The Difference Blogger Outreach Will Make for Your Business [Tor Refsland speaking]

Relationships and connections are, and always were, the most important things in one's success.

If you get a retweet from the star in your niche, chances are, it will immediately bring you tons of customers. All of your favorite bloggers, stars and influencers are one email or tweet away from you. But their inboxes are always flooded. So how do you become best buddies with a big fish?

Some time ago I’ve interviewed Tor Refsland, one of the most outgoing people and successful blogger outreach managers on the web. In this post, you’ll get answers to all the questions you have.

3 tips for beginner bloggers to improve their outreach game

Let’s get right to it. Here are the killer tips by Tor on how to make your outreach game exceptional.

A success story where outreach showed amazing results for a project?

You’re not that much into blogging outreach? Don’t you think it can bring tremendous results? Don’t take my word for it. Here’s one of Tor’s amazing success stories.

What are the ways to put yourself on the map with outreach easily?

I think, you’re already convinced that blogger outreach is a powerful tool in hands of a master. And here’s how to start becoming a master outreach manager.

How to convince influencers that you are genuinely interested in them? How to stand out in the Inbox?

You might be fanboying about this blogger or thought leader all day long, but that’s all they hear from everyone in their email inbox. You need to strike them right in the heart as fast as possible. Here’s the way to do so.

How can startupers get massive exposure and build their brand FAST through blogger outreach?

You want growth hacking, you get it. Business growth can be as fast as Clint Eastwood’s bullet. Here’s Tor’s recipe.

What marketing strategies do you recommend combining with influencer outreach?

World of WarCraft teaches us that any powerful weapon can be enhanced. And blogger outreach gets even stronger combined with other marketing strategies. Here’s how it works.

Do you absolutely have to be super outgoing to be successful as outreach managers?

It wouldn’t be fair if only extroverts could become successful blogger outreach managers, would it? Let’s see if it’s the case.

Want some more top-notch blogger outreach advice? Feel free to check out our full webinar — Blogger Outreach Ins and Outs.

And when you are in touch with all your favorite bloggers and they come to your website, it should look stunning. So go straight to your website themes catalog and level up your website.

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