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Top 12 Free Food & Restaurant Templates From TM

Earlier, one was able to use a signboard on the street to attract a new client to their cafe or restaurant.

Moreover, TV ads could tell people about the restaurant in the best possible way. Nowadays this trend has radically changed. It’s simple to use website templates. The average user is quite quickly able to develop a site where, conveniently, the most necessary information can be highlighted. Such solutions contribute to the development of restaurants and cafes. Because in the network everyone can look at the menu and to get acquainted with the place without even having been there. So, to get a website, even if you own an online food resource for delivery, is the most reasonable decision.

Because today the audience on the Internet is worth thousands of real visitors. There are several options that you can create based on the restaurant templates. For example, the representation of a restaurant, which, in the advertising manner will show the pluses of the place. Such projects are very well structured, as in their functions there are blocks for the menu and prices. And also, special animated elements with information about the chefs, and also in the gallery you can see what the place looks like inside. Such solutions can be downloaded without problems.

Thanks to the right template, you’ll have the opportunity to give yourself advertising independently. And this is no longer a modest banner, but a whole resource where everything is shown up to the smallest detail.

Free Cafe & Restaurant HTML5 Template

This restaurant template will for a long time be one of the leading free solutions in the field related to food. It’s good in every aspect because it’s flexible and will always be able to please with its capabilities. If you want to make a quality free food website, then this is the best possible election. When this HTML5 project becomes the restaurant’s face, visitors will want to go there. Admins will enjoy using the site too. Because such functionality is extremely rare in products for which you don’t need to pay.

Restaurant Templates

Demo | Download | Hosting

SweeTella Store Free OpenCart Template

For establishments like online food stores, it’s important to show yourself on the Internet. Because this is not only a reliable way to get a particular customer base, it’s also a chance to advertise yourself for free. The template is aimed at working with food delivery services. On its basis, you can create a sweets delivery website. Much attention is paid to images of sweets, effects, and other small things. All this will more than successfully attract the attention of potential customers. This platform will never have any problems with displaying the site on devices of different calibers. If we take the template’s functionality, it’s practically one of the most modern products in this niche.

Restaurant Templates

Demo | Download | Hosting

Mia Ittalloni – Free WordPress Italian Restaurant Theme

This restaurant theme can attract many new customers and simplify the work with the table reservation. Visitors will be pleased to know in advance what can be expected from such a place. Thanks to the capabilities of the theme, the owner can organize the placement of the menu with prices. And using dynamic effects will help attract customers' attention. The theme also allows you to place forms for writing reviews. And also, there’s a selection of social network icons. And, of course, everything that relates to contacts and clarifying information is organized in the best way.

Mia Ittalloni – Free WordPress Italian Restaurant Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Alcoholic Beverage Store Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme will become the basis for a resource and provide a stream of customers. Each function of this theme will help to customers to learn prices and the resource in general. Thanks to this, even a young project will be able to collect an audience. Further, the owner can develop a full product catalog, where there will be all the relevant info. The available range of functions will allow you to create clear product information elements. Like placing beverage images and providing full contact information.

Alcoholic Beverage Store Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Italian Restaurant Free Drupal Theme

This free Drupal theme is perfect for not only different types of restaurant resources but also for cafes. Add to this the opportunity to develop a site that easily takes Italian food for the main topic. And you’ll get a resource that lovers of the European dishes will appreciate. In the functional terms, this free theme can’t oppose the most powerful premium solutions. But if you’re looking for the free themes, you won’t need to look further.

Alcoholic Beverage Store Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Astoria – Free Restaurant HTML5 Landing Page Template

For the most part, the projects which are tied up with food can work in many areas. This time, TM provides an opportunity to embrace all possible resource formats widely. With this restaurant landing page template, you will sell food as well as make landing pages for restaurants, cafes, culinary sites, and online fast food delivery stores. The creators haven't forgotten to equip the template with beautiful effects. This will underline the fact that it was released recently.

Astoria – Free Restaurant HTML5 Landing Page Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

European Restaurant Free Joomla Template

Thanks to this template’s functional coverage, you can create almost any food-related resource. Any idea is easy to develop into an understandable picture and start your project using all the theme’s features. Great gifts for clever users will be shortcodes that can be used to fix some functional issues manually. There’s also a small selection of social icons and a special module for video. It’s beneficial for such a site. And an extremely convenient form of subscription. This template can satisfy your visitors because it’s user-friendly and has a convenient field for feedback which gets displayed on the main page.

European Restaurant Free Joomla Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Free Restaurant HTML5 Template with Typography

Any direction that is associated with food has a good chance of success if it’s used as the primary topic for the site. For this reason, we created a template for opening a restaurant or a cafe website. In any case, our free HTML5 food templates have such an advanced functionality that you can build any food-related website. Such opportunities are provided by included add-ons that help increase the saturation of the pages. And, in addition to efficiency, such add-ons also give external appeal to the project.

Free Restaurant HTML5 Template with Typography

Demo | Download | Hosting

Free Recipes Website HTML5 Template

With this template, you can design a culinary website. But it’s possible that it will be a business card site of a restaurant or a cafe. Depending on what specific goals are pursued. It’s obvious that restaurants and bars are eager to create their own resources on the network because this is an additional customer base. The management system here will help you distribute information about specific dishes and give visitors the opportunity to choose which cook should prepare them. Or from whom to receive recipes.

Free Recipes Website HTML5 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Free Food Delivery HTML5 Template

If you take any of the culinary resources, everything there is usually based on the pictures. Here, in addition to them, you’ll have a whole set of add-ons, which will allow you to present the covered topics. Take the chance to make a great and high-quality culinary resource. Among the options, there’s a set of different color schemes. If there’s a need, you’ll be able to use the top panel, where the various elements are placed. You can use a slider, Google maps, and a bunch of other little things to attract customers. And one detail that makes this template unique is the ability to set an independent background image.

Free Food Delivery HTML5 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Free Cooking HTML5 Template

The template gives you the chance to create your own project, with the central theme being food. It will fit the culinary arts, or perhaps a personal site of a cafe or restaurant. Or just your blog, where you can keep personal records of dishes according to the recipes developed at home. It’s worth mentioning that this template turned out to be very simple. But the information saturation here is excellent. The template works with Google maps, has a JQuery support, and has a module for the gallery. It’s a very clean and reasonable project.

Free Food Delivery HTML5 Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Free Restaurant Business HTML5 Template

This template can serve as the basis for a business site of any kind and has the functionality to help you create any idea. The main thing is that, despite lots of animations, pictures, and other elements, this solution will never work slowly on any device. Almost every technology is developed at the maximum level, so this is a lightweight project.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Top 12 Free Food & Restaurant Templates From TM

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Cafe & Restaurant Free Website Templates WT Sample Free Templates Free
SweeTella Store ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates Free
Mia Ittalloni - Free WordPress Restaurant Theme ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates Free
Alcoholic Beverage Store ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates Free
Italian Restaurant Free Drupal Theme WT Sample Free Templates Free
Free Restaurant Landing Page Template ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates Free
European Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template ZEMEZ Sample Free Templates Free
Free Webste Template with Typography - Restaurant WT Sample Free Templates Free
Free Template for Recipes Website - Background WT Sample Free Templates Free
Free Website Template for Food Delivery WT Sample Free Templates Free
Free Website Template - Cooking WT Sample Free Templates Free
Free Website Template - Restaurant Business WT Sample Free Templates Free

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