How to Select the Perfect SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint

  1. What is SWOT?
  2. How to Customize A SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template
  3. SWOT PowerPoint Template Must-Haves
  4. Collection of Free SWOT PowerPoint Templates
  5. Choose Premium PPT Templates for the Showcase

SWOT analysis template Powerpoint. A SWOT analysis template for PowerPoint is well suited as a tool for the financial director of a firm. If an enterprise grows and expands its activities, the results of such work may be of interest to lenders: investors, banks, and leasing companies. The SWOT technique will be very useful for you in determining your financial situation and preparing plans and budgets for future periods of activity. This will be very useful for realizing the planned profit figures. Pick one SWOT analysis PowerPoint template or more for yourself to establish a powerful cluster.

It should be added that to lead a full-fledged study, data from some indicators would be required: receivables, payables, etc. It is good if the bunch already has the practice of forming a managerial balance sheet and compiling reports on profit and loss and cash flows. Usually you need a SWOT pattern to draw conclusions. You will find it here.

SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint.

Choose Premium PPT Templates for the Showcase

The simplicity of SWOT research makes this implementation very versatile. It is used both separately and in combination with other analysis and planning tactics.

Marketing Plan 2.0 PowerPoint Template

Marketing Plan 2.0 PowerPoint Template

At the modern stage of economic development, the leading role is played by marketing. Therefore, activities related to promotion are gaining new momentum in development. Here you will find thirty pages that are designed to help the marketer make a plan. The retina on each page is marked. The icons are on and can be quickly dragged to the desired location. Choose ten colors and build color labels with Open Sans font. Complete the animation if you need more than that. Among the infographic elements you will find USA maps, a price table and project budget, a Porter chart, diagrams, and graphs. There is a photo of men in business suits.

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

All 29 slides are so bright that they attract the eye in the first 5 seconds. In addition to the standard SWOT square, you will receive:

  • rounded stripes with letters looking at the top of the page
  • multi-colored squares with letters arranged in a checkerboard pattern
  • wide ribbons that peek out from the bottom of the page contain vector images with a striped road cone, a head with lightning in the brain, and a tense bicep that shows strength
  • round icons with pictures: blue contains a dumbbell, yellow a wheelchair, green a handshake, and red a hazard icon
  • a table where you can conduct a situational analysis with elements of SWOT
  • a page divided into four vertical columns, where all competencies are written and the strengths of men in business suits and various poses are depicted
  • strategic analysis scheme

Each position also has a separate slide with a white background and a block for placing the description. Inside the letters is a background of colorful pictures. It can be a hammer and an anvil, a gray wolf, a person performing acrobatic stunts, and parts of a person’s body with tattoos.

Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template

Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template

Many people think that analytical processes are very boring. But this is not at all the case if you choose TemplateMonster. These 20 pages contain all sorts of icons, pictures, texts, and much more that you definitely won’t fall asleep. These workflow slides are 4:3 in size. In addition to your team members, also provide your customers the effectiveness of your services.

SWOT analysis PPT template may include studies regarding:

  • sales and stock
  • inventory of fixed assets and income distribution
  • investors and the volume of their deposits
  • distribution of channels and forecasting results
  • core innovation and discovery of new opportunities

In addition to all this, you can tell a story about yourself, your products, and anything else that interests you. Show samples of your work and demonstrate the experience gained over the years in all its glory!

In addition to the table of pluses and minuses, you will find pages with steps, a quarterly diagram, and turn-based strategy with arrows. You can always replace the white background and blue squares with other colors.

Emeralda Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Emeralda Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Show an operative vision for the development of your case concept in a visually attractive, professional, package of pages. It will permit you to give a comprehensive estimation of the deal that you are progressing. A high quality infographic is perfect for presentations of projects in the area of strategic management and planning. This template can be used for any variety of purposes such as creative studio, agency, company, corporate, portfolio, photography, and personal folders.

