Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (New E-Book)

What happens if you post something offensive on Twitter (or some other social media channel)?

If we’re talking about a personal account, the answer is “probably not much”. I mean, a couple of (rightfully) triggered SJWs and a comment thread with people calling each other names are nothing compared to the public backlash you’d get with a corporate account. To provide you with an example of what can happen here’s what I’m talking about:

social media mistakes made by big brands: an IHOP example

Okay, I know, 80 retweets don’t seem like a huge number, but this particular tweet had generated more than 385 retweets before it got deleted. Oh, and it earned the International House of Pancakes quite a few negative mentions on Huffington Post, Digiday, and Reddit, along with tabloids like Daily Mail and the likes:

reddit's reaction to IHOP's social media mistake

Of course, mistakes like this one stem from the lack of common sense. On the other hand, there are dozens of pitfalls that come from lack of experience with social media. And while we can’t teach you common sense, there’s a whole lot of social media pitfalls that we can help you avoid.

In fact, TemplateMonster has got a new ebook that’s meant to do just that.

Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” is a new ebook from templateMonster that describes some of the most widespread tactical mistakes on social media. Aside from that, expect to see lots of real-life examples and practical advice for novice site owners and aspiring social media marketers.

Are you at a risk of getting your hashtag hijacked? Do you grow your audience in the right way or are you just blindly following back whenever someone decides to follow you? How many social media platforms are a good start for a new website, and how many are an overkill? We answer these (and a dozen more) questions about social media in our new ebook.

In case you’d like to get additional insights into digital marketing, online money-making and website development, have a look at our other ebooks. We’re adding new titles every week, and each of our books is based on the real-life problems that novice site owners face on a daily basis. Visit our online library and see for yourself.

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