Challenges that are Faced by Small Business Owners Online

It’s a challenging business market outside for e-commerce owners. Small business owners right from the initial stage have to face immense challenges, be it the finance or the marketing strategies. Many business owners don't even own the website which further creates a marketing issue. Other small business owners who own the website do not create an impact due to neglecting of crucial site functions that consumers want. User-friendly sites, appealing look, and engaging content are some of the critical functions of the successful website.

These small business websites have the potential to grow, and the only thing that can push them ahead is useful guidance and a team of professionals. Small business owners get attracted to the idea of creating a website and starting an online business, but they do not realize the essential decisions, policies, and strategies that must be understood while building a successful online space. So how to ensure a successful online business; entrepreneurs need to learn some basics of digital marketing and face the challenges the markets represent.

Let us check the challenges faced by small business website owners:

  • Pages Look Too Unprofessional

Small business websites are made with zero budgets and with the available templates. Be it the photography site or online car selling site; website owners can't afford to spend on graphic designing and other services for a quality looking site. So, the result is the cookie-cutter website and unprofessional site.

The best thing that can be done is seeking online small business template site help in creating a website having high-quality images, setting the site apart from others.

  • Not-Mobile- Friendly

Today, every customer wants to shop using a smartphone, and big online retail stores are creating websites that are mobile-friendly spending money over to create the best compatible site. Unfortunately, 60% of small business owners do not have a mobile-friendly website that can bring more customers.

The only way to fix the problem is to use responsive website template that is compatible with the smartphone.


  • Zero Elements of Credibility

When the visitor visits the site, the first thing noticed is the signs of credibility. They want to be confident that the site is safe, and the information provided is genuine. Many small business site owners do not get the credibility elements right to keep the trust of visitors high. The best way to do it is by adding customer testimonials on the home page creating a positive impression towards customers and raising confidence in them.

  • No Call to Action

This is the major challenge faced by small business website owners due to web design. Without having the Call to Action (CTA), customers won't be able to judge the reason to visit the website and what the company has to offer. Many website owners don't even display contact details failing to which customers find hard to contact.

The best thing to do is, add contact details and email address on the home page itself so that customers can connect with you.

  • Poor SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most efficient way to gain customers and increase the traffic to the site. However, like web designing, this too requires substantial investment. Small business site owners don't carry enough knowledge of SEO, so they skip it which eventually affects their business.

The best thing to do is, use business website templates that come with SEO plug-in and learn some techniques online about SEO. Check how other sites are doing SEO without spending much.

  • Typos & Errors

Many small business websites are plagued by typos & errors that look unprofessional. Grammatical errors and wrong sentence framing can create disinterest in the mind of readers. This is because site owners lack knowledge about spell check software and can't afford to hire a high paid writer.

Spell checkers are free software tools and hiring an editor will also help in keeping the site error free.

website themes


Keeping your site rich in all terms is the best way to keep the customers interest high. Check out the templates that are specially designed for small business site owners. These templates come with all the features necessary for building the site and make it look rich.

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