There are 30 slides. The pages are mainly on a white background. They depict workflows during which data is collected, analyzed, and systematized. You will be able to visualize competitive positioning, segment the audience, and highlight the target social group. Show all this in the SWOT template PPT with a pie chart.

Tell about your primary strategy and how much investment you need to attract to modernize or improve any positions in the company.

SWOT Infographic Analysis PowerPoint Template

SWOT Infographic Analysis PowerPoint Template

The huge package consists of 600 pages. All of them are needed to conduct a complete analysis of the enterprise and show all the results, colorfully formatting them. You can choose light or dark styles. In addition, get 20 XML files, MS Office theme colors, and an icon pack. 

Here are the colors you can choose: red, yellow, purple, green, or blue. Some slides include numerical information. Answer the question “What product features help you set a higher price?” Present your report on the statistics pages.

Corporate Report PowerPoint Template

Corporate Report PowerPoint Template

Create a great graph in minutes. With ready-made pages and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing implements, the main design work has already been done, and you can concentrate on demonstrating your analytical skills. What do you get? PowerPoint version (support PPTX), all animation (demo video), no animation, 500 unique content slides 16:9 HD, minimal modern design, and free fonts; photos are not included. 

You will get:

  1. Easily editable operands. All infographic elements are made using built-in tools. This will let you change color, size, and shape of any facility without losing quality and without using Photoshop and Illustrator in just two flips. 
  2. Drag-and-drop. It’s very ordinary to append your own images or photos to slides. Just drag the picture directly from the document case to the field.
  3. Free fonts. I use non-standard fonts in this presentation. You can download it for free and use it while editing the display. Fonts links are in the instruction attached to the presentation. 
  4. Edit charts and graphs using tables. You can change charts and graphs using tables. Select the chart you need and edit the data in the table. The chart icon will be changed on the basis of your data. 
  5. Unique content SWOT analysis graphics. This Corporate Report contains 500 unique content slides! This pattern may not work correctly on the iPad.

Thanks to all these slides, you will make your report even better and conquer the audience before which you will have to speak.

Cactos Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Cactos Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Give space acceleration to your strategy with professional slides. When it comes to forming an operative picture, a PPT SWOT template is a key first step. This is an essential step for partnerships and enterprises to seize how things are going in common.

Perhaps you first thought, What does a cactus have to do with it? Take a closer look. This plant plays a key role in the visual styling of the pages. Here an analysis is shown using a cactus picture divided into four equal parts, like a puzzle. Infographics include trees, sprouts, and a flower in the palms.

There are 30 patterns for any variety of purposes, such as: creative studio, agency, corporate, portfolio, photography, and personal work examples. The layout contains elegant, creative, professional, and lovely pages.

Pitch Master PowerPoint Template

Pitch Master PowerPoint Template

Ah, what a bright and remarkable template this is! The combination of yellow, blue, and red is a strong atmosphere! Choosing the SWOT template PPT and PPTX extensions, you will have a huge springboard for actions and applying any changes if they are needed. Interestingly, images are included. The following describes which pages they include and what you can do with them:

  1. Welcome slide. This is a page that contains information about the company name or the name of the author of the report. It contains two unequal yellow circles and a red inscription. Remember, you can change colors at any time.
  2. About us slides. Some people can talk about themselves for hours and days, but you are not like that, are you? In addition to this slide, there are a couple more pages where you can leave your signature or just say hello to the audience. 
  3. Our mission and team slides. On these pages, tell us about the composition of the company and the people who provide its vital functions.
  4. Our services slide. On this page, you can talk about your products and the benefits that you bring to society in six positions. Of course, you can always change their number.
  5. Calendar 2019/2020 is sure to come in handy, you’ll see!
  6. Solution makers. Like other pages including autobiographies of team members or customer reviews, this one also contains a picture of a bird. A vibrant cockatoo can stay as it is if you want to keep the community member anonymous. On other slides, you will see a French bulldog, an eagle, and other pets.
  7. Infographic slides contain silhouettes of people of different sexes, maps of different countries, and diagrams such as: circular, reminiscent of a pencil, hexagrams, infinity sign, and triangles.

