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How to Start a Successful Technology Blog in 2018

Blogging is one of the many ways to express yourself on the virtual platform. It is not for those who aim to make money or become internet famous overnight. Technology keeps evolving overnight and what better way to know the changes or improvements in the technology than blogging? A tech blog is always read by millions as long the content produced is genuine and interactive.

Today, we will discuss a few tips and tricks that are needed in order to successfully start a tech blog. Being a tech geek helps produce better content with respect to any new technologies, gadgets, and more.

If you are attracted to “make huge money with only one-hour of work per day,” I would recommend trying something else that you are passionate about apart from blogging. The advertising that tells about all the money that can be made from blogging is true but the numbers shown are purely exaggerated.

Proven Steps for Tech Blog

There are several reasons why tech blogs are famous these days. However, you need to know that they were not so well known in the tech world some time ago. The reason for their popularity could be a result of the passionate work, dedication towards blogging, and genuine information sharing. Based on some of the expert bloggers, here is the list of things that you need to be ready with to successfully start a tech related blog.


Tech in itself is a niche, but it is a huge one. You might be overwhelmed with doing tech updates on a daily basis. In order to prevent that, you could certainly choose a single part of technology and stick to that initially. For example, software updates, new gadgets, reviews, guides, and more. Each sector is quite large and it would be impossible to keep track of every minor tech change.

These tech-related blogging templates are available at reasonable prices from TemplateMonster. These will certainly provide a kick-start to your campaign since everything that a tech blogger would need is built in.

TechGuide - Tech Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Techguide - Tech Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

TechGuide is one of the best tech blog builders with high flexibility with respect to the features. It’s a must-check builder for tech bloggers such as yourself.

Mr. Gizmo - Responsive Technology & Gadgets Blog WordPress Theme

Mr. Gizmo

Demo | Download | Hosting

Mr. Gizmo is exclusively built for tech bloggers who prioritize blogs based on gadgets. This has everything you need to design the blog with excellent tools and plug-ins.

Keyword Research

Keywords define website these days; that’s the harsh truth. Keyword analysis from giant search engines reflects the same fact. There are many keywords related to your niche and you should be aware of how to use them for the benefit of the blog.

By knowing the mandate keywords, you will learn about your competition such as other tech blogs. This will certainly motivate and provide a different perspective to look at tech updates.

TechnoFix - WordPress Theme

TechnoFix - Tech Repair Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

A responsive theme with drag and drop page builder, TechnoFix is a one-stop solution for all blogging needs. With features like multiple layout options, content modules, and more, what else would you need?

DoreTech - PrestaShop Theme

DoreTech 1.6 PrestaShop Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

A PrestaShop theme with more of a fashion-related tech blog builder, DoraTech is one of the unique site builders available from TemplateMonster. Why don’t you check it out?

Domain Name

Domain name is important when it comes to any website/blogging since it the first thing any user would remember. The domain name should be easy to remember, pronounce, and ideally, it should be brandable. A short and easy domain name is the go-to choice here.

Never make the mistake of choosing a big domain name since you will regret it later. If you run out of ideas, TechFeast might be of help offering a broader perspective to choose a catchy domain name.

Tech Gadget WooCommerce Theme

Tech Gadget WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Another gadget related site builder, Tech Gadget from WooCommerce, will support every type of tech blogger and it prioritizes gadgets due to the features and plug-ins.

Tech Gear PrestaShop Theme

Tech Gear PrestaShop Theme

Download | Hosting

With excellent customer satisfaction reviews, Tech Gear is useful for those bloggers who also freelance in building websites.

Blogging Platform

The best platform for blogging is a self-built one. Although WordPress hosts 30% of the bloggers/websites, it is recommended that you build your own site from scratch and FreeHoy offers exciting options. You can also check blogging platforms and how to choose the best one.

There are two main reasons for this. First, the platform you build will be personalized to your blog niche. Second, the domain will be controlled solely by you. There is no such thing as a $0-investment business; you will still need to invest a little in your domain and platform.

Multifly - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

With a personal touch, Multifly is a multipurpose Shopify developed theme with features that every blogger dreams of. The visualization and effects available in this builder are an added advantage.

SEO and Content

The content is the only information which connects the users to your blog. So, I need not point out how the content should be. An interactive and conversational content is all the viewer needs these days without any eluding information. Being precise and genuine will certainly help your blog grow successfully in the long run.

The SEO is done to mainly increase the traffic to your site. The keyword research, analysis, and constant content with the relevant keywords are a necessity for any blogger to improve traffic towards their site.

Electrinix – Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Electrinix - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Another WooCommerce developed theme, Electrinix is an electronic shop builder. This is also a good choice for blogging since it concentrates mainly on electronics and gadgets as such.


A short and sweet theme is needed since it will convey what you are passionate about. Please remember that content matters more than the website design. A responsive website with options to adapt to any device should be available since viewers can go through the blog using any device from a desktop to a smartphone.
Avoid filling up the site with more and more plugins since it will affect the overall performance. The simpler the website, the faster and easier it is to handle it.

Connecty – Hosting Elementor WordPress Theme

Connecty - Hosting Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

A multi-purpose WordPress theme, Connecty has excellent blogging among other features. You should be able to develop a simple yet effective website and blogs site with the help of this builder.

Monitoring and Analysis

A constant eye on the content produced and being displayed will certainly ensure that the site is well maintained and error free. No dead links–links being redirected to your blog should be accurate.
The analysis part will reflect the traffic inflow from various sources and devices. This helps make those subtle changes required to ensure that the blog is up to date with the current tech tend.

JohnnyGo – Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

JohnnyGo is an all-in-one theme developed to support any niche website. You certainly could use this advantage to host blogs with wider niche options, prioritizing the tech related ones.

Generate Traffic

This is the hard part of blogging. It is not easy to generate traffic even for veteran bloggers without producing engaging content at constant intervals. Creating and publishing a website is certainly an enjoyable moment for us; however, we need the world to notice its existence and for that, we need to make our content travel, which can be done through social media. To generate traffic there are many options in social media to get your content noticed and many bloggers also get help from social media agencies like Social Noor to generate quality traffic to make their content noticed by end users or readers.

What do you do to gain more viewers? A simple solution would be social media, email, and subscriptions. The above-mentioned themes will certainly help you get started for a successful technology blog with no hassle, so you should certainly check them out.

technology blog

Final Thoughts

Blogging is not the doorway to riches. People blog for many reasons, usually to express their opinions and perspectives on the topic at hand. We need to be passionate about anything that we do and it applies the same way with respect to blogging irrespective of the niche chosen.

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