How to Create Effective Business Presentations with Orange PowerPoint Templates

  1. Using Color to Create Presentations
    1. How does Orange Color Work?
  2. Meaning of Colors in Orange Ppt Presentations
  3. Use of Color Combinations
    1. Different Shades of Orange Color:
  4. What Businesses Do These Templates Match the Most
  5. Showcase of Freebies
    1. What are the benefits of a free PowerPoint template?
    2. What are the disadvantages of free PowerPoint templates?
  6. Best Examples of Orange PowerPoint Templates

Choosing the right colors for your PowerPoint presentation can become a surprisingly difficult task. This is immediately noticeable when the color combinations in the presentations do not look good. Moreover, it is more difficult to determine what exactly is done wrong. If you don't know where to start, find a special background color for your PowerPoint presentation. In this article, I will tell you how universal and successful orange PowerPoint templates are.

You need to consider the emotions that cause the colors, choosing the main color of the presentation (background or text). So, for example, if you present an intimate services salon, you can safely make a presentation in red colors, but for a presentation of a family vacation club, red in large quantities will be completely inappropriate.

An orange design of a template suits for other niches. But let's start from the beginning.

Using Color to Create Presentations

The strength of color lies in the fact that it can circumvent all barriers of consciousness and acts directly on the subconscious.

Studies have found that the number of colors used affects the effectiveness of an advertising message. If we take a black-and-white image for 100%, then when adding another color, its efficiency increases by 20%, and for a multi-color image by 40%.

A significant factor is the color temperature. So warm white color creates an atmosphere of calm, lethargic, and a colder and neutral white color - emphasizes the active mood. The same story is with orange color.

How does Orange Color Work?

Orange is a secondary color, namely the mixed color of red and yellow. It looks like a bright glowing red or a warm and darkened yellow.

And so, orange combines the warmth of red and the radiance of yellow. Orange shades have a strong, happy, invigorating, and mood-enhancing effect.

Orange is not as vigorously aggressive as red and not as fleetingly bright as yellow. Orange is much more tangible, flexible, and lively.

Orange stands for energy, joy, and warmth. So, cool orange backgrounds in a presentation stand for exuberance and curiosity. It attracts attention without being too daring like red.

Orange is rather rare in the natural environment and is therefore perceived as conspicuous, sometimes as intrusive. So, if you need attention, try to use Orange PowerPoint templates.

Meaning of Colors in Orange Ppt Presentations

Orange is the color most often associated with business and career. It causes a certain enthusiasm, and connection with the audience. This color is associated with courage, enthusiasm, and leadership qualities.

Moreover, this color has an impact not only on people who watch the presentation but also on the presenter. Orange presentation design activates the body, increases the reaction, creates a feeling of well-being, and self-confidence.

Vibrant orange color can soften the rigorous design of PowerPoint, especially when used for large parts of the content area, such as background patterns or to accent certain elements.

Use this color to bring in cheer in your presentations. Usually, the orange design speaks for fresh ideas, innovations, and creativity.

You use orange color as:

  • A background;
  • Color of text;
  • Buttons;
  • Logos;
  • Images, etc.

Similar to red, individual elements can highlight buttons or links to draw attention. 

However, too much orange, just like the primary colors red and yellow, can quickly appear too intrusive. Use it wisely. Get inspired by examples of ready-to-use orange PowerPoint templates

So, to sum up, an orange color:

  1. causes a psychological reaction;
  2. emphasizes quality, mood, feeling;
  3. creates either a warm or cold environment, reflects the seasons;
  4. has a physiological effect on humans;
  5. gives volume to the environment and objects.

Use of Color Combinations

Suitable color combinations are often sought for certain properties and functions. So here is a selection of orange color combinations that go together.

Use of Color Combinations.

But also keep in mind that it always depends on the individual case and sometimes (but only sometimes) an alternative selection can be more interesting.

