Social Media and Content Marketing: Buzzwords to Increase App Downloads

The app world is fiercely competitive than ever. Be it Google Play or Apple’s App Store, the battle to reach out maximum users is the biggest dilemma facing every app marketer. If you are counting on miracles or lady luck to help you reach the featured app spot, be prepared for a rude shock.

You can’t bank on the iOS app store, Google Play, or kindness of others to feature or promote your app for free. Well, if that happens, nothing like it and good for you, but it’s not a marketing strategy. Relying on windfall and accidental gains is certainly not the best strategy to promote your app. It is important to use a right combination of content and social media marketing to raise awareness of and interest in your app.

Here are tips that will help you increase app downloads:

Use social media channels to create loyal fans


Social media should not be a haphazard activity. In fact, social media messages are a natural extension of your app’s personality. Is your app targeting youth? If yes, avoid using business-like language. Once you start posting on different social media sites, keep in mind consistency should be the key. Conflicting information, language or ideas tend to alienate users.

Avoid mundane and boring updates that create monotony. Your basic goal should be to create a buzz about your app and generate interest among social media users. Remember, social media is the best way to go viral and build a strong fan base. You can also consider offering small incentives or freebies to users. Be interactive and socialize.

Get a microsite live and kicking


A simple, yet effective microsite can take your app a long way to reach out to new users. There is no need for fancy websites with jazzy design elements. You can aim for a simplistic website devoid of any fancy elements. However, your microsite should be the voice of your app and spearhead your branding activities.

It is important to provide relevant information to users such as social media contacts, call to action, or a simple sign up page to get alerts about updates. SEO for a microsite is not an easy task. You may want to consider adding a blog that will boost search rankings through great content.

Content that converts

Always remember content is a part of user experience. Ensure that you provide simple ways to users to download your app from the content you share or create. Don’t make it difficult for users to download your app and force them to navigate layers of information. It is very likely that users will get distracted and never return to download the app.

Sharing with influencers


Endorsement from influencers and ace bloggers can get more eyeballs rolling. You need to identify blogs and publications which cater to your target audience, find who writes for them and pitch in the best possible manner. Be creative in your approach mailer and avoid mass mailing. You need to adopt a personalized approach and shrug off copy paste method in its entirety.

Creativity pays and your efforts will pay rich dividends. Influencers with large social media following can play an instrumental role in persuading users to download your app. You would be surprised to see how quickly your app goes viral.

Content, content, and loads of content

It may sound clichéd but in today’s world “content is king” and rules all the way. If you are considering that the reach of content is limited in the apps world, you are in for a roller coaster ride. Content holds the same dynamics for app downloads as it is for general online search. Savvy users are simply not going to download your app without checking key app review sites.

Many users are likely to glean through social media channels to verify your app’s presence. As mentioned earlier, get reviews from bloggers and journalists. It is the best form of advertising that you’re likely to get. Also keep in mind, bloggers get hundreds and hundreds of emails on a daily basis, so adopt a non-invasive approach and never bombard them with mails. It’s likely to do more harm than good.

Finally, put a lot of thought in keywords and meta descriptions for your app. Ideally, they should be extensively researched, well written and translated for every market you are targeting to get downloads. Make it very easy for users to post reviews and ratings as your apps hits the store. But again don’t go overboard with the process and don’t force users to post reviews.

It is not just about content, videos also count


Gone are those days when videos were just about amateur handycam moments. Not anymore. The phenomenal success of YouTube indicates videos are consumed much more on mobile than before. Videos play an instrumental role in connecting with audience and triggering emotional quotient. So why not make a video to create a buzz for your app both before and after launch.

Let your imagination run wild and create videos that appeal to people on an emotional level. Be it funny, thought provoking or animated, you can make videos out of screenshots also. Just remember to knock off mundane elements from your video. Think funny and think different.

Wrapping Up

In order to be competitive, it’s necessary to employ right mix of social media and content marketing these days. Once you get it right, you’ll be hitting the top of the charts and gold mine of downloads in no time at all.

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