Top Shopify Dropshipping Stores 2023 [Best Reseller Designs]

  1. What is dropshipping?
  2. Pros and cons of Dropshipping
  3. Why Shopify?
  4. What features make Shopify for dropshipping perfect?
  5. Popular Dropshipping Products
  6. How and where to find dropshipping suppliers for an online store?
  7. Top 7 Shopify dropshipping stores for inspiration
  8. What are the alternatives to create a dropshipping store?
  9. Conclusion

Over the past few years, the field of e-commerce has become one of the most promising sites for commercial business.

Top Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Starting your own business in the niche of online commerce is a completely achievable goal that can be realized without significant investments. Dropshipping will help you with it.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a flexible way of managing a business that is supported by most e-commerce platforms, including the largest of them, Shopify.

If we consider in more detail, dropshipping is a business model in which a product overcomes a chain of three entities:

  • Manufacturer;
  • Retailer;
  • Buyer.

In this chain, a retailer acts as a dropshipper, being an intermediary between the manufacturer and a direct consumer of the product. Dropshipper does not need to purchase consignments in advance and rent a warehouse for its storage, spending decent money. Having received the order and full prepayment from a client, a dropshipper takes his commissions and transfers the information to a manufacturer. A supplier sends the goods to the buyer's address, without specifying company logos and other individual data. As a result, a consumer picks up ordered products by mail, not realizing that he received it from a manufacturer directly.


Dropshipping minimizes risks and puts an entrepreneur in a rather favorable position. Using it, you don’t have to think over the appropriateness of purchases and try to predict demand, fearing for an invested amount of funds. A transaction is executed upon the order.

An intermediary is only required to organize the interaction of the first and third entities of the link. It is for this that he makes a profit in the form of the difference between the purchase and retail prices. Typically, the dropshipping margin is from 10 to 100%.

In general, the tasks of an entrepreneur are:

  • creation and promotion of a trading platform;
  • reaching agreements with suppliers;
  • product advertising;
  • search for potential buyers;
  • informing the target audience about the goods;
  • processing personal data of customers;
  • receiving and sending order details to the supplier.

At the initial stage of work, most businessmen cost a minimum investment. However, in the future, there is a need to implement effective marketing strategies, conduct advertising campaigns that need additional financial costs. Such steps attract regular customers, without which high profits in dropshipping are impossible.

Pros and cons of Dropshipping

Like any business model, dropshipping is characterized by weaknesses and strengths. The method provides an excellent start-up opportunity for beginner businessmen, gives prospects for further development - independently or within the same system. So, I recommend you first to learn about its pros and cons.

dropshipping pros and cons

The undoubted advantages of the scheme include:

  • Small investment. To start a business, it is not necessary to rent or purchase premises for a warehouse or office.
  • No additional costs and risks. The entrepreneur doesn’t need to hire additional staff, rent a warehouse for products or organize a logistics system. Dropshipping does not provide for preliminary purchases of products worth tens of thousands of dollars. That is why financial risks are reduced to almost zero.
  • Time-saving. Dropshipper saves a lot of time, which is spent on finding a place for the warehouse and delivery service employees, posting products, control over the leftovers.
  • Diverse product ranges. Since intermediaries do not purchase the positions presented in the catalog in advance. They are not financially limited. They can offer customers a greater choice.
  • Territorial independence. Without a warehouse and office, the intermediary seller is not tied to a specific place. He can manage business processes from any point in the world. The only thing he needs is uninterrupted access to the Internet.
  • Stable profit. With established contacts with suppliers, competent marketing actions and the formation of an optimal percentage premium, the organizer of the dropshipping business always gets his money.

But there are also such disadvantages:

  • Increased responsibility to the buyer. In the course of each transaction, the dropshipper takes risks by ordering a "pig in a poke". He does not control delivery, often does not have the opportunity to pre-evaluate products or packaging. So, he cannot be sure of the quality of the delivered goods.
  • The probability of encountering dishonesty of a partner. Among the suppliers, there are one-day firms, scammers who may send a frank marriage to a client or not send the order after transferring money.
  • Difficulties in cooperation with foreign suppliers. The intermediary is dependent on partners. He entrusts delivery to the manufacturer, but the responsibility to the client lies with him. In cooperation with foreign companies, delivery times are significantly increased, and taxes have to be paid for products transported across the border.
  • High competition. There are many top Shopify dropshipping stores. To get around competitors and attract more customers, dropshippers are forced to set a lower margin, lower prices.

Why Shopify?

When choosing the Shopify platform, you never have to worry about the excess of goods sold, since you order the exclusively necessary quantity to meet the demand of customers. This platform differs from traditional e-commerce.

Shopify Benefits

So, how to create one of the top dropshipping online stores on Shopify figured out, now I will answer the question of why it is worth choosing this platform.

  • In 2019 10.78 % of world market share among e-commerce platforms work on the basis of Shopify, which is a very good result.
  • Paid and free templates. Shopify offers both paid and free themes. The average price Shopify online store themes begin from $140.
  • Shopify offers a comprehensive package of services. In many other cases, the user needs to buy hosting for the site and make settings, which requires at least minimal knowledge in this area. Shopify even offers hosting services for the site.
  • Shopify App Store is regularly updated with new applications. They help to solve such problems as improving the conversion of website visitors to customers, increasing the frequency and volume of purchases, and many others. Currently, the Shopify App Store has over 300 applications. Among them, both paid and free.
  • Low cost. First of all, Shopify gives its users 2 weeks of trial testing to evaluate whether this platform was suitable for them.
  • 24/7 user support. At any time of the day, you can get an answer to your question through chat, email or phone.

What features make Shopify for dropshipping perfect?

Shopify is a complete content management system that allows you to create online stores of any size. In addition, the platform is equipped with tools that help your customers compare products, look for the one in the catalog and make payments. This platform has a plugin Oberlo — dropshipping tool, which helps this business run easily without any coding skills.

Moreover, any Shopify store has:

  • Unlimited customization options;
  • Innovative navigation system;
  • Accompanying plug-in for enhanced functionality;
  • Blog section.

If you want to know how is it to have a dropshipping website, try free Shopify themes. But if you are sure that you want to have your own e-commerce business, you should pick premium themes. They have more benefits than you think.

Below I have prepared a collection of the best Shopify themes 2023 for different niches that are suitable for dropshipping. So, let's look at the best Shopify themes.

NextMagic - Sports Accessories Shopify Theme

NextMagic - Sports Accessories Shopify Theme.

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Are you planning to sell tennis, soccer, or golf equipment? That's a good idea. Meet NextMagic. This accessories Shopify theme is the best choice for a business that wants customers from all over the world. How will you achieve this? The template supports multiple languages and currencies, so a store can work with customers from different countries. This means that you will sell in more places.

NextMagic also has a section for recommended products that makes it easier for customers to find what they want. Furthermore, a sticky menu helps customers get around a site easily. The theme also has a lazy loading effect that makes the UX even better. Pages will load quickly and be easy to look through, so customers will have a good impression of your store.

That's not all, though. The newsletter sign-up form lets you get customers' contact information so you can tell them about new products and deals in the store. The result? Customers are more loyal and will buy from you again.


  • multipurpose design;
  • Retina readiness;
  • SEO-friendly code;
  • integration of Google Maps;
  • blog section;
  • product gallery.

Gamey - Online Game Store Shopify OS2.0 Responsive Theme

Gamey - Online Game Store Shopify OS2.0 Responsive Theme.

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Gamey is an online game store Shopify OS2.0 responsive theme that practices the best web design rules. First, it has a fully responsive layout to help your pages look pixel-perfect on each screen size. Also, it is translation-ready and supports the RTL feature.

Next, Gamey is optimized for a fast page speed load to make your site visitors happier. Also, it has multicurrency support for convenience. The template is optimized for the latest SEO guidelines so that your content appears at the top of SERPs. And no coding experience is necessary to make the most out of Gamey.

Gamey is best for gaming websites, and not only that. For more details, check the list of features below:

  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Ajax Search;
  • Product carousel;
  • Quick add-to-cart;
  • Wishlist and Compare;
  • PSD files;
  • Newsletter pop-ups;
  • Blog module.

