Top 10 Business Ideas for Kids in 2020 [They Did Not Exist Back In Your Childhood]

Remember this wonderful childhood time when earning extra 20 bucks on babysitting or mowing the neighbor’s lawn made you feel like a millionaire?

In our childhood, we only dreamt of being successful entrepreneurs. The new generation does not dream - they already are.

Not everyone, of course. Kid’s business has its own limitations and depends strongly on a child’s age, acquired skills, and knowledge.

Far not everyone likes the strivings of the younger generation to have their “business” at a minor age. Some would say business steals a real childhood and disturbs the studying process.

From the other half, entrepreneurial thinking will help children grow as responsible and smart adults. Many believe today’s world opens more opportunities to self-organized individuals able to rely on their own skills to generate income.

The correct answer is… well, it just does not exist. If you are ten, twelve or sixteen and you want to business, do it. If you are a parent whose child wants to use one’s skills to get a monetary reward, support your children no matter what. Choosing that one business niche that suits their interests and knowledge sooner or later should end up in success. At the end of the day, learning the value of money through the work at a younger age is a vital life lesson.

 10 Business Ideas That Work for Children in 2020

This is not a list of well-tried job ideas that all of us used to earn pocket money at school. Most of these business ideas emerged only in the 21st century due to the popularity of social media, Internet-based work, and technological development.

These 10 business ideas for kids WORK for children in 2020. Try and see!

  1. Graphic Design;
  2. Website Development;
  3. Computer Repair Service;
  4. Game & App Development;
  5. eCommerce;
  6. Social Media Management;
  7. YouTube Blogging;
  8. Copywriting/Editing/Translation;
  9. Game Testing;
  10. Stock Photography.

1. Graphic Design

Graphic designers are needed as much as web developers and coders. Creative children have huge room for creativity. Sometimes they are even more potential in great ideas, than adults. Such kids will be able to create cool logos, brochures, flyers, postcards, and patterns for small start-up companies, or individual brand owners.

After all, graphic design requires a minimal set of tools, and that usually includes Photoshop and Canva as a starter. For instance, a child can register on one of the relevant platforms, like Upwork or Behance, and start with low-paid jobs for small businesses. Eventually, with every successfully-completed project, a child will obtain a higher rating and will be able to sell his or her skills for a higher price. The project is usually evaluated in work hours, approximately $15 to over $50 per hour depending on a rating.

There are only a few things to invest in before working in graphic design: Photoshop subscription, and a set of high-quality graphics. The last ones you can find by the attached link.

2. Website Development

If your child a real tech geek, there is no way he wouldn’t try developing websites. Web developers have good paychecks. They can work as freelancers or be a part of the world-known companies.

Surprisingly or not, web development skills are something everyone can learn and do for business at any age. Either by reading books, attending online courses or by learning from the older brother, your kid can acquire a perspective profession in a matter of several months. Endless forums and tech geek communities will help him find an answer to almost any question regarding the job.

There are tons of web developing platforms allowing you to create beautiful modern websites. The more platforms you learn how to work with - the more valuable professional you are and the larger your paycheck would be. That’s why starting from the youngest age possible (provided a kid SHOWS an interest) will guarantee your child a successful well-paid career in the future.

Having your own online portfolio with showcased projects will add chances to be noticed by dream employers and increase your online visibility:

Devling - Web Developer Portfolio Moto CMS 3 Template

Devling - Web Developer Portfolio Moto CMS 3 Template.

Demo | Download | Hosting

3. Computer Repair Service

The truth is, people older than Gen Z or Y have too many issues with newly-launched devices and with computers overall. They might have issues dealing with the new software updates, not to mention span protecting themselves from viruses.

Does your child feel like a fish to water in computers? Does he know how to fix serious issues in your phone or laptop, and knows all computer elements by heart? Help him organize a computer repair service.

It may all start in your garage or attic fixing friend’s devices. It may all end up in an entire computer repair service website to extend the number of customers. By the way, a future website can look like this with Compair multipage HTML5 template:

Compair - Computer Service Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Compair - Computer Service Multipage HTML5 Website Template.