Business Plan - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan - PowerPoint Presentation Template

These are 60 of the coolest widescreen 16:9 slides (1920x1080) HD. What will you see there? For starters, a few pages with a greeting, executive summary, guiding principles, the problem and its definition, goals and mission, as well as ways to solve them. For successful business development, it is important to choose the right business model regardless of the niche occupied. Therefore, you can build it using the Business Model Canva.

Build a better revenue model. Draw it on a line chart. There are icons for the design of the market definition slide. In addition, individual symbols can be selected to indicate the market size and go-to market strategy of your company. Show how good your 4P Marketing Mix is ​​with Porter’s five strength slides, the Boston Consulting Group matrix, and PEST analysis. It will increase your competitive position in any struggle for a place in the sun.

PRO Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

PRO Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Let’s imagine that you need an urgent SWOT slide, then immediately download it here. Think about how much research has to be done by managers and other determination makers. If you really desire your report to stand out among others, you need to establish not just a nice, but an impressive and effective style. 

To best present your report at the conference, select these 88 slides. There are a lot of pictures of bearded men, so such pages will come in handy for analyzing the profit and loss of a barbershop. Since there are women here, you can calculate the income from manicure and hair styling services. Display all the data in numbers on special pages in this set of slides.

What is SWOT?

SWOT analysis is a necessary element of research, an obligatory preliminary stage in the preparation of any level of operations and marketing plans. The data obtained from a situational assay serve as the basic elements in the operation of strategic goals and objectives of the partnership. This is such a convenient universal mechanism that it is applicable in everyday life. It’s a good idea to lead a “SWOT introspection” in order to understand where to go further in career elaboration.

SWOT analysis.

During an interview, a situational analysis will help measure your strengths and capabilities. It will help you calculate some of the “tricky questions” of the interviewer and prepare for answers.

The acronym SWOT was first introduced by Professor Kenneth Andrews at a Harvard conference on case policy questions in 1963. Professors suggested applying SWOT analysis graphics to calculate behavior. This method began to be widely used in the 1980s, and is used among managers today.

What is included in the SWOT analysis?

This SWOT analysis provides for the separation of influence factors into four groups:

S – strengths.
  • S – strengths: the strong points of your deal/startup. For example, competitive price, unique output, best duty on the market, impeccable repute, innovative technologies, etc.
W – weaknesses.
  • W – weaknesses: these are the weak points.
O – opportunities.
  • O – opportunities: taking advantage of capabilities. For example, a rival closes all their stores in your city and all potential customers contact you.
T– threats.
  • T– threats: risks to your success. For instance, competitors have bigger advertising budgets, their commodity is easier to use, etc.

It is significant to note that the first two positions are domestic and the last two are exterior in marketing. Foreign instruments concern the political situation, society, economy, etc. A PowerPoint SWOT template permits you to display all the objects and details of the record.

Why is a SWOT analysis needed?

Most often, the elaboration of the company’s marketing projection begins with a SWOT analysis. It is significant to know the strengths and weaknesses of the output, the audience's attitude to it, and how outer agents such as legislation influence its launch when developing a marketing plan.

You can do a SWOT assay of an advertising platform finishing a particular activity, an assay of the project before investing in a startup, and so forth.

What are the main advantages of SWOT analysis?

This SWOT test is universal. Regardless of what kind of case you conduct, what services you provide, or which product you produce, it will suit you.

Simplicity. SWOT analysis can be carried out by the owner, manager, and director. It is not necessary to carry out complex calculations – it is significant to adequately and clearly evaluate all factors of influence.

It guarantees an integrated approach. The SWOT parsing takes both factors into account, making it eventual to capture the image of the situation as a whole, and not on the one hand.