Ap Htshop - Gaming & Computer Marketplace Shopify Theme

Ap Htshop - Gaming & Computer Marketplace Shopify Theme.

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If you want to get a piece of the eCommerce market pie, the Ap HTShop is the solution. The initial goal of this premium product is to help you build a gaming or computer marketplace. This computer marketplace Shopify theme offers you to enjoy a collection of pre-designed pages that are easy to edit, even with a skill gap.

Getting started is easy. First, pick the right design for your website. Convenient MegaMenu navigation makes your inventory look easy to catch. Customize your page layouts to your taste without touching a line of code. Also, you can add a fresh lick of paint to your pages to make them memorable and in line with your branding.

Other major benefits include:

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Adaptive layout;
  • Shopify Online store 2.0;
  • Background video;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Multi-language/currency support;
  • eCommerce;
  • Ajax search;
  • Admin panel.

Petboo - Pet Store & Pet Food Responsive Shopify Theme

Petboo - Pet Store & Pet Food Responsive Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Petboo is a premium pet food responsive Shopify theme that will save you hours. It is perfect for eCommerce sites related to the animals and pet industry. With it, you get a solution that allows you to promote and sell your products or services the way you like. In addition, it has a clean, modern layout that adapts to each device or platform.

The template is packed with features that are tailored to the needs of pet websites. You will find many customizable options, such as color schemes and typography settings. Each is easy to edit. Feel the freedom to change the overall look. Choices ranging from the color palette to font settings and more. Use a one-click demo import to get started with a professional-looking site.

Petboo has a clean, valid code optimized for the latest SEO practices. That will help your content appear at the top of the SERPs. Now, check the details to learn more about the template.

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Responsive, Retina-ready layout;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Ajax search;
  • Dropshipping;
  • The new Lookbook;
  • Multi currency support;
  • Sticky ATC & socials.

Toyzee - Multipurpose Premium Kids toy shop E-commerce Shopify 2.0 Theme

Toyzee - Multipurpose Premium Kids toy shop E-commerce Shopify 2.0 Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

When on the lookout for a Shopify theme that is perfect for your online store, Toyzee is the choice. That is a multipurpose premium kids toy shop eCommerce Shopify 2.0 theme available on the market. It meets the needs of toy stores and children’s brands. It includes a range of features that are perfect for online retailers, such as a mega menu, product filtering options, and a quick view function.

The theme includes the latest features and functionalities you need to get started. That will make it easier for your site visitors to find and purchase their favorite toys. In addition, it is also optimized for search engines and includes a range of customizable options. You will like its faster loading times.

Newsletter Pop-ups and product quick view are a few of the features to add to the list of perks of Toyzee. Do not let your e-store fail behind the competitors. It can stand out and help you sell more products.

  • Responsive layout;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Admin panel;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Blog module;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Parallax effect.

Powerhouse - Top-notch Electronic Store Shopify Theme

Powerhouse - Top-notch Electronic Store Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

If you're looking for an outstanding eCommerce template to elevate your online store, the Powerhouse Mobile Shopify Theme is the perfect solution. This top-notch template is tailored for online stores specializing in electronic products and gadgets, featuring a stunning design guaranteed to impress your customers. The homepage's full-width slider offers the ideal space to showcase your latest deals and promotions, while the organized product sections make it easy for shoppers to find what they need. Thus, you have a stunning design, a clean interface, and easy navigation!

Moreover, the Powerhouse boasts the advanced features of Shopify 2.0, delivering ultra-fast speed, superior performance, and unparalleled flexibility. The template is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring your store looks fantastic on any device. In addition, the template provides all the features of an online store, including a shopping cart, a convenient catalog, and various payment systems. Do not doubt that with these features, you will create a full-fledged online store that will become a favorite among buyers. Also, you get a newsletter subscription form and social media integration to develop an effective marketing strategy. A blog module for articles about electronics and innovative devices is also here! Find out more features here:

  • SEO-friendly;
  • performance optimization;
  • dropdown menu;
  • customizable header & footer;
  • popups;
  • purchase notifications;
  • product filters;
  • drag and drop content;
  • free fonts;
  • different color options;
  • reliable documentation.

Navy - Top-notch Real Estate Shopify Theme

Navy - Top-notch Real Estate Shopify Theme.

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Do you want to improve your business and establish a presence on the Internet? Welcome to the Navy Shopify theme - the ultimate tool for real estate agents and brokers! This template is a true gem that presents your property listings and creates a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With its stylish and modern design, the Navy template captures the essence of your business and helps you showcase your property offers in an engaging and visually stunning way. Moreover, the theme provides easy navigation thanks to the user-friendly menu and search form.

Now let's talk about the immersive property listing pages. They have been designed to take your customers on a virtual tour of each property, with large images, floor plans, and a range of other interactive features that will make them feel like they're right in the building. In addition, there is a convenient quick view and a wishlist. Plus, the Navy Shopify layout is fully responsive and optimized for all devices, so shopping from a mobile phone will be no less pleasant than from a laptop. Powerful SEO tools are also included, as high-quality promotion through search engines is guaranteed. Want to know more details? Check out their list:

  • fresh design;
  • 30+ sections;
  • MegaMenu;
  • Ajax cart & wishlist;
  • Google Maps;
  • clean typography;
  • smooth animations;
  • slideshow;
  • contact page;
  • customizable popups;
  • testimonials;
  • countdown;
  • header & footer.

Megawing - Top Multipurpose Shopify Template

Megawing - Top Multipurpose Shopify Template.

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Are you thinking about conquering the world of online shopping and building your leading company? Then you are in the right place! This Shopify theme will help you launch the perfect eCommerce platform with all the bells and whistles you need to sell products. Let's start with a few advantages of this approach. The online store allows you to count on a worldwide audience, deliver packages to any destination and generate a decent income. In addition, this is a good way to save on staff and store equipment.

As for the Megawing template, it provides you with all the features you need to create a successful online business platform. It contains attractive interface elements, including animations and dynamic content to make your project modern and unique. Also, the theme allows you to present your products and services in the best possible way. It also provides customers with brilliant shopping tools, including multiple payment systems, a wishlist, a shopping cart, and convenient product browsing. The product is responsive, performance-optimized, and multilingual. Find more features here:

  • cross-browser compatible;
  • fully customizable;
  • web forms included;
  • social media icons;
  • convenient catalog;
  • dropdown menu;
  • product filter;
  • registration & sign in options;
  • free web fonts;
  • brand slider;
  • customizable header & footer;
  • multiple page layouts.

Electhub - Feature-rich Shopify Template

Electhub - Feature-rich Shopify Template.

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The secret to a successful eCommerce platform is a modern design, easy navigation, and user-friendly features. How to build a project that includes all these components? It's as easy as shelling pears with the Electhub Shopify theme! How does it work? This template allows you to launch a full-fledged electronics store in just a few clicks and enjoy high results. It is easy to use and fully customizable. It means that you can edit all the elements by dragging and dropping them and get the perfect website. What's more, all elements are responsive and performance optimized, so your project looks and performs at its best.

Speaking about eCommerce functionality, note that the Electhub template offers the most powerful tools. Using it, you can place products in the catalog and add a shopping cart and wishlist for a pleasant shopping experience. In addition, the layout offers a search form and a user-friendly menu to ensure quick site navigation. Also, you can set up multi-currency and multi-language options to please customers worldwide. A blog module for your articles is also included. More features are here:

  • cross-browser compatible;
  • modern design;
  • smooth animations;
  • attractive slider;
  • sale countdown;
  • dropdown menu;
  • color shame;
  • free fonts;
  • Ajax cart;
  • wishlist & compare feature;
  • size guide table;
  • installation documentation.

Multipurpose & Attractive Shopify Theme

Multipurpose & Attractive Shopify Theme.

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Which Shopify theme is the most multipurpose and versatile? Undoubtedly this one! The template presents 5 design options for different eCommerce platforms, from a bag shop to a pizzeria. They are modern, fully responsive, and performance optimized. It means that your website will adapt to the screens of different devices and work without bugs under any circumstances. In addition, at your service is a convenient visual editor with which you can fully customize the theme and add the necessary elements to bring your ideas to life. SEO tools are also at your disposal!

