, a map, etc. This is a great starting point when you need to create a new design for your online store.

Creating an online store involves many stages and being a business person isn’t easy. However, with Shopify Academy, you can learn where to start and what you should do to become a successful entrepreneur. Various templates can be used to make a unique online store that will attract new customers and make them want to buy your products.

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