Restrictions of SWOT Analysis

Despite the progressiveness and all-encompassing breadth, the method of SWOT assay has several disadvantages:

  1. Subjectivity. There is no singular list of indicators that should be considered when compiling the test. You have to rely on the opinions of analysts or clichéd points.
  2. Blur results. This type of study does not provide clear, digital answers to a particular question. A SWOT test promotes the general notion of ​​a product or service.

How to do a SWOT analysis

Let’s look at a few basic steps in compiling a SWOT deal parsing.

Find the pros and cons of your goods, duty, or technology. Establish a table with two columns, write the pros in the first, and the cons in the second. Go from the main (key) factors to more insignificant (top down). Fill the table with eight points in each column.

We collect all the data from steps 1 and 2 in the summary table of the SWOT slides. There will be advantages in the topmost square, in the right – disadvantages, under them – possibilities and dangers. It remains only to draw conclusions until you are almost ready for SWOT analysis of the company.

Give decisions to all moments logically arising from your table when drawing up the output. For example:

  • What are the main privileges of your product?
  • How will you refine your output pros?
  • How will you evolve the capabilities of the brunch based on the powers of the services?

The final stage of the composite test by the SWOT method is the preparation of the slides.

Rules for leading a SWOT analysis

To get beneficial results and apply them for revenue growth, we advise you to concentrate on the incoming rules:

  1. Collect data on every market segment and outputs. Do not do a general parsing of your partnership. Common data is useless; there are no details that play a role in defining rival privilege.
  2. Find out the pros and cons of the brunch from the point of view of the patron, not your vision. Your output is perceived through the prism of comparison with rivals. Therefore, it is necessary to decompose the data that is most relevant to this product or market segment.
  3. Observe maximum objectivity. If probable, employ the effects of other studies and involve several people to dissect this data.
  4. Maintain accuracy of the wording when filling out the table. “High Service” is too general. However, “food delivery 24/7” speaks of a specific power.

How to make the right conclusions from the SWOT analysis

In practice, experts recognize ten areas in which it is recommended to make conclusions:

  1. Build on the pros of your product: which goods’ excellence should be reinforced and developed?
  2. What are the company’s strong points that are not so obvious to clients?
  3. What are the benefits of the product you introduce to the target audience?
  4. What needs to be done to realize the possibilities (including income) as soon as possible?
  5. How do you develop the company’s capabilities to employ the forces of the product?
  6. How do you understate the effect of product weaknesses on demand? How do you reliably hide and lessen the product’s feeble points?
  7. Cultivate an action plan to eliminate weaknesses.
  8. Decide how to hide those faint points that cannot be addressed.
  9. How can you neutralize existing threats?
  10. Can dangers be transformed into sources of sales growth?

There are many manifold methods of SWOT analysis. After all, it is significant to take clear data from the assay and get advice from leading marketers and managers who have worked in this or a similar reach and have some experience.

If you are a starting entrepreneur or student, we have prepared a couple of simple recommendations for you to fill out either element of the SWOT analysis.

Assessing flaws is very important. You should not fool yourself, because the creators often treat their matter as a “child” and try to defend and protect it in every possible way. Therefore, focus groups, an outside view, user reviews on the internet, etc. will support you.

It is as well in some situations. For instance:

  • Market trends: one thing is fashionable today, and another thing is tomorrow, demand and supply are floating in a market economy, and you need to be able to adapt to the trends of society.
  • Economic trends
  • Demographic data of the target audience
  • Relations with suppliers and partners: imagine that your main supplier will stop working tomorrow. It is needful to develop a backup plan of action in this case.
  • State and environmental situation in the world
Situation in the world.

We recommend that you dissect the data separately: financial, marketing, development, etc. You will be able to consider some small details that were previously hidden from you because of more global prepositions in the general parsing of the concern.

