15 Purple PowerPoint Templates 2020 as a Way to Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions

  1. Why the Art of Using Colors is Important for Your Branding?
    1. Things to Consider When Picking Color Scheme for Your Slideshow
  2. The Meaning of Purple Color in Presentation Design?
  3. What Businesses do Purple PowerPoint Templates Match the Most?
  4. Free Purple PowerPoint Templates: Sources for Inspiration
  5. Top-5 Purple Templates to Use for Your Future Presentation

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, there's a bunch of things to keep in mind if you want to make it eye-catching and easy to digest. Picking the right color for your slideshow is one of them. Not only does the color influence your audience and their ability to grasp the information, but it also helps you convey your message the way you need. To make a deep impression on your audience, you should choose the right color seriously, sticking to some color combination tips and recommendations. In this post, we will start with purple PowerPoint templates letting you know what it means for slideshows and what types of business can benefit the most from them.

But, before we go into the analysis of this particular color, let’s first find out why the art of using colors is crucial for your brand and what factor you should consider when creating a PPT template.

Why the Art of Using Colors is Important for Your Branding

When building a brand, it is important to have an idea of how to use all tools to your benefit. Color is one of those tools, so picking the right one will impact on how your target audience will respond to your brand. What are the other reasons for careful color selection in branding? Let’s have a look at them.

  • Your brand voice gets stronger with the right color palette.
Right color palette.
  • A properly chosen color scheme for blog homepage elements, CTA buttons, and other elements may also have a great impact on the conversion rate.
  • The first impression plays a key role when it comes to captivating people to your project, careful use of colors will ensure email sign-up rates increase, making prospects to return and tell others about your project.
The first impression.
  • Colors appeal to your audience’s emotions. The latter can engage the audience and let them remember your brand.

Things to Consider When Picking Color Scheme for Your Slideshow

The color is a lot more crucial for your brand that you can imagine, it helps you to build the corporate identity. So, when it comes to providing a professional presentation of your project, the color choice is top priority as well. According to Nancy Duarte, a professional presenter and CEO of Duarte agency, there are a few factors to consider when searching for a perfect color scheme for your slideshow. So, here they are:

  • Target audience. Understanding your audience is the first step to your success. The color you choose should resonate with their values. For instance, people in many countries associate purple with wealth, whereas the residents of Thailand and Brazil find this color symbolizing death or grief.
  • Business niche. This is where the understanding of color psychology may come to the rescue and help you select the color that will perfectly represent your business niche or industry you are in. To get a better idea of what color to use, you can always look at your competitors and analyze what color scheme they use in their branding and marketing campaign, as well as what impact they may have on people.
  • Your project. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your project vision and mission to pick the colors that are in line with them. Even if you can use the colors different from your brand colors, make sure they perfectly combine with the corporate palette and emphasize it.

With these factors considered and kept in mind, you can get to the ideal color scheme for your presentation faster and achieve your goal.

The Meaning of Purple Color in Presentation Design?

Color is a powerful tool if you have a clear idea of how to use it. There are multiple sorts of places where color enters the business game. Color choice also makes sense in marketing materials, such as social media, emails, and, finally, presentations.

Purple is not a typical color. It was created by combining the passion of warm red color and the calm of cool blue color. Associated with royalty, luxury, and religion, ultraviolet has been chosen the color of the 2018 year by Pantone. The specialists recommend using purple when there is a need to evoke emotions for more “wow” effect. Purple is also a great solution if you want to add spirituality to your brand. Whereas combined with pink it will help to emphasize femininity.

Ultraviolet has been chosen the color of the 2018 year by Pantone.

When it comes to building a project slideshow, purple PowerPoint background is recommended to use to communicate class, dignity, and exclusivity. It is not frequently used in corporate presentation and is more preferred by women because it makes the slideshow more emotional and mysterious.

In the next paragraph, we'll check in details what industries and projects can use purple color to their benefit.

What Businesses do Purple PowerPoint Templates Match the Most?

To say the truth, purple is not often used for branding, marketing campaigns, and presentations compared to other colors. Anyway, some people still prefer using purple color to build a PowerPoint slideshow that will convey the main idea of their projects. Let’s find out the best way to use this unusual color.

Use purple.
  • Purple can be used for banks, financial institutions, and their brochures to communicate exclusivity, luxury, style, and richness.
  • Medical specialists, especially psychotherapists, use purple in their presentations to add warmth and tranquility to their women audience.
  • Brands that create a peaceful environment, like yoga studios, use purple color to emphasize the tranquility.
  • Purple combined with grey becomes more gender-neutral, hence, it can be used for different corporate purposes.
  • Event agencies, especially those organizing wedding parties, tea parties, and other events for women, leverage purple-themed templates for their presentations to add a touch of elegance.
  • Purple color is perfect for brands selling expensive jewelry to convey exclusivity and sophistication.

