Tips and Tricks for Setting Up an Online Business Using WordPress

WordPress is known to be the most popular CMS and is used by 40% of the existing websites – WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal.

WordPress gives you the freedom to improve the dynamic functionality, efficiently manage the website, and work with no-coding-experience. However, setting up a business that could generate income and compete against selected niche is trickier. You would need to be more focused when building up a business website using WordPress. Here are some useful tips to help you with that-

Know the purpose of your website

If you want to set up a site with best chances of being successful, you would need to know the purpose. According to Google’s quality guidelines, you should know the purpose of your site to create an action-packed page.

Ask yourself about the product or service you are going to offer and how is it going to help the users?

Small business is the way to go

Instead of getting into a highly competitive niche with the bigger marketplace, set up a small business under a limited budget. Small business is what entrepreneur’s call- way to go. Find an idea that sells and get online with your own, original plan.

Be more careful with YMYL websites

Another thing to know before making a business website is YMYL, which means ‘Your money Your Life’. These are the sites containing info related to finance, investment, medical health and so forth. Google carefully observes these types of pages. If your online business niche includes YMYL pages, you would need to make sure that the content on these sites is highly valuable, credible and written by an expert.

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Setting up your WordPress website

To get started you would need to choose the domain name. It should be - Brandable, short and related to your niche. It is vital to select a catchy site name that could become a brand, or you would have to re-select another name in the nick of time.

Another thing to look for is, selecting a short and relevant name. Shorter names usually rank better. There are also different TLDs available, just in case, .com or .net is unavailable.

Once you have selected the domain name for your site, all you need to do is get the hosting Server for getting your site live. You can go for Bluehost service; however, if it’s a new TLD, then you can use Siteground as it’s unavailable on the former hosting.

After this all you need to do is install the WordPress, here is a more detailed guide to help you build the website. Once you have done all this, you need to find a WordPress theme for your business, a theme that converts better and make your business pages to look stunning.

Premium WordPress theme is important

Selecting a WordPress theme is more dependent on your expectation from your site or the type of website you would be creating. For instance, if you are setting up a personal blog, premium theme won’t be that important, and you could select one from WordPress directory.

Nevertheless, it is essential to install a premium business theme when you are starting an online store, professional portfolio/blog, or a business website.

This is because; free themes are missing the Schema markups, actionable support, speedy pages with valid coding and SEO rich templates. While other features could affect your ranking, slower support could be a pebble in your shoe, especially when targeting bigger goals for your business site.

Take a closer look at WordPress premium vs. free themes comparison by Simon

Building an email marketing list

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most-applied techniques for boosting the business. However, you can still use it for improving your sales and promoting new products.

Creating an email list is a bit more complicated as the users are less interested in sharing their email (no one wants to get the inbox loaded with uninteresting emails).

So what you need to do is- provide something valuable in exchange for the email.

Make sure what you are offering is related and not just related to your website, but the page on which the user has landed.

To understand it better, take a look at this page by Adespresso. This site offers social media marketing and advertisement related content, but instead of providing an entire eBook on social media and advertising; it will give you a post-relevant eBook on Facebook advertisement in exchange for your email.

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Try Social media advertising under a limited budget

When you are just starting up with your online business, you should be more careful about where you spend your marketing budget.

Facebook is already a familiar ground among different communities for promoting their products and services. That said, users on Facebook overlook the ad widgets most of the times, so you need to work a bit more when creating the ad banners.

Start with finding your target audience; try to look for the people most interested in your products. When adding the ad image try adding an image that connects on an emotional level. This will help you build the trustworthy brand in the audience.

Alternatively, you can use Instagram for your marketing. Instagram is becoming the next favorite platform for promotion as the users are more interactive on this platform. Use this guide to promote using Instagram.

Over to you

Setting up a business website includes a lot more than just a domain and hosting. You need to select the right WordPress themes that convert the user. Build your online reputation by providing your services for free. It will help you gain a motion. Always add a blog section and do one of the two things - Either solve a problem you know about or answer a question.

Email marketing and social media marketing are still used by most of the businesses online and work well if done right. If you have a limited budget, try creating the business plan by yourself. While there are a lot of marketing tips, here are some standard tips you shouldn’t miss.

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