Start a Private WordPress Blog for Personal and Business Use

How to Create a Private WordPress Blog


  1. Reasons to make your WordPress site a work diary
  2. Reasons to use your blog as a personal journal
  3. How to keep it private

Ever kept a diary?

Most of us have tried keeping a journal at least once, in childhood. Some managed to be consistent, others quit. If you were among the disciplined ones, you know from experience that 10 minutes of daily writing can have a huge impact. If not, consider the “Whys” with me.

The Internet opens up new resources for us. Now you can use WordPress blog theme to store your daily notes and update them from any location. You can share them with someone when you choose to. Even if you start a blog without ever showing it to anybody, you will still enjoy what WordPress has to offer - stunning designs, writing apps, and features, ultimate flexibility.

Reasons to make your WordPress site a work diary

Personal work diary Team journal or private business blog
Track your successes and follow up on accomplished tasks Keep certain content locked to make it more desirable
Document your mistakes and not repeat them afterwards Design a website, landing page with your team
Store ideas and plan new projects Work on a website for a product that hasn’t launched yet
Have a list of daily tasks and review what was left out and why Store team training and host information with limited access
Have an evening follow-up on your day and gain new perspectives on your work Create a closed fan community or forum


If you are a creative freelancer or entrepreneur, you will appreciate a private blog that you can keep all to yourself. Your professional milestones, ideas, and schedule will be organized there.

private blog


A coworking space can have its own community blog that is accessible to registered members only.

private WordPress blog


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Reasons to use your blog as a personal journal

  • Emotional release
  • Keeping memories and documenting your daily life
  • Storing ideas for the future
  • Making lists
  • Storing photos and other media


Look at this stunning WordPress theme! You can create a blog about your special moments, keep a daily diary, and organize your personal photos beautifully.

private blog

wordpress plugins

How to keep it private

So, how do you start a WordPress blog that is safe from unauthorized visitors?

If you want to make your blog private, change the visibility status to Private in the sidebar. In that way, you will make it viewable only to the Administrator and Editors.

You also have to discourage search engines from indexing your posts in order to protect your blog from strangers (go to Settings > Reading > Discourage search engines from indexing this site). However, people will still be able to access your site using direct links.

You can also enjoy privacy from your first blog post to the last by simply making them password protected (check out the manual).

We recommend adding the following plugins to your WordPress dashboard.

More Privacy Options

More Privacy Options
More Privacy Options
Developer: D. Sader
Price: Free

Your site is visible to members of a certain community registered users, or you only.

Absolute Privacy

Price: Free

To ensure that your diary about your child, family, or personal affairs is protected, you can make it completely private, set a members-only area, or restrict registrations.

Private Content

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

You do not want a completely visitor-protected blog, but there are some blog posts or portions of content that you want visible only to users with assigned roles.


WP-Members Membership Plugin
WP-Members Membership Plugin
Developer: Chad Butler
Price: Free

This is the ultimate solution for your blog content to be visible only to registered site members.

User Role Editor

User Role Editor
User Role Editor
Developer: Vladimir Garagulya
Price: Free

If you need to control who can access and edit your content, this plugin will allow you to assign roles and capabilities to users easily.

You want to explore more options on how to make your new WordPress blog absolutely private.

I hope that this post will help you to start your own blog and become a regular writer even if publicity is not for you.

If you enjoyed it, share your thoughts in the comments!

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