Demo | Download | Get this product for Free in ONE Membership

4. Game & App Development

Till now, there exist billions of mobile apps, most of which are games. Even teenagers can earn money by developing such software, provided they have basic programming skills.

But even a lack of those skills doesn’t mean you can’t run an app development business. Services like IBuildApp, AppsGeyser allow you to build an app as a constructor. You can pump your knowledge from online video tutorials and professional app developers’ forums.

Each app, including games, allows you to earn in 3 different ways:

  • take money for downloading;
  • advertise other apps;
  • add paid chips (bonuses, additional features).

Good income comes from popularity. People would want to download your app if it brings value, is easy-to-use and highly-functional. Revenue depends on the number of downloads and ad clicks.

If the app developed by your child suddenly popular but you no longer want to own one, you can sell it to a large company. For instance, Nick D’Alosio, after creating Summly mobile app at the age of 17, sold it to Yahoo for almost $30 million. Quite a paycheck!

5. eCommerce

Not that it’s something innovative, but eCommerce can indeed become a profitable business. It required investments but with the right marketing campaign, it should be paid off quite fast.

Selling high-quality handmade products created by a child will be the best option. If your kid can boast of excellent crafting skills, he or she may turn their hobby into a source of income. Among the handmade products you can sell online are:

  • Knitting mittens, socks, slippers, hats, scarves, children's suits;
  • Manufacturing soap;
  • Handmade jewelry;
  • Wooden items like shelves and photo frames;
  • Scrapbooking - decorating photo albums, photo frames, postcards;
  • Decoupage - decoration of furniture, dishes, interior items by gluing colored paper cutouts.

The significant tool you’ll need for sales is your website. Creating an online shop is not that expensive, as you think. To minimize costs on web design, you buy one of our TemplateMonster eCommerce web templates:

Nokshi - Handmade Crafts eCommerce Website Template

Nokshi - Handmade Crafts eCommerce Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

6. Social Media Management

Kids are too obsessed with social media. Older generations argue about a negative social media impact on Gen Z children, while they find ways to use social media as an opportunity.

The fact is, social networks are a powerful marketing instrument for brands. Companies set up huge budgets for social media campaigns, which include paychecks for a social media manager. Becoming one does not require special education. The list of skills includes:

  • knowing how to run Instagram or Facebook ad campaigns;
  • creating thinking;
  • knowing the latest social media trends;
  • knowing your target audience;
  • understanding the wishes of a client.

If your child is an active user of Twitter, Instagram and, oh well, Tik-Tok (this one is growing popularity like crazy), he may already understand the main algorithms. A little bit more practice and theory (the Internet is full of SMM materials) and voila: your child no longer wastes time on social media - he earns cash from it!

Paychecks of young SMM specialists vary. It mostly depends on your previous experience and knowledge, as well as the number of projects a child is responsible for. So it can easily from several hundred dollars a month to several thousand $.

7. YouTube Blogging

YouTube blogging for a kid or even an adolescent is super arguable. From one side, owners of successful YouTube channels earn A LOT OF money from YouTube partnership and brand promos in the videos. From the other, young bloggers are accountable to their audience to make regular video content. Not to say some get an enormous amount of hate.

YouTube blogging is not for everyone. If your child has cool video ideas and is ready to share that content with a huge audience, let it be. The regularity of quality content is the key to reaching more views and attracting advertisers. And advertising, as we know, brings the most income for a blogger.

The most likable YouTube content is for kids is:

  • Game videos reviews;
  • Toy reviews;
  • Compilations from other people’s videos;
  • Sketches with a certain scenario.

Remember, though, developing a YouTube blog takes time. Your child may spend months or even years to gain enough audience. That’s why loving what you do is the main aspect of success.

8. Copywriting/Editing/Translation

This “business” is more suitable for older school students with a basic set of general knowledge and literacy. Working as a freelance copywriter, editor or translator is a flexible job and suits everyone who likes working with texts.

