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You Too Have a Choice! Top 8 Business Ideas for Small Towns in 2018

It’s so typical to think that successful entrepreneurs lead their businesses in big cities only. It can also seem like the only business and career development opportunities are in cities. Even when we think of business owners, there comes a particular image of a solid man in a business suit, who owns a large enterprise in the city downtown. But does this cliche identify all the world’s successful business owners?

The truth is, businessmen can have a completely different image in a rural place of residence.

Whatever they say but a small-town business is a reality!

In fact, it offers many opportunities to take advantage of right now. TemplateMonster will help you come up with top 8 business ideas that work as perfectly in small towns as they do in a megacity.

But first ...

About a Small-Town Business

It’s impossible to ignore business peculiarities in small towns as you’re about to make your first step into the entrepreneurship. As a rule, most of them have similar economic features regardless of whether it is a resort destination in the south or a small northern settlement with a population of 50 thousand inhabitants.

So, what are the main characteristics of a small town when it comes to starting your own business?

  1. Simplicity and Traditionalism of the Idea
    Big cities are spoiled with their variety of places, so you can always come up with new and innovative ideas. When it comes to small towns, simple and traditional ideas usually work more successfully compared to their larger counterparts.
  2. Sufficient Number of Free Business Niches
    Possibly, your town is already packed with shops and restaurants. Still, there are so many niches to consider. Just keep looking.
  3. Lower Competition
    You wouldn’t need to fight for each client, as it usually happens between rival businesses from metropolitan areas. It’s just not everyone dares to start a business in a small town.
  4. Easier Business Organization
    Usually, a small town is a place where everyone knows each other, so this fact may significantly simplify your business organization process. You know everyone, and everyone knows you. You can even get in touch with anyone through your own connections.
  5. Limited Customer Flow
    Let's say, if your store/restaurant/beauty salon, etc. is quite in demand among all its residents, there is just no way to increase the clientele. If you want to earn more, you’ll need to come up with some new sources of income.
  6. Cheaper Labor
    Small town inhabitants have less money to spend, so they are more likely to be content with smaller salaries than people in large cities, who have more money to spend.
  7. Minimal Starting Capital
    The costs of buying or renting real estate, supplies, keeping labor, and other things is several times lower in a small town, so it’s possible to become an entrepreneur by just having a small capital.
  8. Doing Business is Easier
    Compared to businesses in big cities, you don’t need to try hard promoting one in a rural area. It’s just enough to provide quality services, sell quality goods and set up affordable prices to make your business profitable. It's unlikely that inhabitants of a small own are too spoiled for quality.
  9. Reputation is Important
    If you had a good reputation even before starting a business and you are an honest and supportive individual, then it’s likely your entrepreneurship will go well.
  10. No Need for Large Advertising Campaigns
    You can save a lot on advertising just because you (most likely) have a good reputation and people that you know would initially try to support your business. And once they spread their word, everyone would know about you even faster than by launching tons of ads.

Top 8 Ideas for Your Future Businesses in a Small Town

Idea # 1: Shop

Everyone needs shops, whether it’s inhabitants of a small village or a megacity. As common as it sounds, there exist so many niches to show your potentials and creativity. Your choices aren’t limited to already existing grocery stores, coffee shops, and hardware stores. Just find a free niche that your locality lacks now and start acting.

2018 is diverse in business templates ideas for shops. So, here are some hints:

  • Health food store;
  • Organic cosmetics shop;
  • Clothing store;
  • Vape shop;
  • Thrift shop;
  • Drugstore;
  • Floral Studio;
  • Bookstore and many more.

It’s up to you to decide which of these business ideas work best in your small town. Your decision will depend on the level of competition in a particular shop sector, the consumers’ demand and the number of your existing capital investments.

Herewith, don’t forget to spread the word about your business with the help of your own website created on one of the TemplateMonster best themes for stores/shops.

Here are several examples how your future website can look like:

Naturio Food Store Template WooCommerce Theme

Naturio Food Store

Demo | Download | Hosting

Azalea - Wedding Shop MotoCMS Ecommerce Template

Business Ideas

Demo | Download | Hosting

support Ukraine

Honey Store Responsive MotoCMS Ecommerce Template

Business Ideas

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 2: Eatery

Those living in small towns have a limited number of entertainment options. And when it comes to family days outs and Saturday meetups with friends, restaurants can be as crowded as grocery stores on weekends.

