7 Ways to Improve Your CV for Digital Marketing Agency Jobs in 2019

More and more people continue to go online each year, buying things from eCommerce websites, attending academic courses, doing online banking, and even dealing with cryptocurrency. This means that the need to cater to this audience will grow more in 2019 and beyond.

This generation of customers and business owners has been raised in the world of the internet, so they need digital solutions for pretty much every part of their work. Essential features like marketing automation grabbed 39 percent of the market share in the US in 2018, signifying the importance of this business and the money involved in it.

Now, if you were to enter the digital marketing field or switch jobs to a better agency in 2019, you must be the one willing to ride the wave. This field changes its dynamics every day, so you need to be someone who lives and breathes the internet regularly. Next, you need to craft that perfect resume template to impress the employer at the digital marketing agency of your choice.

A good CV for digital marketing is well-written, beautifully formatted and a page in length, defining your value proposition in clear words. You can add an optional section of hobbies and interests, depending on the job.

Word of advice: do not get fooled by the gazillion websites offering to write your CV for you, because it is the equivalent of someone eating your dinner on your behalf. You are the best judge of your skills, so wear your thinking hat and take a look at the tips we have to improve your CV for digital marketing jobs in 2019:

Printable Resume Templates

1. Identify a target

This is something many marketers overlook when tweaking their CV. They think that every employer is the same.

Think of a marketing campaign. You spend hours thinking about who it will reach and with what effect. That’s why, before sending, it is time to sit down and take a look at your employer’s history, company environment, and if you know, about the person who will be interviewing you.

The idea that employers search/Google you before the interview was propagated long ago, so why are you shying away from doing a little background research? Online reputation management is the need of the hour for today’s workplace, so make sure you are top-notch with yours.

Many employers also mention the skills they need from a particular resource and ask the resource to mail it to them on the subject line. Some are also very creative with their ads, which indicates that they are willing to welcome your creative input through the CV.

Once you have outlined the company’s needs and specific skills you should have for the job, you can customize the CV to target them specifically.

Digital Agency Network has various job posts from different countries at their Job Board, dedicated to digital agency professionals. So, for instance, if you’re looking for a job at leading digital marketing agencies in the US or UK, DAN’s New York job page or London job page includes many posts that will inspire you while creating your CV.

2. Market your value proposition

Are you good at creating content? If yes, then how good are you? Every teenager can draw lines on Snapchat photos and complete 100 streaks, but not all of them qualify as a digital marketing expert. Experts in this field will not only write content marketing in their CV, but they will also prove how they can cook up that perfect recipe for a brand’s content success on the interwebs.

For example, you can stand out by mentioning the very steps involved in creating content for a campaign/brand. It is ironic if you have sold a dozen products and you lag at selling your value proposition.

To make your job search more effective, focus on 1 or 2 job titles you want and at least 10 or 20 employers you would like to work for. Why focus? To increase the probability of using the right words ("keywords") in your resumes and LinkedIn Profile to be found by recruiters.source

The value proposition is what makes you stand out. Are you exceptionally good at analytics or accounting software? Did you help a brand close more deals through analytics? Mention this in your CV to explain how you can make a difference for a new company.

market your value proposition

3. Layout

When you have decided on skills and messaging strategy, it is time to format these elements so that they are highlighted on the CV in the best way. Confusing formatting may annoy the HR and the employer, so refrain from needless elements that are not adding any value.

Moreover, you should also send PDFs to the company. Microsoft Word has a ‘save as PDF’ option which can turn your document into a PDF file. Some people use their best job role as the main heading on their resume, like:

Digital Marketing Strategist
5+ years in the social media industry, PPC, Online marketing, Google AdWords, a certified copywriter with a documented record of increasing brand recognition and value through SEO.

When these things occupy center stage and call attention first thing on the CV, the employer will not be squinting through the lines to find the key details. This is the art of formatting a CV. As for the design masters out there - please don’t make infographic resumes as they are very distracting and take a person away from the key message. Designers can attach a cool portfolio with the resume to showcase the true extent of their skills.

4. Education

Who determines if your educational experience goes on your CV? The employer. You don’t have to enter it like a formality, because there are options. In many cases, listing your degree makes complete sense with the role, but it is 2019, and many people are self-taught and have mastered a skill solely by practice or online tutorials.

However, one thing that always makes sense is a professional certification in inbound marketing, anything offered by Google, SEO, PPC, Graphic Design, or Content Marketing.

5. Skills

Rather than wasting words on a personal statement, choose interests, hobbies, and skills. These are markers of your brilliance as an all-around digital marketer. Who knows, maybe an interest in software testing can get you places?

However, this section is optional, because most of the savvy marketing employers would want a one-page CV with the most important details of what you have done.

6. Link to your blog/website

If you want to make a name in the field of digital marketing and make a name for yourself, a blog or website is a good place to start. It shows personal dedication and willingness to learn. You can enter the details of this blog or portfolio on the CV to hint at your efforts in the field. It has to be relevant to your field of choice.

For example, if you are a designer, you can link to your Behance profile, if you are a content writer, you can link to a blog, or if you are an animator, you can link to a YouTube page.

link to your blog/website

7. Internships

While a degree is a great conversation starter, real-life experience matters more than anything. If you have contributed to the field through an internship, you should mention it. It will also be helpful to mention the exact things you did and what activities made a difference to the job. Some internships can lead to a great job offers too!

You are marketing yourself

It shouldn’t be difficult at all once you start thinking that it is all marketing. You just have to find the best way to market yourself. Apply the tips from our article to your next CV editing session and see the difference. We are always here if you need help or more tips!

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