It is worth noting that this Shopify template offers the best features for creating a great eCommerce website. There are such elements as a wishlist and a shopping cart for adding the desired products and checkout. In addition, there is a search form for quick navigation, the ability to register, a block with recommendations, and much more. Also, using the theme, you can add a blog module and post articles on the topic of your business. Another cool thing: to promote your site, you have 6 types of newsletter popups that will grab users' attention. Check out the rest of the features here:

  • super easy to use;
  • different color options;
  • free Google fonts;
  • web forms builder;
  • image slider;
  • product carouser;
  • social media icons;
  • different payment systems;
  • Ajax filters;
  • multicurrency;
  • collection view & convenient catalog;
  • review block;
  • reliable documentation.

Brumiwine - Multipurpose Shopify 2.0 Theme

Brumiwine - Multipurpose Shopify 2.0 Theme.

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This is your chance to create a Shopify store unlike any other. With the Shopify 2.0 responsive all-purpose theme, you can create an online store that fits your style. In particular, you can easily change colors, layouts, and fonts and set up your products and descriptions. Brumiwine has a tabbed section for an assortment, a section for featured items, an "about us" page, and a page for getting in touch. There is also a FAQ page for customer questions and answers. Equally significant is that the theme is adaptable to all kinds of e-commerce sites, and its stylish layout is optimized for search engines like Google.


  • Bootstrap-based;
  • Product photo zoom;
  • Newsletter subscription popup;
  • Widescreen homepage slider;
  • Parallax scroll effect;
  • Social media integration;
  • Quickview;
  • Quick add to cart.

Discover - Multipurpose Shop Shopify Theme

Discover - Multipurpose Shop Shopify Theme.

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If you're looking for a way to make a living from your passion, then the Discover theme is for you. With it, you can quickly and easily create a visually appealing, functional e-commerce store. Discover is designed for all types of e-commerce businesses. Whether you're selling jewelry, gadgets, kitchenware, or anything else, this multipurpose Shopify theme is right for you. There are three homepage layouts (all-purpose, electronics, and lingerie) that are simple to edit and customize. Powerful features, like add-to-cart buttons and product carousels, make it easy to showcase your products. You have unlimited possibilities with Shopify app integrations, drag-and-drop elements, and responsive design. Customize your store's look and functionality with a few clicks using a drag-and-drop editor, and get your items in front of buyers right away.


  • Shopify OS 2.0 platform;
  • Multi-currency & language;
  • Testimonials;
  • Three blog styles;
  • Subscribe-now popup;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Quick add-to-cart;
  • Drop-down menu.

Apets - Fully Responsive Animal Premium Shopify Theme

Apets - Fully Responsive Animal Premium Shopify Theme.

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Do you want an excellent website design solution for pet goods? Then, the animal premium Shopify theme from the ambitious web developer Brandcreator is what you need. If you carefully look at the demo layout, you understand that it's also adaptable to other businesses. The product is ideal for online stores with pet clothes, feed, collars, and vitamins. However, by showing a bit of imagination and editing the design a little, you can achieve excellent results. In this way, you adjust the pages to your needs. Animal premium Shopify theme also please with the following additions:

  • Easy Customization for beginners.
  • RTL Layout.
  • 2+ kinds of Homepage. You can diversify the appearance of the site.
  • Responsive design. Sections look equally fabulous on any size of gadget. Goods for animals become the main ones on the pages.
  • Mega Menu integrated.
  • Newsletter Popup gathers an audience of cat, dog, and other pet lovers for you.
  • A quick view popup is a good chance for the buyer to see the characteristics and quickly decide.
  • Product Amazon affiliate.
  • Ajax Add to cart.
  • Track order is another convenience for your customers.
  • Cross-browser optimization.
  • Social sharing features - this is a reliable search for owners of cats, hamsters, dogs, and parrots on other marketing channels.

Coprire - Phone Cover Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme

Coprire - Phone Cover Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Accessories for mobile phones, tablets, or laptops - this is the search for a unique item that helps a person stand out from the crowd. That's why your audience mainly looks for stylish smartphone cases or bright headphones. With the help of this Shopify 2.0 responsive theme, you get almost everything required for a modern online store - a contemporary external view of sections, the ability to edit the design, and simple management. Also, Shopify 2.0 responsive theme is a set of useful additional features for owners of an online shop of mobile accessories. Among the required functions are the following:

  • Responsive layouts. All pages of the site are adaptable to any screen size. They are flexible and adapt quickly. At the same time, the appearance's beauty, attractiveness, and style won't suffer.
  • Premium.
  • Intuitive Admin Panel.
  • SEO Friendly is a great chance to speed up the promotion process in search engines and occupy a well-deserved place in the ranking of the best gadgets sellers.
  • Ajax services include a quick view, a product list, and a wishlist.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Multipurpose. With Coprire, you may improve the phone covers website and others. It's also great for gadgets, small household appliances, smartphones, and other sellers.
  • Right to left language support.
  • Drag and Drop content ensures simple content management. For example, you can easily add pictures and text.
  • MegaMenu.
  • Performance Optimization.

Craze - The Multishop Responsive Premium Shopify Theme

Craze - The Multishop Responsive Premium Shopify Theme.

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Craze is a purpose-built responsive Shopify theme for creating sites for online stores. It is safe to say that Craze is a multipurpose Shopify theme that suits almost any contemporary business. Thus, you can sell just about anything from fashion and electronics to furniture. The template has a clean, responsive layout with lots of white space. Also, it has a clean, valid code that matches the best SEO rules. Create a website that can reach out to audiences worldwide. Craze is a WPML-ready option, so you save time when translating it.

Speaking of product features, there are plenty. Also, there is an advanced Ajax search, a product list with a carousel, and much more. Here is the list of features to consider:

  • Admin panel;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Quickstart package;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Google map integration;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Blog module;
  • Multicurrency support.

ClickShop - The Marketplace And Store Shopify OS 2.0 Responsive Theme

ClickShop - The Marketplace And Store Shopify OS 2.0 Responsive Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

This flexible and customizable store Shopify os 2.0 responsive theme is an excellent choice for online stores. What kind of goods you sell is optional - household appliances, gadgets, clothes, toys, shoes. Thanks to many settings, you can easily adjust the design to your company's style. Also, the store Shopify os 2.0 responsive theme has such features:

  • Multicurrency helps to sell all over the world.
  • Multilingualism does translations into different languages.
  • SEO-Friendly is an essential start for any business. Together with the work of your SEO manager, you more quickly get a place in the Google and Yahoo rankings.
  • Ajax.
  • Retina Ready helps look good on gadgets with high pixel-density screens.
  • Multipurpose. This feature means universal design. Just imagine your content in the place of the pictures in the demo, and you understand that the appearance can change very much.
  • Right to left language support.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Light template.
  • Dropdown Menu creates a stylish appearance.
  • Google map.
  • HTML 5.

Ap Digitaz - Multipurpose Hi-Tech Shopify Theme

Ap Digitaz - Multipurpose Hi-Tech Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

If you're looking for a hitech Shopify theme for your electronics store or digital shop, your perfect match has arrived! It's lightweight, super easy to use, and perfect for stores that sell phones, laptops, tech accessories, kitchen appliances, or any other modern gadget. It's a responsive layout that will transform your site into something beautiful and functional for customers everywhere, whether they're on a desktop or mobile device. With many features and design options, this template is perfect if you're looking to upgrade from your old Shopify store. Get it now and be ready for success!


  • Unlimited color options;
  • Multiple languages & currencies;
  • Blog section;
  • Beautiful megamenu;
  • Popup window;
  • Product Quickview;
  • Quick add-to-cart;
  • Mobile & SEO-friendly.

Cloty - Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Cloty - Fashion Store Shopify Theme.

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Fashion is about looking beautiful, feeling confident, and enjoying your style. Cloty is a sleek and modern women's fashion eCommerce Shopify theme designed with the newest trends in mind. The template offers an easy-to-customize option panel to make creating your clothing or cosmetics store a breeze. It is built with the Online Store 2.0 architecture and Bootstrap 4 framework and can be easily customized using the feature-rich theme options panel. Its stunning layout and design will help you create a modern and gorgeous website that will attract more customers to your e-shop.


  • Several homepage styles;
  • RTL support;
  • Social sharing buttons;
  • Animated graphics;
  • Blog post layout;
  • MegaMenu integration;
  • Grid & list modes;
  • Google fonts.