Reactions of combinations orange color with other colors:

  • Orange and green combination — reminds about nature;
  • Combination of red, orange, and yellow — give us activity and dynamics;
  • Combination of orange, yellow, and brown — tell us about an affordable and cheap product/service;
  • Combination of orange, yellow, and purple — creates pleasant and fun atmosphere;
  • Combination of silver, orange, and yellow — shows originality.

Different Shades of Orange Color:

Also, there are many shades of this color with their special meaning.

  • Terracotta
  • Pumpkin 
  • Orange
  • Amber
  • Salmon 
  • Apricot
  • Coral Colors
  • Carrot Orange

For example, terracotta or dark orange looks earthy, it is also reminiscent of spice tones and terracotta. It no longer looks so lively but exudes calm and coziness. The more red parts are added, the more intense the color tone becomes.

Apricot or light orange is no longer so intensely vital orange color, but rather tender-soft, and almost cuddly. Apricot is reserved, but also feminine and self-confident.

So, depending on your business you can even choose the perfect one shade of this bright and warm color. 

What Businesses Do These Templates Match the Most?

Color psychology is a big business. Since orange looks warm and active, but not as distinctive as red, it is suitable for young, lively brands and companies. Nickelodeon, Gatorade, or Fanta are examples here of how the energy and activity of the color orange appeal to a young audience. You could call it an almost youthful vibe. 

Orange is a funny and active color. Most of all, this color would appreciate a youth audience. That is why the orange color is great for children’s topics. Also, if you want to create a successful presentation to make more sales, an orange background, or just some design in this color will help you to achieve your goals. The point is the red-orange color suit perfect for impulsive shopping. 

Orange PowerPoint backgrounds are also popular for health topics, at least as a complementary color. Orange then stands for an active vitality that stays healthy or lets you become healthy.

Orange color can be used for creative and confident brands that want to stand out from the mainstream. For example, in addition to the youth or healthcare sectors, this would also include DIY and creativity topics.

But the use of orange (especially in combination with blue) unwittingly attracts the attention of the viewer. The property of orange color to draw attention to themselves is successfully used by many designers.

When the presentation is to raise funds for a good cause (charity) or to announce good news for your staff – use orange to convey care and warmth. Avoid using the color in a big way in a serious setting.

Take a look at a table, to find out which business/niche suits orange color.

Suitable Not suitable
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Medicine
  • Travel/Hotel
  • Education
  • Gastronomy/Food
  • Sports
  • Marketing
  • Children/Toys
  • Energy
  • Interior
  • Media
  • Car industry;
  • Airlines;
  • Financial

But also, be careful: Avoid using this color in a big way in a serious or sad topic.

Showcase of Freebies

A good orange template can greatly simplify the process of creating a presentation. Ready layouts, fonts, and predefined colors allow you to give the slides a finished and professional look. It is convenient to work with such a template, and viewers will see a rhythmic layout with correctly placed visual accents. But to find a perfect one, you have to make an effort.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad templates, you can find them in a couple of clicks on the Internet. Most free resources provide simply unusable templates or slides. I’ve tried to find the most reliable resources for you. Here you will find a collection of free presentation templates, just download any orange ppt templates you like.

Orange Memphis

Orange Memphis.



Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram.

Orange Floral Summer 

Orange Floral Summer.

Orange Showtime

Orange Showtime.

Buddhist Monk Meditation

Buddhist Monk Meditation.



What are the benefits of a free PowerPoint template?

  1. You do not need to pay
  2. They save your time
  3. Free templates are available.

What are the disadvantages of free PowerPoint templates?

  1. Not all free templates are high-quality.
  2. Most free templates do not have a single design style. 
  3. Most free templates have no more than 5 layouts.
  4. There is no editing flexibility in free templates.
  5. They look out of date. This is manifested both in slide formats, design and in the combination of colors.
  6. Free templates look duller and more archaic.

Best Examples of Orange PowerPoint Templates

Premium templates provide more flexible options in choosing a color palette and usually provide a big variety of different layouts. In most free templates, everything is limited to one color and sometimes the ability to edit the logo. Premium PowerPoint templates are fully customizable and have many features and color combinations. Sometimes, the designers provide support.

