Start Your Business With the TemplateMonster Marathon!

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably know that TemplateMonster launches a digital marathon every once in a while. Excited to know the details? Or do you know nothing about it and wondering what this is all about? In any case, keep reading.

This will be the third TemplateMonster digital marathon called Build Your Digital Agency in ONE Month. Could you imagine getting free aid for starting your own digital agency and in such a short time? Well, now you have all the reasons to think of doing it. TemplateMonster offers you a chance to apply for this 5-week course.

How it works


The first thing you need to know is that the marathon starts on June 11. So if you want to be part of it, you should arrange your time to apply by this date. Don’t forget that it’s free. But there is one thing you need to invest - your time. Be ready to spend some evenings learning the lessons and completing the tasks.

After you have applied, you then just wait until you are sent a link for the closed course. Also, you’ll get a reminder when the lessons start.

Learning process

Each lesson is limited to 6 days. This is the time you’ll have to dedicate to learning and doing tasks.

After each lesson, a mentor decides whether you are ready to go to the next stage. The decision is based on how well you’ve accomplished your task. This is the only criteria.

When you’re done with the lesson, after the successful accomplishment of the task and mentor’s approval, you are ready for the next lesson. As it was in the beginning, you'll get access to each new lesson with a password sent to your email.



By the end of the marathon, you’ll need to present a final project.

Every hero who survives all the challenges on the road to victory gets a certificate. But there’s only one winner who gets a special prize. Intrigued? Then apply for the marathon and be the best of the best!

Of course, there’ll be a lot of talented participants. But don’t worry. All outstanding projects won’t go unnoticed.

Why Do You Need to Participate?

Now it's time to talk about the course itself.

There are five lessons in this course. From them, you’ll learn how to create a digital-agency from ground zero. So, if you are good at building sites and want to expand your business, then you are welcome to join!

We’ll teach you how to organize your work and tell you what the best tools are for website creation. You’ll learn everything about strategy and how to negotiate with clients. And finally, you’ll learn how to calculate your income. Also, you’ll find out about the best business tricks.

Please note that you won’t learn how to build sites from scratch during this marathon. You should be more or less prepared and already experienced in site building. Although, we do have some special info for newbies. From the first lessons, you’ll get to know where you can learn to build sites for free.

So, do you want to learn how to get more profit from your skills? Ready, set, go apply for the marathon!

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