Justin - Electronics Gadget Shopify Theme

Justin - Electronics Gadget Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Are you looking for a technology-themed website template that'll draw the attention of your visitors, while providing them with a supreme shopping experience? This electronics gadget 2.0 Shopify theme features an elegant white scheme, a responsive layout, and simple customization options. It is time to get serious about your online shop. Let it shine! Justin is a perfect way to get your message across. The theme features a clean, professional design with an appealing color palette, customized product pages with powerful content management, and attractive product listings that create a good-looking shop. With a dropdown menu, Ajax product filters, and advanced live search, the template will keep your customers engaged and make it easy for them to find what they need.


  • Bootstrap-driven;
  • Retina-optimized;
  • GPL licensing;
  • Tab support;
  • Drag-n-drop content;
  • Dropdown MegaMenu;
  • Lazy loading effect;
  • Images included.

Electron - Mega Technics Super Shopify 2.0 Theme

Electron - Mega Technics Super Shopify 2.0 Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Do you want the whole world to know about your online shop? A cool and technological Shopify 2.0 theme is all you need. After all, all the details are thought out this way, so you have not just a new design but create a real multi-brand, advanced and comfortable portal. At the same time, thanks to multi-currency and multilingualism, you may trade worldwide. The Shopify 2.0 theme and web developer also offer additional improvements:

  • Intuitive one-click installation.
  • Responsive design for people who like to order using smartphones. Such pages with this function adjust to any screen size.
  • Drag and Drop is a wonderful technology for beginners to master the basics of editing layouts.
  • Ajax helps the visitor to find a suitable item even before he has written its full name in the search string of the site.
  • Blocks with the best technics, promotional offers, and novelties show what the potential audience wants. Buying a phone, gas stove, or iron has never been so comfy, fast, and pleasant.

Terens - Multipurpose Online Shop 2.0 Shopify Theme

Terens - Multipurpose Online Shop 2.0 Shopify Theme.

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This gorgeous multifunctional 2.0 Shopify theme is suitable for almost any online store. With the help of Terens, you can change the look easily, quickly, and with minimal investment. At the same time, each page receives a unique design. And for the Home page, there are three variants of appearance. Multipurpose 2.0 Shopify theme isn't just a beautiful but also a technological layout. With its help, you get the following improvements:

  • Sections become fully responsive for any device.
  • The website receives an SEO-friendly function for successful promotion in search engines.
  • Ajax for fast product search.
  • Bootstrap framework.
  • Retina Ready so that the images on the pages look great on screens with a high pixel density.
  • The mobile layout is included.
  • Light template.
  • Dropdown menu for stylish and fashionable look.
  • Drag and Drop content.

Vilole - Eco And Organic Meal Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Vilole - Eco And Organic Meal Store Responsive Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Bright and positive food store responsive Shopify theme create a great mood for your website visitors. On such a site, shopping is not only useful but also pleasant. The product is perfect for supermarkets, organic food sellers, and healthy meals (vegetables, fruits, fish, and fresh meat).

Vilole is perfectly compatible with ready-meal delivery companies. Thanks to the colorful and, at the same time, versatile appearance, you can easily adapt pages to any goods and meals, drinks, and nutritional supplements. A healthy lifestyle is the main message of the design.

We also note the incredible functionality of the food store responsive Shopify theme. Among the useful features, you'll find the following:

  • Responsive design for a beautiful look on smartphones, tablets, and laptops of any size.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Ajax search simplifies the process of finding the desired item on the website.
  • Retina Ready helps pages look great on high-pixel-density screens.
  • Multipurpose.
  • eCommerce elements for making sales online.
  • Drop down menu.
  • Drag and Drop content for easy editing.
  • Blog.
  • Gallery.
  • Team Members.
  • HTML5.
  • Lazy loading effect.
  • Code editing tool.
  • Multiple currencies to choose from for your customers.

Flas - The Electronics & Gadgets Responsive Shopify Theme

Flas - The Electronics & Gadgets Responsive Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

The Flas is a clean, modern solution for creating fully functional eCommerce websites. To be clear, this gadgets responsive Shopify theme is just as good as you think. It is a great choice if you want to get creative with customization from your side. Advanced theme settings, featured homepage slider, RTL support, and MegaMenu navigation. And that is only the beginning. The theme means to work for mobile review stores, electronic shops, or drop shipping. You will find many useful product features, color change options, and fonts so that you can get creative with your layouts.

If you want more features, check the list below. There are many more.

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Admin panel;
  • Multipurpose;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • Quickstart package;
  • jQuery;
  • Newsletter Pop-up;
  • Blog module.

TM Matico - Multipurpose Marketplace Shopify Theme

TM Matico - Multipurpose Marketplace Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

If you are about to start a marketplace, TM Matico is your best choice. This clean multipurpose marketplace Shopify theme stands out from the crowd for reasons. It comes with fifteen attractive pre-made homepage styles that save you a ton of a great deal. Also, it can work for any topic you might want it to use. With the AP Marketplace module, starting a marketplace is easy. Control and manage trading activities, earn commissions, and more from the admin panel. Crafting layouts will also not be a tough issue thanks to the drag-n-drop theme customizer. You will get a product quick overview, search & filter, wishlist & compare; you name it.

Get an insight into the other powerful features TM Matico provides:

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Responsive layout;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Ajax functionality;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Promotion banners;
  • Blog module;
  • Multi currency and language support.

Winter - Sports Shop Shopify Template

Winter - Sports Shop Shopify Template.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Are you a young entrepreneur looking for new opportunities to make money and expand your clientele? Help yourself with it by using this sport shop Shopify 2.0 template to create an online store stocked with all the necessary winter sports gear. Besides, it has a fully-responsive and easy-to-navigate design that encourages the customer to browse through a store easily. This well-designed theme is perfect for your online business requirements since it will provide you with opportunities to sell anything from skateboards to bicycle accessories. Well, there's no better time than now to get on your way to big growth potential.


  • MegaMenu;
  • Drag 'n' drop capability;
  • Limitless banners;
  • Products slider;
  • QuickView, wishlist, comparison;
  • Sale countdown;
  • Product image zoom;
  • Grid & list mode;
  • Blog posts module;
  • Back-to-top button;
  • Newsletter popup.

Happy Pets - Animals Store Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Happy Pets - Animals Store Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Happy Pets is a great fit for animals and pets eCommerce sites. That is a powerful, responsive multipurpose Shopify theme you can find trendy. It has many useful and advanced features and options that the site development will be a breeze for you. Also, integrate your Insta acc with your page and let your visitors enjoy your responsive feeds. Mix and match design elements until you are proud of the result. Enjoy five banner layouts to see which one fits you best.

You will see that creating a nice pet store website with Happy Pets is nothing but fun. Just take a look at the list of features it has:

  • Responsive layout;
  • Admin panel;
  • Multipurpose;
  • On-line chat;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • Ajax functionality;
  • Perfromance optimization;
  • Background video;
  • Multicurrency support.

Fashinum - Apparel Store Shopify 2.0 Theme

Fashinum - Apparel Store Shopify 2.0 Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

This is all about simplicity and showcasing your products in a new, fun, and creative way. A new, improved, and modern design that combines usability with power and speed; you'll love it. Above all, this design-centric Shopify 2.0 template will give you the perfect platform to showcase your assortment and grow your business. You can easily manage your store's content, orders, inventory, communications, prices, and more without technical skills. Besides, the theme looks great on any device and works seamlessly with Shopify to help you do what you love: sell! Experience the benefits of an online shop in less than an hour.

Key features:

  • Valid markup;
  • Mobile-first layout;
  • Retina-ready;
  • Compatible with all popular browsers;
  • Ajax Cart & Search;
  • Sticky header;
  • Countdown timer;
  • Blog module.

Printext - Printing Shopify Template

Printext - Printing Shopify Template.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

You're in the printing industry and want a website committed to this business? Printext has got you covered! Create a beautiful, professional-designed landing e-commerce site in minutes with this printing Shopify theme. Fast and easy. Printing is more than just a business; it's an art and a passion. Showcase your work in the best way with the template crafted specifically for print shops. Rid yourself of the burden of making modifications and start a business at its best. Modern design, intuitive backend, and state-of-the-art functionalities? They're all in there.