Skyline PowerPoint Template

Skyline PowerPoint Template

The last premium orange PowerPoint template is Skyline. It leaves no doubt about the functionality of the theme. Innovative design will breathe life into any project. The template is suitable for use in business, media, education, marketing, or travel. Bright animation will highlight your presentation among competitors and will not leave spectators indifferent. 

Main advantages:

  • the ability to change the color scheme of design;
  • 20 slides in each template;
  • Easily editable layouts;
  • Widescreen and standard ratios;
  • Documentation.

Special Edition 2020 PowerPoint Template

Special Edition 2020 PowerPoint Template

The Special Edition 2020 Presentation template contains a set of tools designed specifically for marketing presentations. It is equipped with modern design features such as professional layouts, graphics, and design options. The theme is perfect for the presentation of marketing plans, reports, promotion services, or marketing news. The template remains at the top of ready-made solutions and has a high rating.

Main advantages:

  • simple and quick installation;
  • 88 slides;
  • all elements of the template are changeable and replaceable;
  • Two ratios 16:9 and 4:3

Orange PowerPoint Template

Orange PowerPoint Template

This is the first premium template with orange with cool orange backgrounds. It is designed for presentations on finance, business, portfolio, corporate reporting, or lectures on similar topics. The template contains over 40 slides and dozens of icons. The Orange PowerPoint template contains a set of slides for information about the company, project, or team. A minimum of design details allows you to highlight the most important information and profitably present it to the audience.

Main advantages:

  • stylish and clean design;
  • the ability to edit ready-made layouts;
  • wide format slides 16:9;
  • high-quality vector graphics;
  • documentation file.

Business Creative PowerPoint Template

Business Creative PowerPoint Template

The Business Creative template was created specifically for the presentation of the company in PowerPoint. Slide layouts are designed in a restrained color scheme and filled with everything necessary for data visualization. Most design details can be changed and designed to your taste. The slides in a demo are in black and orange, but you can easily pick the color scheme you like.

Main advantages:

  • Over 1600 slides;
  • Resolution of slides 16:9;
  • 10 color schemes;
  • Quick guide file;
  • The ability to use the template in old and new versions of PowerPoint;
  • Vector icons.

Varied - PowerPoint Template

Varied - PowerPoint Template

The stylish design of the Varied template allows you to use it for a presentation on any topic. A universal color scheme and a set of icons will become helpers to demonstrate the material to any target audience. The theme contains a set of design elements that perfectly visualize information and allow you to readably post text even without using a photo.

Main advantages:

  • Customizable design elements;
  • Huge number of various infographic slides;
  • 4000 slide options;
  • Two aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9
  • The template is easy to use.

Safire PowerPoint Template

Safire PowerPoint Template

Safire template contains a set of powerful tools for reporting the results of economic or financial analysis. A set of stylish hexagon slides allows you to build a unique and interesting chart or table to demonstrate the material. In addition, this orange ppt template contains mockups for presenting your projects from different angles. The black and white color scheme of the design is easily diluted with colorful images.

Main advantages:

  • 5 pptx files;
  • Based on Master slide;
  • 30 slides;
  • 5 color schemes;
  • 16:9 ratio;
  • documentation.

Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Portfolio PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for an orange portfolio template, have a look at this one with the creative black-drown-orange design. This ppt template presents over 50 slides in a widescreen ratio. It is quite multipurpose and perfect for designers, publishers, photographers, and other creative people. All of the slides you can change by easy drag and drop.

Main advantages:

  • 54 slides;
  • convenience in working with presentation objects;
  • interesting animation effects;
  • 175 theme colors;
  • Vector icons.

Hexagy - Hexagon Style PowerPoint Template.

Hexagy - Hexagon Style PowerPoint Template.

The discreet design of the Hexagy template allows you to use it for the presentation of almost any information. Geometry will give the material the desired look and will clearly convey important information to the audience. The theme contains a set of basic slides, such as “meet the team”, “contact us”, “thank you” page and many infographics. Especially relevant is the use of the template for business presentations.

