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Free Platforms to Promote Your Startup

How do you start a successful business? You might suggest that all you need is a strong brand name and a top-quality product. But in all likelihood you won’t see much growth in revenue, even with the combination of these two components. A proper promotional strategy is a clue to success for each startup as it is a very effective tool for creating a growing interest around your products or services. Things are a little bit different for the new ventures that try to enter the market.

It is much harder to promote a startup as no one can guarantee the success of the project, but a powerful and creative marketing strategy is the engine that can help you build a large audience and drive more investors to your business.

So, how to promote your startup in an effective way. The core feature that you should emphasize in your campaign is the ability of the project to grow, as it shows that your startup is able to create more revenue, become established and reach a bigger audience.

However, many beginners promote their businesses too aggressively. As a result, their campaigns become too annoying and potential customers just ignore the products and their startups fail quite quickly. To avoid that, you have to conduct thorough research to promote the business in the right way. Well, your target group is the first thing you have to figure out to develop an effective strategy. The next step is to optimize the website for search engines to ensure a smooth traffic flow. Advertise your website on any possible resource as it is one of the best ways to get your name out and expand the audience. Try to reduce sales pressure on your website to ensure better interaction with the audience.

One of the most effective ways of promotion is to join one of the startup platforms. This step might be a little bit confusing, as there are many resources that offer you an opportunity to register your startup at a steep price, and quite often the costs are not affordable for young and growing ventures. Fortunately, we have prepared a collection of top free platforms for startups that you can join for absolutely no charge. Here you will find more investors, a lot of effective ideas and recommendations to use in your business strategy.


On this resource you can find the latest news in the web world and hundreds of awesome startups. The users vote and decide which project is good and which one is not. You can also discuss your startup with other users, promote it and find some good ideas on how to improve it.


* * *

Y Combinator

This is a great platform to seed funding for your startup and showcase the products you want to launch.


* * *

The Startup Pitch

A powerful website that can be quite handy for promoting a startup. It allows you to answer different questions about your products to get more coverage for the upcoming project.

support Ukraine


* * *


This platform allows you to create a startup profile to find investors and build a bigger audience.


* * *


SideProjectors is one of the best free startup platforms designed for buying, selling and seeking partners for the startup, etc.


* * *

Launching Next

This platform is a home to thousands of startups and business ideas that you can use for your projects.


* * *

Startup Booster

Startup Booster is designed to help new entrepreneurs succeed in their business and learn new ideas and techniques that can be quite handy in their business strategy.


* * *


This is a growing platform for building a powerful startup ecosystem. For now it is focused on the Indian market, but it is expected that it will expand to more countries eventually


* * *


Maqtoob platform offers a number of effective solutions and tools to make your business more profitable. You can also share your ideas and feedback with other entrepreneurs to help them with marketing, design, usability, etc.


* * *

Cool Startup, Bro

This is an awesome platform where you can showcase a demo-video of your startup and make more people aware of your business.

cool startup


Use this powerful library to advertise your startup to a wide audience. The platform is designed for web app developers, so anyone can share their products here and comment on yours.


* * *

Beta Bound

Find hundreds of professional beta testers for your apps and make them work flawlessly.


* * *


On this platform you will also find a number of beta-testers for your products.


* * *


Submit your app to Appstorm for a review to take a full advantage of our tools and sell your products for profit.


* * *

Web App Rater

Web App Rater is one of the top free platforms for startups specially designed for web app developers and users to bring them closer to each other and improve the quality of the products.


* * *

VB Profiles

This powerful platform allows you to drive your business forward with its advanced crowd-sourced data gathering model. Add a description of your project to our database and build a bigger audience.


* * *


One of the most effective platforms for startups that offers you thousands of profiles of people and companies of different kinds.


* * *


Netted offers a great way to talk about your business and increase traffic in the short run.


* * *

Startup Tabs

Introduce your startup to a wide audience with this pro designed website.


* * *


Use this startup library to advertise your products or services and build a strong community.


* * *

Of course, there are thousands of other platforms that can also be useful to you. This is the list of the top free platforms for startups that impressed us the most, and they will surely help you build a highly engaged community, find investors and make your products even better.

Alex Samoylenko

Alex is passionate about all the things related to WordPress and Elementor in particular. At MonsterPost, you can find a handful of cool tutorials shared by him.

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  6. I was browsing since long time, but i got the information from this article. All the Platforms you mentioned will really give benefits to any startup. i am not sure if i can share any link here. I have few websites list where you can promote your startup free of cost.

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