What's more:

  • Well-thought-out UX;
  • Visual builder;
  • Dropdown MegaMenu;
  • Email subscription popup;
  • Ajax shopping cart;
  • Dynamic checkout;
  • Background video.

Estate - Real Estate Agency Shopify Theme

Estate - Real Estate Agency Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Creating and maintaining a real estate website is no easy feat. The good news is that Estate will make that workflow a walk in the park. This premium real estate agency Shopify theme will make your eCommerce page look exactly how you like it. The list of powerful features you will find there has no end in sight. Also, an advanced Ajax search makes it convenient for your users to find what they are looking for. Use the front-page slideshow to engage visitors from the first second.

Sure, you need to check the other key features bundled into the package since there are many, including:

  • Pre-built demos;
  • MegaMenu navigation;
  • Adaptive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Product notification pop-up;
  • Back to Top button functionality;
  • Multi-language and currency support;
  • Powerful typography options;
  • Wishlist and Compare;
  • SEO-optimization;

Ap Ziggypet - Pet Care & Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Ap Ziggypet - Pet Care & Pet Shop Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Ap Zyggypet is a nice option for eCommerce pet business websites. It is a pet shop Shopify theme that will make your web design better. You will choose from eight beautiful homepage designs and pick the one that fits you best. Editing design elements is easier thanks to the Elementor page builder. Need new page layouts? Craft them yourself. Take control over your pet eCommerce site and make it convenient for your visitors to shop there.

The key features bundled in the package are the currency switcher, RTL feature, and advanced product search. Also, the theme is optimized for speed, so your site won’t keep visitors waiting. Here is the list of other features to consider:

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Multi-language and currencies support;
  • Ajax functionality;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Quickstart package;
  • Blog module.

Petalia - Clothing and Fashion Shopify Theme

Petalia - Clothing and Fashion Shopify Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

With Petalia at your fingertips, you can skip a lot of site-building work. It works for fashion and beauty business websites best. The features bundled in this fashion Shopify theme will make your store look big. Play around with typography settings to make sure it matches your brand identity. It is also optimized for mobile devices and best SEO practices. Take advantage of a collection of pre-made product pages, Ajax cart pop-ups, and powerful product filters.

Petalia has a fast page loading speed, which is great for your conversion rate. Other premium features that make Petalia a great choice are:

  • Responsive layout;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Multi-currencies support;
  • MegaMenu and dropdown menu;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • User-friendly admin panel.

Apparelix Shopify HI Tech Store Theme

Apparelix Shopify HI Tech Store Theme.

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Looking for a high-conversion Shopify hi-tech store theme? Apparalix is the one to consider. It has a highly customizable homepage with ready sections which you will edit in a breeze. Enjoy the workflow with no tricky issues if you want to remove, reorder, or delete. The template is adapted for Retina screens and includes a contact form and dropdown menu. A fast and easy search makes it convenient for users to find what they are looking for. Customize just about any tiny detail of your shop to keep it growing. Play around with colors, sound effects, and video.

Because Apparelix is a premium template, it has many powerful features like

  • Compatibility with all Shopify apps;
  • Product wishlist and compare;
  • Advanced media on product page;
  • Multicurrency support;
  • Powerful admin panel;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Product quickview.

Mashar - Handbags & Shopping Clothes Responsive Shopify Theme

Mashar - Handbags & Shopping Clothes Responsive Shopify Theme

Gaining the attention of the weaker gender is challenging. However, there is a solution. Put a face to your story. A stunning clothing e-store that appears at the top of the SERP results is a win-win. Mashar is a nice and clean solution tailored for handbags and shopping clothes websites. This shopping clothes responsive Shopify theme will help you pitch yourself. You will find many header & footer style options to personalize your pages. Flexible built-in MegaMenu ensures your navigation is clear to the point. And much more.

Take the time to check the other premium features since there are many, including:

  • Adaptive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Amazing slider built-in;
  • Drawer shopping cart in header;
  • Advanced Ajax functionality;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Mutipurpose;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Multi-currency and language support;
  • Lazy Load effect.

Modern - The Fashion & Clothing Premium Shopify Theme

Modern - The Fashion & Clothing Premium Shopify Theme

Selling isn’t telling. So, don’t talk about your products. Instead, show it with Modern. This clean and classic clothing premium Shopify theme will help with that task. It works for fashion and beauty eCommerce websites of all niches. The template is optimized for performance, so they will enjoy every second on your site. Also, it features several pre-built inner page layouts for you to save time. The theme supports multiple languages and lets customers switch between currencies. There is also an Ajax add-to-cart, product filters, mini cart, and Quick View Pop-up.

You can find even more features, including:

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • User-friendly admin panel;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Single product;
  • Dropdown menu and MegaMenu navigation;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • jQuery;
  • Newsletter pop-up;
  • Product Amazon affiliate;
  • Wishlist and Compare;
  • Animations.

Menoa - A Luxurious Jewelry & Imitation - Shopify Responsive Theme

Menoa - A Luxurious Jewelry & Imitation - Shopify Responsive Theme

If you are looking for a GDPR-compliant option, Menoa is that. This premium jewelry and imitation Shopify responsive theme will make your online store secure for anyone. The template works for fashion and beauty eCommerce projects of all kinds. Also, it is easy to edit up to your taste with no extra fuss from your side. Thanks to the advanced Ajax search category, your visitors find it convenient to get what they are looking for. In addition, let them change their currencies or languages, so they feel in control over your online shop.

You will find many powerful features to set your product pages to success. To be clear, the theme has:

  • Smart grid and responsive layout;
  • Ajax product buttons;
  • Inner zoom on hover;
  • Best-inbuilt SEO features;
  • Lazy Load effect;
  • jQuery;
  • Performance optimization;
  • MegaMenu and dropdown menu navigation.

Fireaims - Weapon Store and Shooting Club Shopify Theme

Fireaims - Weapon Store and Shooting Club Shopify Theme

When choosing a shooting club Shopify theme, every detail matters. And Fireaims follows the best web design practices tailored to your industry. The best way to win your audience’s attention is to design a website that reflects your brand’s value. Get them to know your business better with Fireaims.

It features a responsive and Retina-ready layout, an advantage for reaching mobile users. Also, it is optimized for high performance and fast page load. Give your users a feeling that they control your website and see them come for more. To help you earn more valuable customers for your shooting club site, make sure you make the most out of Fireaims.

  • Best-inbuilt SEO features;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • Powerful admin panel;
  • Multilanguage and RTL feature support;
  • Advanced Ajax functionality;
  • eCommerce;
  • Drag and drop functionality;
  • Prebuilt modules for inner pages.

Petshoppe - Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Petshoppe - Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Create a pet store in minutes with this fully responsive template. With a clean design and an intuitive admin panel, you'll have an easy time customizing and changing your theme. In addition, the easy-to-customize and SEO-friendly design will help you start winning over customers. It also comes with several homepage layouts and wishlist features. As a result, your store has gone from meh to amazing in no time.

What you get with this professional-looking pet store Shopify theme:

  • Online Store 2.0;
  • Multicurrency;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Product carousel;
  • Ajax dropdown cart;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Accurate documentation;
  • Parallax.

Earthen - Handmade Pottery Shopify Theme

Earthen - Handmade Pottery Shopify Theme

Earthen is the perfect handmade Shopify theme for a ceramics store. The one-click demo import gives you the convenience of having a pre-built, optimized shop with a smooth and easy-to-customize design. Upgrade your webshop to the newest design with multiple currency and language options, built-in SEO features, and lifetime updates. No more expensive and complicated customizations. Go ahead and take advantage of the top-notch features to help you build a successful and profitable business. Here are some of these features:

  • 100% responsive;
  • Cross-browser compatible;
  • Layered PSD files;
  • Product labels;
  • Unlimited sidebars;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Megamenu;
  • Retina-ready.

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Apparelix is one of the multifunctional Shopify 2.0 Themes by XtremeThemes, which is ideal for a variety of products and businesses.

Whether you're looking for a more traditional shop design or you prefer a more eye-catching option that includes a full-width product slider or a picture slideshow on the homepage, the Apparelix is might be right for you.