Main advantages:

  • Widescreen slide resolution;
  • 12 pptx and ppt files;
  • Dark and light backgrounds
  • The presence of stylish infographics and mockups;
  • Suitable for personal and commercial use;
  • The clean minimalistic design allows you to design a theme for your needs.

Smart Report PowerPoint Template

Smart Report PowerPoint Template

Do you need a ppt template for reporting? Download this orange template. This is a quite simple and professional template. Smart 

The Report is multifunctional and colorful. Thus, it is suitable for the presentation of various kinds of information. The colors of the template combine well with each other and maintain a visual balance. 

Main advantages:

  • Attracting attention with the help of a visual component;
  • Easier perception of text;
  • 30 unique slides;
  • 50 theme colors;
  • Fully animated;
  • Ease to use.

Timeflies | PowerPoint Template

Timeflies | PowerPoint Template

Bright stylish template Timeflies is a colorful solution for designing a presentation on any topic. The template is perfect for summing up the results of the company or for demonstrating the results of the project. All you need is just to fill this orange template with your text. The designer has at his disposal a whole package of slides with graphics and unique design elements.

Main advantages:

  • a set of graphical tools for placing graphs, charts, and tables;
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations;
  • 5 options for colors;
  • the ability to work with custom resolution 16:10;
  • Over 150 slides.

COOMPUS PowerPoint Template

COOMPUS PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint Presentation Template has a nice apricot color. COOMPUS is habitual to use, convenient and multifunctional. It consists of many different elements, shapes, graphics, maps, and much more. This orange template includes 5 ppts files and professional slides in 3 color schemes. 

Main advantages:

  • ease to use;
  • customization options;
  • 16:9 ratio;
  • 30 unique slides.

Farisa Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Farisa Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Farisa is a professional presentation in white and orange colors. The template will be an excellent assistant for presenting all kinds of information in the business sphere. It consists of 30 unique slides, and it will definitely help in achieving the goal of any kind of activity. 

Main advantages:

  • Multipurpose;
  • Free icons and stock images;
  • Suits for clothing and children topic;
  • Based on the master slide.

Business Model PowerPoint Template

Business Model PowerPoint Template

The next orange background PowerPoint template is Business Model. It is perfect for corporate presentations. The stylish template with over 100 slides for the presentation of the team, the goals of the project or its results. Special blocks for demonstrating problems make it possible to express the results of a SWOT analysis or to emphasize the areas of future work. The theme is fully editable and can be customized in accordance with the requirements of any business field.

Main advantages:

  • 112 unique slides;
  • fully editable objects;
  • Suitable for older versions of Microsoft;
  • contains a set of free icons, maps, and mockups;
  • Friendly support.

Delta Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Delta Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Delta is the best solution for presenting important information in a convenient format. Different slide resolutions allow you to prepare a presentation for any type of device. In the kit, there are templates for the demonstration of information in any form: tables, diagrams, and charts. In addition, with the help of ready-made icons, you can easily dilute the information without using a photo.

Main advantages:

  • set of stylish icons;
  • 120+ unique slides;
  • Retina;
  • 16:9 ratio.

Formal - PowerPoint Template

Formal - PowerPoint Template

Formal presents different slides with white and orange backgrounds. This PowerPoint template is clean, multifunctional, and unique. It suits great for presenting projects. It is distinguished by its minimalist style and bright color scheme. The orange color highlights the important information on the slides, so nothing distracts from the information. 

Main advantages:

  • Ease to edit;
  • Modern design;
  • Icon pack;
  • 20 pptx files;
  • 56 slides;
  • Light and dark versions.

Frequently asked questions

How do colors work?

Each color has its own symbolism, meaning, and association. In any case, colors have an emotional impact and appeal to the human psyche. Find out more about the effect of the other colors here.

What is the color effect?

Colors appear through a direct visual impression, but almost more through associations, symbolism, cultural experiences, and energy. There are warm and cold colors and combinations.

Why are colors so important?

Colors have an enormous psychological effect and should, therefore, be used consciously and specifically in designs.
Since color tones are rarely used alone, it is important to know the effect of color combinations and color contrasts.

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