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Affiliate Tool Spotlight: How to Earn With a Ready-Made Shop

If you want to create an affiliate store, there are a lot of options. You can use one of the popular content management systems (such as WordPress), or build a website from the ground up using a static HTML template. But these options require frequent manual content updates, and sometimes – additional investment.

We have another, free and fully automated solution for you – a Ready-Made Shop created specifically for our partners, and polished to provide them with extensive possibilities for affiliate marketing.

There are two generations of this tool: RMS and RMS2. Ready-Made Shop 2 is more technically advanced, that's why we recommend using this version for your affiliate store.

In this segment, we will tell you about the capabilities of this user-friendly instrument.

Why RMS and not, say, WordPress?

The Ready-Made shop is a narrowly focused website script, which displays TemplateMonster products in a conversion-wise way. It looks similar to our template store, but is simpler, and allows you to customize it by changing the logos and the color scheme, adding or removing template details, custom HTML code, media content, etc.

If placing call-to-action buttons and post management is difficult for you, RMS might be just the solution. It updates its inventory automatically, so you don’t have to write a new post, format it, and upload screenshots each time a new TemplateMonster template is released (and it happens every day).

RMS is also very effective regarding server resources. All the images and demo data are stored on our servers, and the maximum size of the store itself is just 512 MB. You can easily run a store with thousands of items on a cheap shared hosting (anyway, check the server requirements before installing it). However, if you appreciate independence, you have the option to store screenshots on your server. In this case, you will need about 100 GB of free server space.

Installation and Customization

As you already know, Ready-Made Shop is a tool created with a single purpose – to sell templates. This means that each single parameter is targeted at providing top-notch conversion rates and absolute flexibility.

You can switch between ‘RMS’ and ‘Catalog’ modes with one click.

RMS’ mode is the default option for affiliates. In this mode prices will be displayed, and your customers will be able to buy a template of their choice by being redirected to This is a simpler, more narrowly focused affiliate store.

Catalog’ (previously – ‘Web Studio’), as its name implies, is an excellent choice for web studios and individual designers who want to create custom websites based on TemplateMonster themes and templates. In this mode, prices are hidden, but your clients can contact you for details directly.

Uploading new templates to your inventory is quite easy: just set the update frequency in the RMS admin panel (we recommend updating your store at least once a day).

support Ukraine

Basic settings

In the admin panel of your RMS store, you will find a variety of settings aimed at making your work with this platform efficient and convenient. Looks complicated? Then check out the detailed documentation included in the script package – it covers each and every aspect of the RMS fine-tuning. Once you have it at hand, you will be able to:

  • Set the number of columns and rows in a template list;
  • Choose the categories that will be displayed on the homepage;
  • Add and manage banners (read more about affiliate banners in our previous spotlight);
  • Manage featured templates;
  • Add global static text blocks;
  • Set the email address for the ‘Contact Us’ form;
  • Change the visual theme of your store;
  • … and much more.


Both RMS and RMS2 come with a selection of themes that allow you to modify the look of your store quickly without touching its code.

Our Top Affiliates Use Ready-Made Shops to Earn Big Money

Today we are excited to introduce you to Carlos Wassmann, CEO of He will share with you his experience of earning with TemplateMonster Ready-Made Shops.

A Couple of words about you as a person. What do you do? What do you like?

Carlos Wassmann: I am a Spanish web developer based in between Amsterdam and Madrid. I was born and raised surrounded by architects, which inevitably created within me a passion for design and technology. Naturally, I wanted to follow the architecture live, but that was only before I fell in love with web development 15 years ago - a passion that is still alive and kicking today.

Web development has allowed me to take the design to the next level, being able to bring good graphic design to life, create user interaction and offer an amazing user experience, which is the ultimate goal of interactive design.

I consider myself as a design-driven person and given my background I have this feel for UX and interactive design which lets me deliver some important added value to my web developer skill set.

When I am not coding, I love to travel, visit my friends and family around the world and get to know new places, while keeping track of the latest design trends: architecture, graphic design, photography, advertising and, most importantly, web design. This empowers me continuously to be able to shift my perspective of things while maintaining delivery of UX focused layout design together with cutting edge technology.

How long have you been in online business? What were you doing before that? What are you doing now?

Carlos Wassmann: I have been developing websites for 17 years now. I had worked for several international advertising agencies in Madrid before I made the big decision of going solo, which was ten years ago.

How did you get to know about TemplateMonster and our Affiliate tools?

Carlos Wassmann: Everyone in this business knows about TemplateMonster. And to be honest, I don't remember the exact moment I became aware of your Affiliate tools; probably must have been while looking for ways of expanding and growing my income doing what I love.

How is being a TemplateMonster Affiliate different/similar to other ways of earning money online?

Carlos Wassmann: I haven't used any of the other affiliate marketing programs out there. But I am really happy with TemplateMonster's one; I can't ask for more just now.

Why RMS2?

Carlos Wassmann: I chose RMS2 because, being a developer, I found it was the only way to have a 100% control over what the site would look like.

How did you manage to customize your RMS2 to make it look so pretty?

Carlos Wassmann: Well, some CSS3 magic was involved, that is for sure. From day one I was clear about one thing: I would start using TemplateMonster's affiliate program only if I had total control over how my site looked. So I just did it.

What sources of traffic do you use (social networks, advertising on the Internet, AdWords, etc...). How many dollars do you spend on each source?

Carlos Wassmann: I use Pinterest and Google AdWords, spending something between $60-120 monthly. I also post updates, campaigns and offers on Facebook and Twitter, together with Pinterest.

Which way of promotion is the most effective for you? Which is less effective?

Carlos Wassmann: Definitely Pinterest. I think when selling anything visual, and/or that relates to design, you can't beat Pinterest.

If you can provide some statistics, screenshots - that would be outstanding, and the article will look great!

Carlos Wassmann: I do a basic follow up of my figures, which are now showing a promising increase on my sales of more than double since last year, so that's an 110% increase in one year.

Stats for June 2016:

In June 2016, I spent 58,60 Euro on advertising Google Adwords, which meant 45.495 ad impressions and 1250 clicks on my ad, with 7 conversions/sales, which make it a 8,37 Euro cost per conversion.

During that same month, the site received 3248 unique users, having 8975 viewed pages.


Want to Earn More?

Want to build your store from scratch and make big money selling high-quality templates like a pro? Grab one of our Ready-Made Shops, and launch your business in less than an hour!

To get started, sign up on, install Ready-Made Shop and customize your store.

Next week we will tell you about ready-to-use theme showcases – another marketing tool available to our affiliates, so keep up-to-date with us!

Tina Jameson

Would you like to learn more about affiliate marketing and TemplateMonster affiliate program? My articles will give you more information about different marketing features and blogging. You can also ask me some questions in Quora.

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