Regard your output (service) from the sight of a market. You, the holder, director, or vendor can hardly be called an objective observer; therefore, we recommend that you seek the opinion of buyers. For example, you can ask visitors to fill out a questionnaire on the site (say, for an additional discount).

Consult with colleagues, preferably from various areas. As a rule, a faction of men makes more impersonal decisions than a single specialist.

Exact statement of theses. A well-designed SWOT analysis leaves no unanswered preposition. You need to cultivate several anti-crisis operations that will help you avoid dangers due to the pros and cons of your product after filling out the SWOT analysis.

A regular test of your employment will help you discern the pros and cons, prevent dangers, and use possibilities successfully. In order for the assay to be successful, it is a good idea to stock up on analytic data about online advertising, data from the complaints division, data from sales managers, etc. Carry out a SWOT analysis twice per year, and not only for the company as a whole, but for separate departments and products as well, taking into account the opinion of many knowledgeable specialists.

If you have no concepts, see an example. These four categories can be organized into a 2x2 matrix for the convenience of contrasts.

S Strengths
Qualities or assets in organizations that are profitable
“Operations in more than 40 countries”“The development cost is less than 50 thousand US dollars.”“Dried fruits and nuts are diverse and of high quality.”
W Weaknesses
Qualities or obligations within the organization that are detrimental
“Recent reviews have damaged brand sales and brand equity.”“An update is required every six months.”“A complete lack of certification systems.”
О Opportunities
Actual or potential conditions that are in the interest of the organization
“Streamlining the global retail network will reduce costs.”“There are no known competitors.”“The largest market for raisins, which is 0.05% higher than average prices for raw materials.”
T Threats
Actual or potential conditions that adversely affect the organization
“Higher minimum wages affect operating margins.”“It can be completely closed by social networks without compensation.”"Prospective location — the country of origin for dried fruits and nuts of the lowest rank.”

powerpoint templates

How to Customize A SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

If you have decided to decompose the company’s pros and cons, and determine its future strategy for successful growth, then the SWOT template will be the most sustainable solution.

Build and customize impressive styling in just a few clicks:

  1. Change the images. Supplement our materials or employ stock from the store.
  2. Pick up the fonts. Make the text in one of hundreds of fonts for the Russian language.
  3. Replace the background. Find background pictures for ads that will best combine with the overall composition.
  4. Calibrate the palette. Set the color of labels and drawings to add a finishing touch.

To establish a truly detailed study that takes into account all aspects of the enterprise, it is best to collect data from sundry participants and from various cohorts in the organization.

Customize your corporate colors

If you are presenting your SWOT graphic as part of a large corporate report, you will need to ensure that the design matches the style of the partnership by using corporate colors. Here you can quickly adjust the styling and change the color palette. Just select the item you want to customize, click on the color picker, and pick any shade you like. If you already know which shade is required, enter its six-digit code.

Make a faithful impression with pictures, illustrations, and icons

Instead of using simple lines of text, why not express your idea in the form of spectacular images, icons, and illustrations?

SWOT PowerPoint Template Must-Haves

A SWOT analysis is a mighty and useful implement to construct a new deal strategy, evaluate your case as a whole, and more. It is an ordinary mechanism but assists you as you move forward with your deal whether you are two people or two hundred.

With SWOT graphics, maximize your case possibilities while minimizing the gaps associated with your projection or deal. Discern the case’s keen points effectively to restrain the faults that can inhibit the design or deal due to lack of conception.

It furnishes you with a roadmap to case the capacities you are apparently overlooking and invocations you should seize. It’ll push you to conquer the peaks.

Here, we bring SWOT analysis PPT templates must-haves that conform to any area or employment. Consolidate these professionally consigned and easy-to-use patterns and estimate your draft on your own.

On the internet, you can find many very similar and radically different free SWOT templates. There are kits that are suitable for all occasions or come in handy in some industries. The second option can be attributed to SWOT Analysis Planes Metaphor Template.

