What You Should Not Forget When Creating Your E-Store?

Every one of us is using mobile devices more often to make payments online. Statistics shows that pretty soon the world of eCommerce will be different. Mobile eCommerce is gaining momentum now. So top players on the market will be working on how to turn this to their advantage.

This doesn't mean that you should consider your e-store just from the perspective of mobile e-commerce. Some elements are crucial for every online store in general.

So when creating your e-store, check yourself once again to prevent failures. Read about five must-have features for your e-commerce website below.

Do You Have a Wish List?

Don’t wait till your customers find something to buy. Stimulate them. Add a wish list to your e-store. It is the best way for them to keep in mind favorite products, as well as for you to discover their preferences.

Can Your Customers Find Some Products Really Fast?

If your e-store has no search bar, then you are doomed to fail. With no search bar, you deprive your customers of the possibility to find a needed product by definition. Adding a search engine to your e-store, refine it with filters. Let your customers separate commodities according to their price, rating, and popularity.

Lure Your Clients

When a potential client comes, you must not let him or her leave without making a purchase. There is one simple gimmick that will help you to convert a visitor into a customer. Upgrade your e-store with a section of recommended products. This lets your clients catch on a product they want to get or just make them buy more than they intended.

Consider Customer’s Opinion

Do your customers share their opinion on the goods you sell? Customer reviews are essential for a successful e-store. They may be helpful to other clients to figure out pros and cons of a chosen product. And that's how you can get another feedback source to improve your services.

Make Your e-Store Responsive

Don’t forget that your website should be responsive. If not, your site visitors who use mobile devices will leave your store as soon after they arrive. And don’t forget about the fact I mentioned at the beginning of this post - the mobile e-commerce market keeps growing every day.

Here is a list of top notch e-commerce templates from MotoCMS. Every web theme is 100% responsive. Take your mobile device and go check them out.

Computer Store


Have you wondered how fast we keep on going forward in computing technologies development? At rapid-fire pace! So why not to open a computer store to make a quick buck?

Use this original website template to create your own e-commerce business faster than ever. Bait computer geeks with a well-structured showcase. Retail products with the most convenient payment systems. Manage your store's design anytime with a drag-and-drop website builder from MotoCMS. It completely frees you from learning coding languages to edit your site. The interface is so easy to use that even a kid can handle it. Try it yourself. It's free!

Demo | More Info

Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

Become the number one on the tool market with this web theme for an equipment e-store. You don't have to create a website. It is already here with a simple design to focus customers' attention on the goods you retail. The high speed of work will guarantee your perfect website performance with no glitches. All you have to do is to customize the theme, meeting your business requirements and that's it. Edit your equipment store online with a wide range of tools and widgets anytime in a web browser. It is easy as pie.

Demo | More Info


Creating your e-store - lingerie

This theme is one of the most conspicuous on our list, isn't it? Get this pre-built e-commerce website for lingerie and make it more noticeable for clients. Fill it up with your products and retail them with ease using an integrated control panel. Here is everything you need for a successful lingerie business.

Attract new customers worldwide with a simple website design. Structure all your products with brand catalogs. View statistics of purchases and clients. Approve and cancel orders. Manage payments and taxes. Write articles and publish them on your website with blog functionality and more.

Demo | More Info

Pet Shop


Meet one of the sweetest templates on our list - a made-up website for a pet shop. The website design is so cute that your store visitors won't leave it without a buy. The showcase has a simple structure, divided into different categories for different pets. Retail accessories and toys, offer supply and training services and even start your blog.

We've integrated blog functionality for you to write and publish articles about your business. A blog is still a good and free way to get organic traffic to your website. So use a built-in admin panel to come up with interesting posts for your blog and manage your store at the same time.

Demo | More Info

Food Store

Creating your store - food store

Doing grocery business is not easy. But it is much easier if you have an e-store. Launching a website, your business increases its chances of getting more profits.

Boost your grocery business online with this mouth-watering web theme from MotoCMS. It has an attractive front-end design for your customers and a comprehensive set of tools for you to edit your web store. Manage your e-store with no web development skills. See for yourself and try a control panel yourself free.

Demo | More Info

Flower Shop

Creating your e-store - flower shop

As tradition demands, a nosegay is a great gift for every lady. Strange to say, but a large part of top florists worldwide are male. Love to fire a slug watching your football team playing, but would like to try yourself in floristry? Not a problem at all!

Create your flower shop and launch it online with this charming MotoCMS template. Attract new customers with beautiful design. Offer products in an intuitive storefront. Surprise clients with sales and discounts. Promote your business in most popular social networks with social widgets and much more. Use MotoCMS and manage your flower e-store on your own without any professional help.

Demo | More Info


Creating your e-store - cycling

Due to the automobile boom in the 1920s, a bicycle used to be a "children toy" in the U.S.

Now this way of transportation is popular than ever. It is good for your cardio and not harmful to the environment. New materials and technologies made bicycles faster, lighter and safer. And retailing bikes and accessories became much easier with this cycling e-commerce template.

Just customize it with a built-in control panel and it's ready to go! Edit text, add images and set other properties of your e-store with no coding skills. MotoCMS website builder contains everything needed for the management of your business. See for yourself and test control panel now for free.

Demo | More Info


Creating your e-store - apparel

Start a store of your dreams with MotoCMS. Structure products and create clothing catalogs with brands. Approve orders. Giveaway promo codes with discounts. Manage payments and taxes. Send emails to your customers. Customize your store's design with WYSIWYG editor in the admin panel. Connect your website to your social media accounts. Write keywords, titles, descriptions for SEO.

Don't forget that this web theme is 100% responsive. Also, you will get regular updates for the admin panel powered by MotoCMS free of charge.

Demo | More Info


Creating your e-store - jewelry

Jewelry is an entirely unique product that requires special presentation. So your e-store should have appropriate tools to highlight the goods inside of it. Look at this MotoCMS theme for an online jewelry business. It combined everything necessary for the products demonstration.

There are image galleries all around this made-up web design. Just upload your images and add them to a needed gallery: grid, slider or thumbnail. You can also add or remove photos from your store with MotoCMS website builder. Use WYSIWYG editor to customize your shop fast and see the updates right away. No web development experience required.

Demo | More Info

Building Materials

Creating your e-store - building materials

Construction technologies have been improved since the ancient times. Now we can build astonishing facilities that our ancestors could only dream about. The diversity of new materials is huge without exaggeration. In this context, you have all the odds to start own successful building e-store with ease. Especially when you have this MotoCMS template!

Demo | More Info

We hope you liked e-commerce templates above. You can always test any of them, as well as a built-in control panel free of charge. Wish you luck with your e-commerce business.

Ian Byrd

Ian Byrd is a freelance writer, inspired by photography, web design and new technologies. Being passionate about art, reading, music, he likes meeting new people and discovering new things every day. Ian lives the present day, keeping an eye on future prospects. Please, follow him on Twitter.

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