Shopify Online Store Creation from Ground Up [Free Course]

Every modern shop has to have an online platform to be efficient. If you are reading this, I guess you already understood that and decided to start the website creation. Shopify is a CMS created especially for online stores and all the tools it offers are meant to help you simplify the building process. However, some features might be tricky and a detailed guide could become a necessary helping hand.

This free course of Shopify mastery will give you all the tips, tricks and pieces of advice to create an online store of your dream. It will gently lead you through registration, design customization, and maintenance of your shop. By the end of the course, you will become an experienced user of all the Shopify tools and have an eye-catching and profitable store.

What will you learn from the free Shopify mastery course?

  1. How to register your Shopify account, choose a template and customize it?
  2. What are the best templates for Shopify online store?
  3. How to customize every part of the website’s design?
  4. How to add products and collections?
  5. How to maintain the payments and add some automation to the process?
  6. How to add sales channels and start upselling using the built-in analytics?

Who is this course for?

  1. Small business owners who are selling products or services online. You don’t need any experience in website creation to go through this course and still create an astounding website.
  2. Guys who already have a brick and mortar store and want to expand the business to the web. Shopify will allow you to manage not only the online shop itself but the other sales channels (like Facebook store), too.

Shopify Online Store Creation: Free Course

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How to start the course?

  1. Subscribe for the course in a special form below. You will need to type in only your email address.
  2. Receive the letters with the lessons, discount cards, and different useful stuff.
  3. Read the articles, practice and create a breathtaking online store that will attract huge traffic.


Stop wasting your time!

The faster you will create an online store – the faster you will start gaining the profit. Sign up for the course and start the Shopify online store creation!

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