Top 18 Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2018

Today, being a blogger is easy, but starting a successful blog. See, blogging is one of the best sources of income nowadays, and many successful blogs are earning a good amount of revenue per month. But, that is not easy because to reach this level you have to follow some habits in your blogging which will make you a successful blogger. So, how to become a blogger and make money, how to start a successful blog? Read these starting blog tips. We are here to give you the answer.

Regardless of your blog post, if you do not pay attention, you will suffer the consequences of losing your followers. So, make your interest clear because if you don’t have a major interest in writing, then you cannot take your blog longer. Further, we all know that starting a successful blog is easy but maintaining it is very difficult. So, for this, you must be equipped with the knowledge and essential techniques to keep it on the regular track.

However, it is also true that there is a lot of competition in the blogging industry and due to this, some people may find it difficult to become a successful blogger.

Below mentioned are some of the best and top 18 tips on how to become a successful blogger and make money in 2018:

1. Blogging for Beginners: use the sitebuilder instead of searching for a domain name and hosting
2. Gather knowledge about your niche
3. Be consistent - the basic rule of blogging
4. Try to build better reading habits on your blog
5. How to write a successful blog: make original and high-quality content
6. Make your ability to work hard
7. Write short blog posts
8. Interact with your readers and other bloggers
9. Use various online application trends
10. SEO - Search Engine Optimization
11. Do formatting and designing
12. Use quality photos
13. Be original and honest
14. Do not forget about the power of SEO
15. Use the power of social media
16. Start a newsletter
17. Create a start here page
18. Install more plugins for your blog

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1. Blogging for Beginners: use the site builder, instead of searching for a domain name and hosting

In order to start sharing your publications with the audience, you need to create a blog that will drive in the readers. How to build a blog? Today, there are plenty of platforms and tools that you can use for the launch of your blogging platform. Some of them even specialize in how to start a blog for free and how to start a successful lifestyle blog. is one of the best ways to start a blog that will help you build your fully-fledged blog without extra efforts and show you how to become a blogger with minimum efforts. In fact, you do not need to master additional coding or programming skills in order to start your website with Weblium.

Weblium is an AI website builder. This is one of the most impressive TemplateMonster projects, which provides you with a ready-to-go website in 2 days only. There is no need to customize a web page on your own. You do not need to think about all the details and elements that will be included in the design of your future blog.

In order to get a blog built for you, all you need to do is:

  • Choose a ready-made Weblium template;
  • Pay $126 for the annual subscription;
  • Complete a brief;
  • Receive a ready-made website for a review in 2 days.

In addition to the usable and functional ready-made blog, you will be able to enjoy the impressive performance of your online project. All Weblium-based designs are speed-optimized and stand out with the high domain rating.

Just try to enjoy the benefits of the effortless web development on your own.

Need more tips on how to become a successful blogger? Keep reading further.

2. Gather knowledge about your blog niche

Niche means topic on which you are going to create a blog and this play a very important role in your blogging career because lots of bloggers fail due to choosing the wrong niche.

3. Be consistent - the basic rule of blogging

Consistency is another important tip to become a successful blogger. This tip is also very helpful for the new bloggers as this is a basic rule of blogging. Therefore, at whatever stage you are or it does not matter how many followers you have, just keep in mind to be consistent.

4. Try to build better reading habits on your blog

See, reading is very important for every blogger as it increases your knowledge and provides you with more insights on how to become a successful blogger and make money online. Further, reading other bloggers posts will also help you to get the way of writing a blog post. Reading also helps you in thinking that what are the changes required to make your blog more effective. This will provide you with the necessary foundation on how to build a successful blog and find your own project listed among the most successful blogs in your niche.

5. How to write a successful blog: make original and high-quality content

Making original and high-quality content is another very important tip for everyone wondering how to become a blogger. Keep in mind that you write something that is the current trend, but also distinct in nature. One can use MotoPress Editor WordPress plugin to showcase their content in a more attractive way. Download our free eBook Content Marketing 101: The Must-Know Essentials

6. Make your ability to work hard

Basically, hard work is the key to success. If you can do hard work, then there will be no doubt you will start a successful blog because blogging takes a lot of effort and it demands 7 to 8 hours of your daily routine.

