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Became an Affiliate, No Sales Yet?

We all want to become an entrepreneur and get the money we deserve in order to live a rich and successful life. Even if you are not ready to admit it, just give it some time, and you will get there somewhere in life.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, this is a normal attitude towards life, and this is the approach we all need to use nowadays. It's 2017, and everyone strives to conquer the new heights.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, perhaps you are familiar with the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program. Did you actually hear about it? Are you a part of the 'big game'?

This article will be useful for two types of readers:

  •  Those who want to start an affiliate store with us and do not know how to land sales
  •  Those who became an owner of the affiliate store and do not know how to work with it

How to become a TemplateMonster partner

Here at TemplateMonster, we want to work with our clients and help them to make money online. Basically, that's the reason why we created our very own affiliate program.

What is that? The answer is quite simple if you are familiar with the affiliate programs in general. It works the same way the Amazon Associates, for example. You can advertise our products under your unique link, and we will pay you the commissions for each sale you land. Doesn't it sound easy to you? Besides that, we provide you with the needed tools to set everything up on your side and start selling today.

templatemonster affiliate program

Everyone can work with us, just visit the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program, enter your e-mail and click on the 'Get started' button.

What should I do now?

Once you become an affiliate program participant, you should think about the marketing strategies and start selling the products.

First of all, let me tell you that it doesn’t matter what kind of affiliate program you use, my article will help you succeed anyway. These are the basics, the most important things to perform to get more sales. You can use my advice no matter which program you participate in (Amazon Associates, TemplateMonster Affiliate program or any other).

All you need to do is following these five steps that will help you to get more traffic and therefore more sales.

Step 1 - Select the niche product you believe in

This one is very easy. There are tons of affiliate programs around, and therefore there is a variety of products you may work with, promote and sell.

Your goal right now is selecting the best niche product you like, and you believe in. The main principle is not trying to sell something just to sell it. Believing in the product is a key difference maker nowadays because you will not be able to sell anything without it.

Prepare the promotion materials for them including the media files and pitch texts, content for the separate landing pages and promotional posts.

Step 2 - Start guest posting

This is one of the best ways to boost your sales, but make no mistake you should approach it carefully. This is a little bit tricky due to the fact that some blogs won’t allow you put the affiliate link into the post without the permission.

Basically, all you need to do is prepare a blog post with an interesting topic and mention your products along with the affiliate links somewhere in the text.

Blog owners are not that stupid, and you shouldn’t lie to them and try to insert the links silently. Most of them will allow you to do that if you share the commissions with them or will pay any other price for it, that’s always negotiable.

The best way is sharing the commissions for each sale, that’s pretty fair.

When you write for some established blog, it will give you thousands of new visitors and clients, so that’s worth it.

Step 3 - Exchange the affiliate links with other bloggers

Some bloggers will not allow you to put the affiliate link under no circumstances. But that shouldn’t make you sad so soon. Most of them will be happy to exchange the affiliate links with you in some other way.

For example, you place their affiliate link among your banners on some of your pages, and they will do the same for you. That’s a very good way to boost your sales and visitors volume as well, so don’t ignore it.

It’s all about communication, and you can always find a way to put your affiliate link anywhere, just find the right price for it.

Step 4 - Use social media to promote your product

I think that this is the most obvious advice, but some of you still ignore it. Using social media in 2017 is a must and those who don’t utilize social media correctly lose tons of sales every day.

First of all, run sales and promote them on Facebook, Twitter, and other big promotional platforms.

Run the contests and give out small prizes in order to make your website more attractive for the visitors. Bring them value and this value will lead to sales.

And remember: if you spam - your social media profile dies in agony. That’s not cool and creates a pretty screwed up reputation for you and your products.

templatemonster affiliate program

Step 5 - Offer valuable services along with the products

This is my favorite one. Did you really think that affiliate marketing is all about putting the links and sitting around waiting for the money to pour into your pockets?

No, it’s not, my friend.

Bring the value and offer useful services to your clients. Let me explain what I mean by this…

Here is an example for you: Do you want to sell premium WordPress themes? Offer your clients a completely exclusive support along with it. Offer them some free services like changing the logo, installing the template itself or new plugins along with it.

Oh, here is another one! Are you selling cool website templates? Pick a bunch of free stock photos for each template topic and provide each customer with a .zip archive with those useful photos.

Get it? Bringing value is all you have to care about!

Wrapping things up

These steps will ensure getting more sales and potential clients. In case you are willing to create an ideal affiliate website, make sure you keep educating yourself on this topic and never stop learning.

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Stephen Chen

Inspires and passionate about what they are doing people work much better and create much more interesting projects. I strongly believe in its statement, so I do my best to inspire other people with my articles.

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