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How To Become Obsessed With Drawing

Any occupation requires continuous skills improvement and always learning something new. Yet it does not make much sense if you do not put the knowledge into practice. With that being said practice is the #1 rule to getting better at drawing. Everyone knows that but how many people follow this rule. Right. There are a few who do not give up on enhancing their skills and always find at least a couple of hours for practicing and working on the areas in which they are weak, while others excuse themselves by saying they are not able to draw specific things.

Let’s be honest with ourselves - it is all about laziness and unwillingness, and all you really need to do is just start drawing day after day trying new characters, emotions, creatures etc. If you have recognized yourself as one of the above-mentioned, we guarantee you will find this article very useful and motivating. Below are some tips that should help you become a better artist. Do not overlook any details!

Drawing Ideas

Sketch-A-Day Challenge

Borrowed from the idea of Photo 365 this challenge is a perfect way to improve your art skills and even encourage your art-group to join you. To get started with this test, you will need to proceed with the following:

  • The most important tool is a sketchbook where you will draw all random ideas or everyday tasks. That being said, it should look inspirational each time you open it.
  • It is not obligatory, but we recommend that you create a blog where you can share your sketches. The audience which is looking forward to seeing the next picture is motivated to keep tuning in. All you need to run the blog is a scanner or digital camera, so the sketches can be posted in digital format, and of course a good dose of enthusiasm.
  • Spend some time preparing themes and idea streams for your challenge. This will help you to continue sketching without giving it up. Start with listing themes for each week. If you lack inspiration, become acquainted with sketch masters like Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci. Do not be afraid to imitate their style, but add that little extra something that is yours.
  • For more ideas try Pinterest, where you will find a large collection of sketches. You might consider taking the first you see and then duplicate it as a start to the drawing test.


After conducting a careful search, we found several lists of sketchbook themes along with a drawing ideas generator, so these will make your preparation process easier. Here you will find some exciting and funny concepts for your 365-day challenge.

  • Surreal drawings with tips on how to get surrealism ideas for a design studio templates.
  • Checklist of a thousand things to draw consisting of a variety of random objects. You can use this checklist as a warmup prior to sketching more complex items.
  • Still life ideas which offer a lot of options for the artist who is able to regulate content, composition, and lighting.
  • The concept of drawing a portrait is a real challenge because each person’s face is different and unique. which makes it quite difficult to display. Yet we find this task to be the best way to develop and extend your skills.
Drawing Ideas
  • Animal sketch ideas may include drawings of breeds and species, your pets, and the pets of your acquaintances. When it comes to your pets, try following your domestic animal during the day. If it is hard for you to draw right away, you can take a video or photo first to record them playing, eating, sleeping, and interacting with other pets or people. This project will help improve live action drawing skills.
Drawing Ideas
  • When it comes to sources of inspiration you can choose from philosophy books, poetry in translation, abstract art, world-famous artists and much more.

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The Sketch-a-day challenge is a good incentive and will provide food for thought. We guarantee that once you get started with it, you will not be able to stop drawing until the very end. When it is over you will have acquired more than just new painting ideas, you will have honed your artistic skills and achieved significant accomplishments along with improved performance abilities.

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