There are also various header and footer options, product and category pages. If you want to add a blog to your store, Apparelix also offers different blog layouts for your content.

You can also use the gallery feature of Apparelix. So, you can easily add galleries with your best photos, whether you're promoting your products or just working on developing the brand of your eCommerce store.


  • Regular updates
  • Shopify 2.0 functionality
  • High page speed load
  • Google fonts
  • Fast navigation
  • RTL support
  • Multi-currency
  • Unlimited colors
  • Professional support 24/5

Apparelix Antique Store Theme Shopify Responsive Template

Apparelix Antique Store Theme Shopify Responsive Template

This ready-made is a real catch for anyone who wants to open an online store for antiques. It can also be suitable for interior design stores, furniture, paintings, plates, cutleries stores, and much more. Save money on expensive web developers while getting a perfect result with top-notch features included in Apparelix. Prominent features include cross-browser support, customization with ease, responsive layout, and other essential characteristics. Download this product and get SEO-friendly content, regular updates, and a simple user interface. Showcase your services or products professionally with Apparelix.

Theme review:

Megatrone - The Electronics & Gadgets Premium Shopify Theme

Megatrone - The Electronics & Gadgets Premium Shopify Theme

Suppose you need to create a professional online platform for electronics, grocery, or supermarket stores. In that case, the following Shopify theme will become your perfect choice. Megatrone has multiple handy features and a vibrant design that follows the latest trends. It includes box layout, RTL support, responsive layout, multiple grid and list option, newsletter popup tab, blog integration, advanced custom filter, and much more. You also get social links integration, lightweight, and smooth transition effects. Check it out today and succeed without delay.

Cook Shopify Theme

Cook Shopify Theme

Cook is a nice theme for a kitchen supplies store. It seems that it is narrowly targeted, but you can use it for any other topic. For example, for a sale of tea or gifts. 

Now many people are fond of various crafts, knitting, etc. But not everyone thinks that these favors can be sold, thereby providing themselves with a good income. Just doing what you love. With Cook theme, you can easily make your online store and begin to monetize your hobby! A neat design evokes the emotions of kindness and home decor. The theme has a fixed width, but it can adapt to any screen. It is well displayed on mobile devices and tablets too. You can easily change the site color and fonts through the admin panel.


  • Fully adaptive;
  • Readable documentation;
  • Shopify visual builder;
  • Valid semantic code;
  • Catalog and wishlist;
  • Mega menu;
  • Parallax effects.

Suppump - Plumbing Multipage Classic Shopify Theme

Suppump - Plumbing Multipage Classic Shopify Theme

Suppump is one of the popular Shopify themes with many ready pages and creative options. This theme is perfect for plumbing supplies store. Also, Suppump is proving to be the ideal choice for a wide variety of online stores. The spectrum ranges from fashion to furniture to cars and electronics. The various designs make it easy for a user to create a professional-looking shop that has a homepage slider, a product carousel as well as partner and customer logos in its entire range.

In addition to the existing premium shop templates, there is also a drag-and-drop page builder at Suppump, which helps to design an individual shop window front with the existing Shopify themes. Nevertheless, these ready-made contents can be individually modified by anyone using the Shopify themes. This tool lets you connect to the dashboard, ensuring that your branding and website are aligned. You can also redesign a user-related header layout independent of the Shopify Themes Store demos to make it easy to display the search and product results.


  • Mobile-first;
  • Supports many languages;
  • Favicon;
  • Different sorting options;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Bootstrap.

Queen - Jewelry Multipage Elegant Shopify Theme

Queen - Jewelry Multipage Elegant Shopify Theme

Queen has a minimalistic design that is ideal for e-commerce stores that want to leave an unforgettable impression on their visitors.

The name of this theme matches its design. Gold jewelry looks especially luxury on black background. And it is certainly a different kind of layout in this collection of the best Shopify Themes. So, if you're about to create an e-commerce store that needs a luxury design, Queen might be able to build a solid base. This theme also uses popular web design trends such as parallax scrolling, full-width layouts, and animations that are enabled with the hover.

With Queen, you have good control over the layout. Some of the essential e-commerce options are customer referrals, product rosters, blog post statements, and other useful items. Whatever items you want to add to your website layout, your Shopify theme should be fully mobile. So, you will be sure that smartphone and tablet users can easily buy products from your website.


  • Mega menu;
  • Fully adaptive;
  • Slider;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • Multilingual;
  • Multi-currency;
  • Ajax cart;
  • Retina ready.

New Skin - Cosmetic Store eCommerce Clean Shopify Theme

New Skin - Cosmetic Store eCommerce Clean Shopify Theme

New skin is packed with useful features to help you create the perfect Shopify store for your e-commerce business. There is everything in the product card and there is nothing superfluous: Photos, description, rating, price, add to wishlist, purchase button. Below we see an accordion with a description, features, and reviews; And in the end, similar products.

There are various topics for the right cosmetic store, such as makeup, skincare, minerals, face care, health care and much more. New skin suits of course for other topics. It is quite universal. In addition, this Shopify theme has a blog section. Here you can tell about your new products, reviews of popular products, comparison or just news about Black Friday hot deals. 


  • Mobile-first;
  • Google fonts;
  • Visual Shopify Editor;
  • Based on Bootstrap;
  • Social options;
  • Search form;
  • Product carousel;
  • Technical support 24/7.

Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template

Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template

Multifly is a universal template, suitable for any topic. This theme has a clean and simple design. For a dropshipping online store, Shopify is just right. There are 7 modern skins and detailed documentation. The theme is fully responsive and has a valid semantic code. Moreover, here is a convenient search, product countdown, collection banner, and filter options.

Multifly is a professional template that includes the whole set of necessary functions - photo galleries, video galleries, slider, page builder and online-chat. It's hard to decide if the large selection of store suggestions as demos or features list is more impressive on the Shopify Themes list. There are various topics for the right store design, such as fishing goods, computers, fashion, building materials, cosmetics, health care and much more.

Multifly is everything that can need a professional online store.  


  • Parallax effect
  • Multilingual
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blog module
  • Newsletter subscription
  • User registration

Reroom - Furniture Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Reroom - Furniture Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

The software Reroom was developed for brands and stores with visual content. With their broad layouts that are part of the Shopify Themes inventory, there are excellent ways to showcase numerous photos and other visual content built into Shopify Shop Design. The default setting of your website has the option of either choosing large photos as wallpaper or using sliders to display multiple selected photos. Additionally, a slideshow tool can be used in the icon package to introduce multiple products in one place only.

Other features that you can add to your shop using the Reroom theme are the large drop-down menu that lets you view more than just plain text links for your customers. This extended menu should encourage your customers to visit more pages on your website. If you're using social media, and especially Instagram, to build your brand, then this feed, which displays the latest photos from your Instagram account in your store, should be useful.


  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Subscription form;
  • Visual editor Shopify;
  • Valid semantic code;
  • Supports 5 languages;
  • Featured products;
  • Parallax effect.

Finedive - Diving eCommerce Clean Shopify Theme

Finedive - Diving eCommerce Clean Shopify Theme

Finedive's bold design is perfect for businesses looking to build their brand and promote their products.

The different sections of the standard Finedive Home page demos each have a unique background image that helps tell the story of your brand or showcase your products in more detail. This theme uses the parallax scrolling effect as your visitors scroll the page. So, the way the pictures appear to move will grab their attention.

If you use Finedive from Shopify for your website, you can choose from a good selection of ready-made areas. In addition to large image sliders, you can also add full-width snippets from your latest blog articles to your home page layout. You can view featured products, add custom text and image layouts that share your brand story, and display logos of companies you're in contact with. You can also add video players to your store, allowing you to easily share material about your products or other advertising content with your audience.


  • 100% responsive design
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Tooltips
  • Google Maps
  • Blog module
  • Product quick view module
  • Logo list
  • Lookbook section

Coffee Time - Coffee Store eCommerce Elegant Shopify Theme

Coffee Time - Coffee Store eCommerce Elegant Shopify Theme

The coffee theme speaks for itself. Many of us love this magic drink, especially in the morning. Besides, coffee lovers are always looking for their perfect sort or brand of coffee. This theme will suit for baristas or coffee shops. Coffee time theme is a good, clean option, does not distract you from viewing products, you can make a selection by bestsellers, price, etc. The authors periodically update it, which allows it to keep up to the latest web design trends. Coffee time theme is fully adaptive with a built-in mega menu. With Shopify visual builder you can customize this theme to your needs. If you have any questions, premium support will always answer you 24/7.


