11 Top Flat Design WordPress Themes 2019

“Flat” is good. If we talk about web design.

It replaced skeuomorphism, pursuing the idea of losing 3-dimensional design features; it grew into a “rich design” concept pursuing the idea of regaining 3-dimensional design features, but, this time, in a different way.; in a somewhat cartoony, artificial and exaggerated way. A way that is very user-experience friendly.

What are the benefits of a flat design? First of all, it lets us concentrate on what you read. Or, to be more precise (as we are gathered here to learn how to entice our website visitors with flat design) it lets your website visitors concentrate on what they read. And if it’s a WordPress layout design, you kill 2 birds with 1 stone - you create a blog and a flat-design website all at once.

The benefits are as follows:

No distractions.

No distractions means that you can concentrate on what the design says, be it the colors which convey the overall mood of the business, or the text which sends to you exactly why you should choose this particular business.

Clean & Simple.

The minimalistic simplicity of flat WordPress design improves the user experience - it speeds up the time of a reader’s understanding of the message, clarifying the path which a designer means the user to take.

Clean code & Other Great Tech Features

Apart from the clean code, a website with flat design loads faster. Thus, your website visitors won’t bounce away. Besides, flat design is good about SEO, which means that Google will rank you higher.

These are the main reasons why flat design could serve you well. Enjoy the designs which are listed below!

1. HyperNova


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Hypernova is not only a WordPress template - it’s also a template which is adapted for eCommerce. You may create a store with the great flat-design features which are included. Pay attention to the Google map at the bottom of the website; this is a small window-like map which shows your customer the location of your business.

2. WooStroid


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Another great option for an eCommerce store is a recently released template, WooStroid, which is a multipurpose theme for those who are planning to move their business online. Having a multipurpose theme means that you are not limited only to 1 design option even after you purchase the template and you are able to switch between the designs.

3. BookIt


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The design seems to be clean and neat, while the information presented in the boxes is displayed clearly and is very readable. An online store, built with a design like this, can be a source of real conversions for your business.

4. Dalton


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This flat design will definitely attract the attention of your customers. It’s placed right on the hero image, making it impossible not to be overlooked, so future hotel guests are very likely to convert. All the types of services which you have at the hotel, may be placed neatly in specific segments of the template.

5. Interra


Demo More Info Hosting

A tribute to flat design WordPress in a black-and-white color combination would look like this WordPress template. If you need something non-trivial, something that would grab attention, you might consider using this template.

6. Medkit


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The up to date look of this template represents a modern and innovative attitude of this business towards the services and products that it provides. A website with a design WordPress template like this could herald a breakthrough in a medical business. Just further proof that the best looking WordPress websites could turn into the best looking eCommerce websites.

7. Laraway


Demo More Info Hosting

A flat designed WordPress template for a SEO agency can make a great basis for your SEO project. It will display perfectly on any screen size, reaching all of your audience on various devices.

8. Healto


Demo More Info Hosting

A green and blue gradient makes the design look dynamic, welcoming your website visitors and appealing to them with various CTA buttons, social media widgets, service descriptions, etc.

9. Addison


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If you are looking for a bold design which will impress your visitors, this WordPress theme may come in handy. Whether you are going to make a fashion blog or an impressive portfolio, this WordPress design theme may meet your requirements.

10. Remodel


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Remodel and renovate your old business website with this remodeling template, or create your first website from the very beginning. A design that combines dark and luscious colors with a bright red color, will leave your website visitor wondering why he or she is so attracted to the design of this business website.

11. EMPower


Demo More Info Hosting

The color green should never be overrated in a design, especially when it comes to creating eco-friendly projects. You may enjoy the flat design used here, and if you’ve been looking for a layout for a nature project which requires a flat design - this option is a 2-in-1 for you.

Even for the pickiest minds there will be some templates which are worthy of attention.

Use the benefits of flat design for your successful website; incorporate the minimum use of stylistic elements and see the proof of the statement that “Less is more”. Define exactly what you need to see on your website, maybe even compile a list, and look carefully through the templates with flat design and find the design which you need.

Corporate websites, online stores, art projects - every niche may benefit from flat design, making it a competitive site. Don’t miss out!

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