You decide whether you want to write completely new material or edit the existing one. Students with a good knowledge of foreign languages can also translate content for money.

The job itself is not difficult, although requires a set of basic knowledge in some field and writing and quick typing skills. A child should choose the topic for his texts depending on his own interests, whether it’s game reviews, reviews of beauty products, celebrity news, school survival tips and more.

If writing texts is kind of difficult for a child, he may start as a typewriter. This job is about turning handwritten, audio or video material to texts. Typewriting is not so well-paid as copywriting or even rewriting but is a great way to improve the child’s typing skills.

Finding clients who need copywriters, editors, and translators is easy through freelance job search platforms, like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Indeed, etc. In your profile, you set up the desired hourly rate based on your current rating and reviews.

Alternatively, your child can make an online portfolio website. It should look somewhat like this template. Just download it by the link below and create a stunning portfolio in 5 minutes:

Daniel Booker - Elegant Personal Page Moto CMS 3 Template

Daniel Booker - Elegant Personal Page Moto CMS 3 Template.

Demo | Download | Hosting

9. Game Testing

Earning money playing games? Sounds too good to be true. If your kids are obsessed with computer games, they may theoretically receive rewards for it. After all, an enormous number of games are still under testing. Developers want to get feedback from potential customers, and therefore they willing to pay those who would test these games.

Apparently, becoming a game tester is like catching goldfish - only lucky ones get a chance. Millions of adults consider game testing as their dream job, not to say about teens. However, where there is a will - there is a way.

10. Stock Photography

Teenagers in love with photography can sell their photos online on specialized stock resources. If your child knows how to deal with a professional camera, knows basics oh photography art and already creates great shots for his friends, this job will be a pleasure.

Selling stock images can bring a good profit provided the photo is high-quality and professionally-done. Kids may start from photos of nature and landscapes and end with professional studio photoshoots with models.

Before selling photo content to photo stocks, it’s important to learn the market. Which images are the most demanded? What is the average price for a single photo licence? Which content works best for your child?

There is an extensive number of platforms where one can sell their photos online. So many massive databases where users are free to find a picture for multiple purposes! These are blog posts, posters, social media, book covers, magazines, and many others.

The greatest thing about selling stock photos online is the possibility to set the necessary prices. They depend on multiple factors:

  • the way of images use;
  • their commercial aims;
  • medium for publishing;
  • and others.

The right mix of these factors allows making not only hundreds but also thousands of dollars.

In general, the idea of selling stock photos is beneficial. However, it is impossible to say which topic is the most widely-used one. There are millions of buyers and countless possibilities for the kinds of photos they want to buy.

Before starting this business, you might think that everything depends on the unique style of your images. Without a doubt, you need to make sure your photos are high-quality ones. Yet, there is one more aspect you need to memorize. To make lots of sales, you need to know where to sell your stock photos. Lots of platforms get a lot of traffic, attract many potential buyers, and allow increasing your sales. As an example, you can pay your attention to Shutterstock, Getty Images, Dreamstime, and others.

By the way, it is better to stay away from further editing. People do not want these over-Photoshopped images that do not remind of images at all. It is better to give them a bring and sharp photo that can catch the attention of the audience.

In general, it is not a challenge to enter this market. It is a pretty exciting decision that does not require lots of effort from people, including teenagers. Take some eye-catching photos, submit them to different platforms, and start gaining money.

End of the Line…

All 10 business ideas that I mentioned are pretty scalable. Depending on skills and experience, they can bring good revenue even for an adult. Although, it doesn’t mean your child is supposed to continue doing this job in the future. Yet, it’s important for kids to enjoy their job now.

No matter how absurd your child’s idea may look or sound, support them in everything they have passion for. Your support will contribute to their success in business, even if it doesn’t go large-scale.

But watch out! Even the biggest successes aren’t as sweet as they sound. Overtaking a successful business to start generating more and more income can end up in overlooking the child’s real desires. It’s not about the money, after all =)

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