  • Multilingual;
  • Contact form;
  • Search form;
  • Add to wishlist;
  • Multi-currency;
  • Meg menu;
  • Filter options.

Big Box - Wholesale Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Big Box - Wholesale Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

A simple light design of Big Box theme guarantees the versatility of the template. The developers conceived it for an online electronics store, but this universal solution will suit any topic. It offers convenient menu settings and the ability to compare products that customers will appreciate. It is well suited for large stores with a wide assortment due to an advanced sorting plugin, including brand, characteristics, and key features. Big Box theme supports multi-currency online purchases and five popular languages.


  • Brands
  • Ajax cart
  • Parallax effect
  • Collections catalog
  • Multilingual
  • Social Media Integration
  • Instagram feed

Urban People - Fashion Store Multipage Creative Shopify Theme

Urban People - Fashion Store Multipage Creative Shopify Theme

Urban People theme is an adaptable e-commerce theme for creating any kind of online store using Shopify.

Although Urban People's standard demos have been configured as an online fashion and apparel store, you can easily use this design to sell other products. With a library of different headers, footers, and widgets, you can quickly and easily choose which features and Shopify themes to use for your store. You can then drag-and-drop your selection of items to the desired location to start building your own customer-oriented store. 

Another useful feature of the Urban People theme is a presentation of products — as a product column or carousel. You can also promote offers and products from your store with a collection of banners. With this theme, you will get detailed documentation and tooltips that explain how to get the most out of this theme.


  • Filter Options
  • Slider
  • Collections catalog
  • Contact form
  • Search form
  • Parallax effect
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Add to wishlist

Fitrue - Sports Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Fitrue - Sports Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Using the Fitrue theme, you can easily build an online store of a sporting nature, as well as a web resource offering healthy food. The design is made in a minimalist style, which is a hallmark of many sites of sports content. The yellow color on photos will attract the attention of every client. Fitrue is equipped with sliders, animation banners, various widgets, multilingual support, and a comment system. The theme is a simple and stylish online store of sports outfits.


  • Multilingual;
  • Google fonts;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Product countdown;
  • Module "Product quick view";
  • Google Maps
  • Option "Add to Favorites".

Sweet Life - Sweet Shop Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Sweet Life - Sweet Shop Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

The clean and responsive design of the template is suitable for creating an online food and drink store. Place mouth-watering images of products on the sliders, which will give the site a light dynamic and will cause interest among visitors. For convenience, viewing the assortment of goods can be divided into popular and new. A newsletter subscription, contact form, google fonts, search form, and Google map is available on the home page.


  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Shopify visual builder;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Mega menu;
  • Collection of tabs and banners;
  • Parallax effects;
  • Professional support 24/7.

Pantic - Kids Fashion Clean Shopify Theme

Pantic - Kids Fashion Clean Shopify Theme

The beautiful and flexible design of the template will help to present the online store of children's goods and toys in the best light. An elegant slider will help you to view current and special offers. The theme is equipped with various built-in product badges, a drop-down menu, social settings, and testimonials. Support for the Oberlo plugin will help to add the functionality of the online store to the site within a few minutes.

Pantic online store theme has a modern and flexible design displayed on any mobile device of visitors. As a bonus, the kit includes multilingual support, a collection of banners, and tooltips. Yellow-white design of a theme creates a warm and trustworthy atmosphere for shopping. 

Even with minimal web design knowledge, you can easily customize the template to meet specific business requirements.


  • Integration with social networks;
  • Product quick view;
  • Slider;
  • Valid semantic code;
  • Mega menu;
  • Sorting options;
  • Detailed documentation.

Uniwear - Uniform Multipage Minimalistic Shopify Theme

Uniwear - Uniform Multipage Minimalistic Shopify Theme

Uniwear is one of the best mobile Shopify themes designed to provide a user-friendly smartphone shopping experience.

Of course, these Shopify themes work perfectly on larger desktop and laptop screens. But unlike some other e-commerce websites out there, buyers who use their smartphone will enjoy a very positive experience. 

For one thing, you can add a touchscreen-friendly product slider to your website. These Shopify themes have a slider, they also have an auto-play animation that runs right after the page is activated. This feature should help attract your customers' attention and take them to your virtual store. The social media feeds make it easy to display your latest Instagram posts and tweets on your website, while the advertising tiles make it easy to highlight specific products on your homepage and throughout your website. Advertising your email list is just easy thanks to a newsletter subscription feature.


  • 100% responsive design
  • Parallax effect
  • Sorting options
  • Valid semantic code
  • 24/7 support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Mega menu
  • Google map
  • Oberlo

Popular Dropshipping Products

The intermediary business model allows you to sell almost any type of goods without clogging the warehouse. In the absence of proper demand, products can easily be replaced by another and not be lost financially.

Forming an assortment for an online store, entrepreneurs act at random or approach the task responsibly - analyze demand, study competitors, and test different options.

Since the promotion of not popular goods does not guarantee a one hundred percent result, many go on a proven path, working with popular products.

The most suitable positions for dropshipping are:

  • inexpensive in production
  • relate to niches with an average level of competition
  • do not lose relevance, depending on various factors

Top Shopify dropshipping stores usually sell:

  • clothes, shoes;
  • children's goods;
  • automotive parts;
  • sporting goods;
  • little things for the house;
  • textile;
  • cosmetics;
  • jewelry;
  • electronics.

How and where to find dropshipping suppliers for an online store?

Many manufacturers are willing to cooperate with the dropshipping system. The scheme helps them to receive customers, without bothering with advertising and direct communication.

Finding the right suppliers is an essential part of this type of business. An unreliable partner can bring a lot of trouble and disappoint a client. Since the intermediary is responsible for all the failures of the supplier, one should carefully approach his choice.

You can find the right manufacturers via the Internet, special online catalogs of enterprises, and profile events. Before starting a collaboration, you must:

  • carefully check the legal "cleanliness" of the enterprise (clarify the registration information, confirm the reality of the specified contacts and addresses, make sure that there is a license);
  • arrange negotiations during which to discuss the details of the upcoming partnership;
  • seek conditions favorable from one’s own point of view;
  • if possible, document the agreements reached;
  • request trial samples or presentations of products of interest.

All you need to provide great dropshipping functionality for your future online store is to choose the right supplier and its products. Remember, when choosing foreign manufacturers, you can face problems of the language barrier, customs clearance, and long delivery times.

Here is the list of the most popular suppliers for dropshipping:

  • AliExpress
  • MegaGoods
  • InventorySource
  • Doba
  • Wholesale2b
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Wholesale Central
  • National Dropshippers
  • SaleHoo
  • Dropship Direct
  • Sunrise Wholesale

All e-commerce dropshipping companies have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important for an online business to evaluate different providers based on their specific needs and use cases.

Top 7 Shopify dropshipping stores for inspiration

There are many successful stores, I picked for you the biggest Shopify dropshipping stores in different niches.

For Cosmetics — Concrete Minerals

Concrete Minerals

Since I am a girl, I couldn’t help but open this list of top Shopify dropshipping stores with this cosmetics online-shop. I’m not sure what vibe you catch when landing on their site, but I feel a delicate mix of cosmic and nature concepts seen even in their logotype.

This store can inspire both users and business owners. It shows a good example of how simple navigation should be. As you get on Concrete Minerals website, you understand where to buy stuff by categories or on sale, where to view the new products or where to read about the company.

If you care about nature, you precisely will like this store, since its product is cruelty-free, vegan and doesn’t include parabens, preservatives, talc, and gluten. Each item has the info about the ingredients and the review with dozens of happy clients’ comments.

For Art — Raven Roxanne

Raven Roxanne

The next one in this Shopify dropshipping stores’ list is Raven Roxanne. As you understand, it’s a personal brand. Roxanne is a painter based in South Carolina. She sells paintings, candles, scarves, and other branded products. They all are authentic as her site is.

If you’re in a search of some creative inspiration, check out her store. You’ll either find a muse or purchase some artworks for your pleasure. What I like in such stores, is that each piece is original and very personal.