The Free SWOT Analysis Keynote Template is absolutely standard. Each letter is inscribed in circles of different colors: green, (light and dark) blue, and orange. For each quality, you can write additional abstracts. No frills, everything is clear!

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template. When you first see the picture, it seems that the camera lens is looking at you. But if you look closely, you understand that now you have to conduct a large-scale analysis of the pros and cons, make a comparative description, and cook up a report in the form of a table. All this is possible with the free SWOT analysis template PPT. Smart Head Design for PowerPoint is immediately striking. Here it immediately becomes clear that the slides require brainstorming. And who would not want to have a smart head in the arsenal?

Now consider the more relaxed Ultimate SWOT Analysis Template Pack in blue tones. Here is a team of four people, obviously symbolizing the letters from the main abbreviation of SWOT.

All free SWOT analysis templates can be useful; the main thing is to know your goal.

Collection of Free SWOT PowerPoint Templates

Many pages are often of the same type or simply filled with meaningless pictures. But, of course, there are some really good free SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates as well. Undoubtedly, the collection should consist of a variety of options. We hope the proposed options will not disappoint you.

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates

Each letter of the same abbreviation is designed in the same style. So, urban pictures, skyscrapers, and various corporations use it. The pages have room for text. Insert your theses there and the analysis is ready.

SWOT Analysis Presentation Templates

SWOT Analysis Presentation Templates

The first page is divided by oblique lines into three fields. In the center you can write the topic and keywords of the report. The target slide with four objects to illustrate the results of the research contains the following pictures:

  • dumbbell for sports activities
  • binoculars
  • tearing pill or exploding pillow (as you like)
  • warning sign, exclamation mark in a white triangle

These simple elements of infographics are included here.

SWOT PowerPoint Template

SWOT PowerPoint Template

On the first page with a blue background in white letters, write the research topic and indicate for which enterprise they were conducted. Then, fill out the table:

  • at the dumbbell, describe what your startup benefits and receives
  • at the light bulb, describe capabilities
  • at the pillow or pill, indicate which parameters make you vulnerable, weakening your competitive position
  • where there is lightning, describe those situations and circumstances that impede the development and scaling of the company

There is no need to heavily fill the slide with text, because you will have this opportunity when moving to the next page.

Business SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

Business SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

These are ordinary pages on which each letter from the word SWOT has its own circle and a separate color:

  • The orange letter S has a suitcase or paper case icon next to it.
  • The red letter W — a pencil and ruler crosswise.
  • The blue letter O — a screwdriver and wrench.
  • The green letter T — a notebook.

There is both a white page and a black page - choose either one.

SWOT Analysis with Puzzle Pieces Template for PowerPoint & Keynote

SWOT Analysis with Puzzle Pieces Template for PowerPoint & Keynote

The title picture is four elements of a puzzle, each of which is a letter. All of them have a description and cast a shadow, manifesting themselves as a 3D object. 

To fill a field with strong qualities, you can use data on:

  • corporate culture
  • reputation
  • geography of location and the number of operating outlets
  • extensive staff
  • partnerships built on openness
  • intellectual property and patents available
  • what assets the company has

Describing risk factors, you can mention these:

  • regulatory errors
  • dishonesty of suppliers
  • angry competitors
  • crisis and recession
  • market size
  • fashion trends and leaps
  • unstable financing or lack thereof

Let’s think about how to describe the other positions of the puzzle in order to put it together.

Free Flat SWOT Analysis Presentation Template

Free Flat SWOT Analysis Presentation Template

This SWOT analysis PPT template includes nine pages with scalable vector images. They depict:

  • fist on a green background
  • breaking bone in a pink square
  • yellow plane
  • blue bomb

A separate page has been allocated for each object to indicate the main points.

Pentagonal SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint

Pentagonal SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint

Here you will see six slides with a green background. Each of the letters is inside the pentagon.