So, here are your choices of small town eateries:

  • Cafe;
  • Coffee shop;
  • Confectionary or bakery;
  • Bar or pub;
  • Restaurant;
  • Universal catering for everything from prom gatherings to funeral feasts.

Again, you have to choose a unique niche to avoid competition with other similar places in your area. After all, something new will attract more customers!

Our marketplace is ready to support your business with ready-made and convenient web templates for all kinds of eateries.

Have a look:

Bakery Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Business Ideas

Demo | Download | Hosting

Burger Palace - Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

food and restaurant wordpress templates

Demo | Download | Hosting

GutenBerg - Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

food and restaurant wordpress templates

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 3: Pharmacy or Vet Clinic

If your town doesn’t have any of the mentioned institutions, take this business idea into serious consideration. A pharmacy or a pet clinic is a lucrative and promising niche and doesn’t require as much responsibility and investment as a simple clinic does. Although, it might be challenging to find proficient pharmacists. Other than that, there will always be someone in search of medicines, vitamins and beauty care products.

Meanwhile, almost every family has at least one pet in their house. So, imagine how happy they can be to have an animal clinic located in the neighborhood instead of driving miles to the nearest one.

If you choose a web template for your drug store or a pet clinic site at TemplateMonster, your clients will be able to order a home delivery of their purchases or respectively book online arrangements.

Medical Store - OpenCart Template

Medical Store - OpenCart Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Vetcare - Vet Clinic Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Vetcare - Vet Clinic Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 4: Atelier

What if you enjoy sewing as much as it might become your lifetime business? Then, you should start earning on sewing clothes. In fact, such business can be very profitable as there are always people that enjoy wearing custom clothes more than ready-made options. Don’t forget about special occasions like proms and weddings. Girls would undoubtedly love to wear something of their own design!

The main precondition is to be good at what you are doing and provide a high-quality service.

Idea # 5: Beauty Salon / Barber Shop

Both women and men strive to look beautiful. Opening a beauty salon or a barber shop in a small town can cause a boom, well, at least for women. They will be able to devote some time to their beauty and get all kinds of hair, nail, facial and makeup services.

Helen R. talks about what it’s like to open a business in the beauty industry, in her recent interview with TemplateMonster. Follow the link for more information.

Naillasi - Manicure & Nail Supplies Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Naillasi - Manicure & Nail Supplies Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Beardy - Hair Care & Hair Styling Moto CMS 3 Template

Beardy - Hair Care & Hair Styling Moto CMS 3 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 6: Daycare Service

Small kids are just another niche not to be worried about because they always need assistance. There might be enough working couples in your area to face the same issue - lack of free spots in a preschool. Of course, most of them would agree to pay a daycare center to look after their children during their workday.

To us, this idea sounds super fresh. Just as fresh as this.

Child Care - Day Care Website Template:

Child Care - Day Care Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 7: Construction Business

Being a construction business owner is a rewarding job, but it takes the most efforts to lead one if you want things to go perfectly. And even though all the ideas mentioned above were meant both for men and women, this niche is considered a male business.

Start your construction business with a well-organized website to make customers and companies trust you more!

Real Estate - Architecture Design Moto CMS 3 Template

Real Estate - Architecture Design Moto CMS 3 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 8: Auto Repair Shop

How many people repair their cars on their own? Of course, they’d rather visit a special auto repair shop and entrust a professional. If you create an honest and a high-quality car repair business, there will be a high demand for your services among the local drivers.

A standard list of services should include:

  • Tire fitting;
  • Diagnosing & repairing running gear;
  • Straightening and painting.

Tinker - Best Car Repairing Website Template

Tinker - Best Car Repairing Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Idea # 8: Car Wash

If you have enough investments, a car wash can become a supplemental service to your auto repair shop. On the other side, one can exist on its own. Just look at how stylish your car wash website can be if you buy this responsive Moto CMS 3 template.

Car Wash Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Car Wash Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

End of the Line ...

At first, the idea of starting a business in a relatively small town might be discouraging. If you are trying to open something unique and exceptional, think seven times before cutting once.

It’s likely that people living in small cities will not welcome these ideas, but you never know unless you try!

get a readymade website

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