Impossible Is Nothing: TemplateMonster Customer Tells How to Launch 8 Sites in 7 Weeks

Almost a half of TemplateMonster's customers are freelancers of different skill levels. Some of them are just taking their first steps in the field, while others have already managed to gain reputation among their audiences. Today, we are glad to share a story of a freelancer who knows how to launch up to 10 sites in less than 2 months.

It often happens so that we start our carriers while working for someone else. We gain experience, new skills and knowledge, which comes in handy later on, when we try our hand at doing something as sole entrepreneurs. Our new TemplateMonster's customer case study will tell you how a freelancer from the UK started his career by working with a design agency, and now he has managed to achieve success while revamping his clients' sites on his own.

Name: Richard Tait
Occupation: freelancer
Location: UK
Audience: small businesses

TemplateMonster: Tell us a couple of words about yourself. How many sites have you already launched?
Richard Tait: I have been programming and fixing small business sites for many years and quite a few of those sites were created by a design agency I partnered with. Recently they have moved into another line of business and their customers have started to come to me directly when they want a site revamped. I have implemented some simple sites, e.g. and more involved ones, e.g. I've done a few others and have 3 more lined up. That will be about 8 in the last 6-7 weeks.

TemplateMonster: Tell us about your projects? What products/services do you provide? What is your audience?
Richard Tait: My clients are generally small businesses that do not have the time or technical staff to do this wort of work themselves. What I've been doing is gauging the 'character' of their business and looking through TemplateMonster for a few examples that I think would be appropriate. If they want to go ahead, then I'll arrange hosting, install WordPress (or whatever), buy the template and install it for them. For some of the clients I'll then edit the site down to just the pages they want and put in their own images. If required, I'll put WooCommerce in so they can sell items online. I provide other services like email setup, SEO advice and general support.

TemplateMonster: What templates did you purchase? What were the key factors that influenced your decision-making?
Richard Tait: I've bought a Movie theme, a Theatre theme and a Photographer theme and installed a theme for a Paddle Board retailer that they purchased themselves. In the next week or two I hope to install a theme for a sports shop and one for a gentleman's tailors. I base the suggestions to clients on the impression the template gives. Some templates I buy for a client and some they buy themselves as they sometimes like to get involved.

TemplateMonster: What features of the chosen templates do you value the most? What should be changed/enhanced?
Richard Tait: The key aspect is Responsive. Once I show a client how a template looks on their phone and on a PC they are much more open to having the work done.

TemplateMonster: What tools do you use to power up your site's back-end?
Richard Tait: Some templates come with a cut-down Moto editor and this seems to do for most people. WooCommerce, JetPack etc. are good for enhancing a site.

TemplateMonster: How much time did it take you to create and make your site live? What aspect of the site's creation was the most time-consuming for you (customization of the theme, content editing/creation, etc.)?
Richard Tait: It's not too long to install WordPress and a theme. Uploading the client's images en masse can take a while and removing unwanted pages/posts is probably the task that is least rewarding. A couple of hours tends to see the bulk of the work done.

TemplateMonster: What are your recommendations for other users who are just planning to launch their site?
Richard Tait: Get everything like your images and first blog post ready. Install a Site-Under-Construction plugin straightaway, so that you can make edits without people seeing what's going on.

Are you a freelancer? Or maybe you prefer working in a team? Are you eager to share your success story with MonsterPost readers? Contact [email protected] and we will reach you back for an interview.

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