7. Write short blog posts

Many bloggers make this mistake and forget what the readers want, which is a quality content that nobody else is offering.  So, for this, you should always present your idea in a simple and concise manner and let your readers reflect upon it in their way. Download our free eBook Improve Your Writing with Our New E-book

8. Interact with your readers and other bloggers

Always try to interact with your readers and other bloggers also because blogging is two-way communication. Further, you should always answer comments of your reader and suggestions to fulfill it next time so that you can overcome your mistakes. Download our free eBook Kickass Ways to Boost a Post

9. Use various online application trends

Always try to use various popular apps that are trending across the market because that will boost the chances of your blogs and will increase your audience. So, find out about the current trends in the market and link to them to make your blog successful.

10. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Once you are done with all the steps, just move ahead towards search engine optimization as it is essential for successful blogs because it leads to optimization of your website in the search engine to acquire better outcome from the search engine. Download our free eBook A Guide to On-Page SEO

11. Do formatting and designing for your blog


12. Use quality photos

Running a blog suggests that you will share informative and useful publications every once in a while. However,  you shouldn't forget about the importance of using high-quality images in your posts, which will complement your data and provide for better content comprehension.

If you launch a new blog and you do not have enough visuals that can be shared on its pages, then it may be a good idea to use stock images at the beginning. In some time, you will have more visual materials, which will be enough to post on your blog.

13. Be original and honest

It's important to be transparent to your readers. The users that reach your blog should trust you, know you, and have a desire t come back for more knowledge. That's the fundamental principle of effective blogging.

All successful blogs are transparent with their audiences. It doesn't mean that you need to turn your blog into a personal diary just because people need to learn more facts about you. Post case studies that reveal your own experience of running successful projects. You can share some motivational posts, reveal annual reports on the organic traffic on your blog, etc.

14. Do not forget about the power of SEO

Delivering quality content isn't enough. You need to optimize your data in a way that will rank higher in search engines and drive more readers to your blog. Start off by reading the complete SEO guide for 2018.

When you start applying your knowledge to practice, you will start receiving more Google traffic, which will make your blog more popular and successful as a result.

15. Use the power of social media

If you want to become a popular and recognizable blogger, then it's indispensable to grow your visibility in social media. The popularity of social media channels is on the rise today. By means of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can increase engagement on your blog and get closer to your readers, which is important for building better relationships.

The strategy that you can use on each of the mentioned platforms is different. For example, you can create Facebook groups in order to keep your readers updated on the new pieces of data that are being published on the pages of your blog.

You can use Instagram triggers that will involve the users with the new read. Moreover, running a business account on Instagram and Facebook lets you keep a close eye on user engagement. This will provide you with a better understanding of the target audiences, which will help you to create more relevant content as a result.

16. Start a newsletter

Adding the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter is one of the proven ways to engage with your audience. By means of email newsletters, you can keep your blog readers always updated about news pieces of data that are being published on your web resource.

There are a number of benefits that you can derive from adding the email newsletter to your blog. For example, while sending out emails to your subscribers you can receive more comments, feedback, and inspiring stories from the customers who are engaged with the things that you do. Additionally, you can increase the number of your blog readers and shares. If you sell certain products or services on your blog, then you can multiply your revenue while sending out notifications about new arrivals to your buyers.

17. Create a Start Here page

It's important to make first-time visitors to your blog feel comfortable while browsing your content. In order to help them focus on the essentials and help them find what to do next, it's always a good idea to create a Start Here page.

That's a separate page of your blog that may contain such information as:

  • a quick summary revealing what your blog is all about;
  • a brief introduction of the author;
  • a short list of the most popular articles on your blog;
  • an email subscription form or a contact for that will help you build better relationships with your readers.

18. Install more plugins for your blog

The sky is the limit. It's likely that you will need to enhance the users browsing experience on your blog in the future. This is easy to achieve by means of plugins, widgets, and modules that are compatible with the current version of the platform that powers your site.

If you select to build your blog on WordPress, then it' likely that you will need to install the following extensions for better usability:

  • Akismet. The more popular your blog becomes the more spam comments will appear below your articles. Installing this plugin, you can keep spammers filtered away.
  • W3 Total Cache. If you care about the speed at which your site's content loads, then the following plugin will come in handy.
  • By means of Easy Social Share buttons, you can make it easier for your readers to share their preferred pieces of content with a single click.
  • Fast Secure Contact Form will help you receive emails from your readers. The best thing about this plugin is that it will keep your inbox protected from automatic spam emails (you can experience to receive plenty of these when your blog gains bigger popularity).

Last but not least is that always try to do some simple formatting and designing in your blog which will attract your readers. Keep in mind it should be eye-catching and also use proper headings, bullets, and colors which will make your content more clear to read.

Therefore, these are the top 15 tips to become a successful blogger. So, what are you waiting for? Just take notes and start writing.

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