Free Purple PowerPoint Templates: Sources for Inspiration

When preparing for the presentation, people often set the goal to impress the audience and keep them engaged. Default PowerPoint templates can hardly impress someone. Thus, you may need a third-party template designed by a trustworthy developer. If you are new to presentations and not ready to buy a template, there's a lot of freebies you can use to try making your first slideshow. To save you some time, we’ve put together free purple templates that can be suitable for any of your purposes and even become the source of inspiration.


Iris powerpoint template.

Christmas Presentation

Christmas Presentation.


E-learning presentation.

Back to School

Back to School Presentation.


Bullying Presentation.

Language Learning App: Purple PowerPoint Templates

Language Learning App Presentation.

Colorful Galaxy: Purple PowerPoint Templates

Colorful Galaxy Presentation.

Scientific Project: Purple PowerPoint Templates

Scientific Project Proposal Presentation.

Women’s Day

Women's Day Presentation.

Clinical Case

Clinical Case Presentation.

Top-5 Purple PowerPoint Templates to Use for Your Future Presentation

For those of you who are seeking templates with advanced functionality, we have a top-5 list of purple PowerPoint templates. They come equipped with all the necessary tools, so you don’t have to purchase any additional applications to build a fully-fledged slideshow.

Connected PowerPoint Template

Connected PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for purple backgrounds for PowerPoint, Connected may become the right solution. Except for backgrounds, fonts, and markers, the template also boasts multiple charts, graphs, diagrams, tables, and other elements. This means you’ll get everything needed for building a fully-fledged slideshow without using any extra applications. For your convenience, the developers have gathered all the tools in one place. So, among other things, you’ll receive: 

  • Fully editable elements. 
  • Charts, diagrams, tables, and infographics included. 
  • Media placeholders. 
  • Help file. 
  • Easy-to-change background, etc.

CAICAKARA PowerPoint Template

CAICAKARA PowerPoint Template

Minimalism is something that most people prefer in design. It has a lot of benefits, but several main advantages including a focus on the important things, simple navigation, and fast loading speed. All this contributes to ensuring an excellent user experience. This PowerPoint template is also characterized by a minimalist and clean design which lets you highlight the essential project ideas. With the tools included in the pack, you can provide the information most comprehensively.

  • 30 unique slides. 
  • 5 color schemes. 
  • Master Slide and picture placeholder.
  • Free fonts available. 
  • Mockup slides and infographic elements.

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This particular PowerPoint template is quite universal and has a wide range of usage. It will be suitable for business, corporate, medical, restaurant, media agency, and even wedding projects. The developers who’ve designed this purple PowerPoint template have been inspired by the Prezi program, so you’ll get access to zoom in and out animations to make the slideshow memorable. Additionally, you will also get all the necessary tools for building a fully-fledged presentation, such as: 

  • Drag-n-drop picture placeholder. 
  • 17 color scheme options in the light version.
  • Over 200 ready-to-use slides. 
  • Maps of over 200 countries. 
  • 5000+ icon fonts, etc.

London 2020 Project PowerPoint Template

London 2020 Project PowerPoint Template

If you want to provide your colleagues, partners, or investors with a professional-looking presentation, you need a distinctive, highly-functional PowerPoint template. This is where London may come in handy. It will help you stand out and keep the audience engaged during the whole presentation. Except for a clean and modern design, the template is also characterized by advanced tools and elements needed for building a fully-fledged slideshow. With this package, you don’t have to surf the Internet for any additional application. 

  • 450 unique slides. 
  • Over 160 color schemes. 
  • Covers and dividers, content pages, tables, risks and issues, roadmaps and timelines, charts and calendars, KPI dashboards, options and lists, infographics, and other slides. 
  • Icons and images included in the pack. 
  • Master Slide layout.

60+ Presentation , Powerpoint , Keynote, Google Slides PowerPoint Template

60+ Presentation , Powerpoint , Keynote, Google Slides PowerPoint Template

For those of you who regularly create presentations using different programs, we have a unique offer. This big bundle contains over 60 templates for PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides so that you can find a solution for any of your purposes. Within the templates, you will find multiple tools and elements needed for building a slideshow with well-structured, easy to digest information. Some of them include:

  • SWOT and market analysis slides.
  • A bulk of infographics. 
  • Map slides. 
  • Charts and tables. 
  • Gallery slides, and more.

Wrap Up

Picking the right color is vital for your business. The properly chosen color palette makes your brand stronger, positively influences conversion rate, and appeals to your audience’s emotions. But, making the color perfectly work for your business requires some effort. Before selecting the color, make sure you have a clear understanding of your target market, the niche your business is related to, as well as your project mission.

Purple is not a typical color and used for quite specific projects devoted to medicine, yoga and other feminine sports activities, event agencies, space, brands selling expensive jewelry, banks, and other financial institutions. Should you run a different project, but need to emphasize its luxuriousness and royalty in your future presentation, purple PowerPoint templates may come into play. Use them to evoke the audience’s emotions, make an unforgettable first impression, and convey the message of your project the way you need.

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