Strengths are in the blue figure. They are indicated by sports equipment, hinting that you need to train and be hardy. Highlight all the factors that make your team strong.

Weaknesses are decorated in purple. Here you will find the battery icon on your smartphone. The rectangle symbolizing energy is not completely filled. This suggests that despite the strength and power of the company, it has vulnerabilities. They, in turn, require refinement and recharging, like a battery on a phone and other gadgets.

The green features contain a picture of a light bulb. It is a symbol of new ideas and useful actions. The vector object informs the viewer that the light is on, which means that all the possibilities are achieved in the future.

Risks are marked by a yellow rocket flying upward. It means that all threats can skyrocket and stopping them will be difficult.

FAQ: SWOT analysis template Powerpoint

Why do people need a SWOT analysis PPT template?

The responsibility of many marketers is the planning and implementation of sales. Therefore, the construction of SWOT diagrams is extremely important:
- to defend a dissertation, report or project
- length of analysis and debriefing
- to complete a school assignment
- to create an enterprise business plan
- to attract new customers
- for maintaining a social network and blog
- to attract investors
There are many reasons to build SWOT diagrams.

How to append corporate discern elements to the SWOT analysis

To establish a recognizable SWOT assay, add the bunch logo and apply corporate colors and fonts. To upload your logo, go to the Added tab on the panel of your entity, pick the Added folder and then flip on the green button to add your own images. Select any file in PNG, JPEG or SVG format that you desire to download. Imported representations will be automatically saved in the “Added” portfolio, and they can be used for the ensuing design.

Why should I buy a PowerPoint SWOT template if I can find a free one?

Paid templates offer a huge selection of unique slides, thematic icons, color schemes and graphic elements. Proper data visualization is much better than large text — listeners may not remember all the text by ear or be too lazy to read it. When developing each premium template, all the requirements of SEO optimization were taken into account. The standard pages downloaded for PowerPoint are limited in style and content: they are enough for a 5-minute report, and there is no longer any serious work for the presentation.

Is it possible to build a SWOT analysis PPT template on your phone?

Yes, of course you can! To get started, install PowerPoint by downloading it from Google Play Market or Apple Store. Then enter the application and download slides. In addition to Microsoft PowerPoint, we recommend such tools that will help you build a showcase directly on the background:
1) Adobe Spark Page
2) Haiku Deck
3) Apple Keynote
4) Apple Clips
These are branded mobile applications for building slides, reports, invitations, photo reports, simple web pages, announcements, and much more.

SWOT analysis template Powerpoint Table

Template Name Description Price
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template All 29 slides are so bright that they attract the eye in the first 5 seconds. Each position also has a separate slide with a white background and a block for placing the description. Inside the letters there is a background of colorful pictures. It can be a hammer and an anvil, a gray wolf, a person performing acrobatic stunts, or parts of a person’s body with tattoos. $17
Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template It consists of 20 pages, infographic objects. Their size: 4:3. In addition to the table of pluses and minuses, you will find pages with steps, a quarterly diagram, and turn-based strategy with arrows. You can always replace white background and blue squares with other colors. $20
Pitch Master PowerPoint Template Choosing the SWOT template PPT and PPTX extensions, you will have a huge springboard for actions and applying any changes if they are needed. Interestingly, images are included. The following describes which pages they include:
1) Welcome slide
2) About Us slides
3) Our mission and team slides
4) Our services slide
5) Calendar 2019/2020
6) Solution makers 
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template It consists of 350 pages, including 70 simple, clean and flexible slides, 5 colors, a palette with 90 shades, 6500 icons, infographic elements and fonts are included. You can choose their size: 4:3 or 16:9. $20
Corporate Report PowerPoint Template PowerPoint version (support PPTX), all animation (demo video), 500 pages 16:9 HD, minimal modern design, free fonts, easily editable objects, charts and graphs using tables. $15

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