How to Convince Your Team to Start Using Timesheet Software

A time sheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker’s time spent on each job. Traditionally a sheet of paper with data arranged in tabular format, but these days a time sheet is often a digital one, or it is like a spreadsheet. A time sheet is a record of the total time spent by the employee on a job, project or working for a specific client. The information can be documented on paper, spreadsheet or in a cloud software system like actitime.

Using the employee timesheet in business prevents the loss of time, fear of being watched, inappropriate input method. The team is always skeptical about the usage of employee timesheet, but there is no denial of the fact that this tool needs to be adopted. The actitime software greatly facilitates the use of time sheet.

Why should the time sheet be used?

If you want to use time sheet you need to explain its importance to the employees. A timesheet presents accurate information about the time required to complete each task, and thus the future tasks can be accordingly planned. The progress of the employees can be tracked to avoid any last-minute panic situation. Time can be managed as per the deadline of the task. The workload of each employee can be assessed. Thus the task can be appropriately distributed among the teams. The cost of the project can be estimated and planned accordingly.


How can the team be motivated to use the timesheet?

The team should be assured that the employee timesheet is not a spy tool nor do they intend to lecture them on productivity, it is a just a means to help them manage their task and achieve the goals of the enterprise and fulfill the deadlines of the projects. All the queries that the employees have the time sheet should be cleared, and the usage of the software should be explained with high precision.

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  1. Explain the ease of the program - Select an easy and simple software for the input of the timesheet. Complex software or entering in the paper can be a great turn off for the employees to use the timesheet. If the task is simple, even the employees will be inclined towards using the timesheet.
  2. Form and support your team - After the team and software have been selected the process to train the employees should be started. If you have project management templates, things get more comfortable. Focusing on the interest and benefit of using timesheet should be explained, and each member should be supported. They should be sent reminders to fill the timesheet. Assure them of your presence in case of any need during the process. They should be encouraged to revise it before submission. Also, they should be assured that it is not a means to monitor them. It is essential to encourage the employees to develop it into a habit so that it becomes a part of the task rather than a cumbersome burden.
  3. Name a timekeeper - Assign any one of the employees to be the timekeeper and remind the other team members to complete the timesheet. Keep this task on role changing basis; fix the time to change the role from one employee to another employee. This will make them more responsible towards the filling of the timesheet.
  4. Share the result - The result should be compiled and shared with the team. Each step should be initiated towards explaining to them that it is for the betterment of the task and not a spy tool. They should be told that this will help in the improvement of their task and reduce the workload on them.
  5. Start a brainstorming session with your team - It is a great idea to brainstorm your employees and collect the innovative ideas that they have. Thus, they will like the concept of employee timesheet and incorporate them into their daily habit.
  6. Convert time into money - Explain to the company employees that time is money, this can be done by explaining the sum of money at an hourly rate. This amount obtained should be used to project the budget estimate, and you can analyze the profitability of the project. Also, as you turn things regarding money people are more inclined to use it.

Managing time in any project is essential, and the success of the project depends on it. Once the employees are assured of its benefits, they will incorporate it, and the budget can be planned accordingly.

So, get going to make the best choice to harness productivity of your team.

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