Also, you may find interesting the blog about the artist’s life and the latest news - personal affairs or creative achievements.

 For Health and Beauty — Nutriseed


What can be more important than health? You hardly find such a thing. Now, our food doesn’t include as many needed micro-elements and nutrients for healthy organism functioning as before. That’s why there’s a tendency to take nutrients as a dietary supplement. I am one of the people who do that, so honestly, I understand how important it is to find a good store with high-quality products and at an affordable price at the same time.

Nutriseed is one of such successful dropshipping stores. If you care about your health, pay attention to this shop. Their products are 100% natural, tested and the ingredients are carefully picked, as it is said on their site. Their nutrients are also good for vegans. And the prices are quite reasonable and affordable. Landing on the main page, you’ll see the menu right in front of your eyes. So, you’ll easily choose a needed product having a quick look through the well-categorized menu sections.

For Accessories — Biko


The next one in our list of the successful Shopify dropshipping stores is Biko. Here you will find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry on your taste, either for yourself or for a present. You will find only the necessary sections, needed for the convenient use of the site. Designed in minimalism and elegance, this shop emphasizes the authentic look of their pieces. With their jewelry, you will look elegant and classy as well.

Each piece is a hand-crafted mixture of metals and hand-cast natural stones. A small team based in Toronto creates jewelry with care and love. Their accessories look stylish and modern. As proof, Biko provides the Press section, which you will find in the menu of their site. You’ll be able to check out what famous editions (like Elle, Fashion, and others) collaborate with Biko, and even see the actual pages with models on them, wearing the Biko’s accessories.

For Home & Furniture — Au Lit Fine Linens

Au Lit Fine Linens

Au Lit Fine Linens, based in Toronto, Canada, operates since 1981. This company was founded by Peggy Byron. Her goal was to change treated polyester with the natural product - pure cotton sheets, and as a result to improve people’s sleep quality. They cultivate this attitude even till now and offer their customers linens made of all-natural fabrics with no synthetics. In manufacturing, they use the best resistant materials. Au Lit promises the product is going to serve you for years.

Besides ordering linen, you can read their blog and their story on the web site. Like other dropshipping stores, Au Linen keeps its politics open. For instance, you may want to learn more about manufacturing, mills, and materials. They claim their company eco-friendly, and you can learn why just visiting their site.

For Clothing — Bluebella


Bluebella is one of the top dropshipping stores which specializes in selling lingerie. Not only all kinds of bodies, bras, suspenders, etc. will you find there. But also nightwear and accessories. Also, you can choose what you want from sets and collections. The intuitive layout of their site will help you in your search for the desired piece.

Each year Bluebella creates a fashion lingerie collection using the best quality materials, often unusual fabrics. By the design, they want to emphasize not only women’s sexuality but also show lingerie as a crossover of style and personal self-indulgence. They create underwear that allows you to feel confident not only on special occasions but to feel comfort and a little bit more excitement day by day.

As a bonus, they care about their customers providing them quick delivery and free returns.

For Electronic Accessories and Gadgets — Master and Dynamic

Master and Dynamic

You are going to like this online shop if you are mad about music. Master and Dynamic is one of the best dropshipping stores allowing you to choose any kind of sound tool. Especially the headphones or earphones. Even if you’re not that mad about the music, I bet you use a phone or play video games that need some good sound providing accessories. In any case, their shop translates so much passion about what they do, that you can’t help but at least feel interested and respect for them.

The founder was inspired by his son and his passion. It all started with headphones. A father wanted to help his son, a DJ/music producer, with high-quality sound and at the same time elevated design headphones. For this, they visited the museum, where the muse finally catches up with him. And Jonathan Levine, the founder, deсided to create his authentic headphones.

Now, tell me, after this story don’t you want to buy the sound supplies in this shop? You can read the detailed story on their site. Moreover, you’ll be able to check the chronology of Master and Dynamic by the years.

Best Choice Products

best choice products website

What stands for the BCP? Best Choice Product. This is what they’re called. And it’s not just bravado used for baiting the clients. This company is not just a reseller. Although this is one of the best dropshipping websites, they also care about their customers. If you want to renew your indoor or outdoor places, Best Choice Product does exactly what is expected of the company with such a name: they help you to make the right choice. You may hesitate about the style or which material to choose. Take a quiz! Yes, they offer you to take a quick quiz to find out what fits you better. You may try! As for me, I’ve got a three-piece patio set for outdoor conversation. Indeed, I find such moments refreshing - either with a friend or with a good book.

Enough words! Just go and check out their site, take a quiz and enjoy the result!


bluecrate website

If you are in a search of a gift, but you want your present to stand out among the others, then check out Bluecrate, onу of the top dropshipping Shopify stores. Honestly, I rarely run into such good stores with so wide assortment! Definitely I’ll say, I’ve never seen such outstanding online shops with such uncommon stuff. You’ll find here lots of interesting things: from metal straws to dog umbrellas, from shoe skins to personalized socks, hoodies, blankets, from alphabet cushions to Hawaiian dog shirts. I can endlessly list the funny things you’ll find there. Better go and see them yourself. I also recommend you to read their story. The manner is so genuine and doesn’t require more than two minutes reading. Spoiler: the site has been created exactly to help you find a perfect gift for your beloved ones.


dogpawty website

I try to include as many types of stores as possible in this list of dropshipping website examples. And this one is for so-called dog-people, like I am, by the way. If you have a dog and you love it (sorry for the “it”. I don’t know the sex of your precious) as your child, family member, and friend, explore their site. They offer the best products for your pup.

The cherry on top is that you’ll find there the goods for you, not only for your pet. Yes, you’ll find earrings, mugs, bags, t-shirts. And all this stuff is related to dog theme. So many ways to show the world your love for dogs!

The last thing I’ll mention about DogPawty is their newsletters, packed with valuable information for keeping your dog healthy and happy!


tattly website

How many of us have always dreamed about a tattoo, but either parents were strict at it or we hesitated about the design. After all, you do a tattoo once and for life! True? Not in this case.

Tattly offers you a wide choice of tattoo designs. And the best part is that this tattoo shall pass. This is their slogan. You can pick one for yourself, for a gift or even for your kid! An abundance of patterns, arts, pictures, figures and many many more will find you in this online store. Choose to your taste and wear it until you want another one.

The designs look very inspiring. Many talented authors cooperate with Tattly. You can even sort tattoos by the author. Maybe you’ll find your favorite! The summer is coming, get ready to express yourself! Tattly will be happy to help you with this.

Khara Kapas

khara kapas website

“Khara kapas” means “pure cotton” in Hindi. So if you are a fan of Indian culture or just want to buy some authentic clothes, check their store. No worries: they ship worldwide.

Khara kapas have a user-friendly site with beautiful visuals. You can easily find a product you are interested in. You’ll find there clothes for women and kids. Either you need a saree, festive wear or an outfit for special occasions, go to their site and order a handcrafted product made of pure, hand-grown Indian fabrics. As an addition, their clothes is categorized by purpose. You need an outfit to wear for work? Or maybe you want to buy something comfortable for a vacation? The products are also divided by the seasons. And as a bonus, Khara kapas sells shoes and bags, as well.

St. Frank

st frank website

St. Frank, finally! This shop will close my list of the top dropshipping stores. Although this store is the last on the list, it is one of my favorites. As an avid homesitter, I’m excited about what they do for making their clients’ homes comfortable and cozy. Have you heard the term “hygge”? If yes, this is all what this store about!

St. Frank partners with artisans from around the world, so each of their products is an authentic handcrafted piece with its own story and piece of culture inside it. They sell textiles, blankets, rugs, tabletops, candles, stuffed animals, in one word - everything that makes your home cozy and warm. If you are into all this hygge thing, don’t hesitate to check their site and explore all those wonderful things they sell.

What are the alternatives to create a dropshipping store?

Shopify is not the only platform for creating a dropshipping business, there are also others.

  1. Magento. It is a flexible platform that will be a good choice for open-source online stores. It is owned by eBay. However, keep in mind that you will need minimal programming knowledge. You can use this platform for free, except for fees for certain services, personal functions and hosting services.
  2. WooCommerce. This platform is a free plugin for WordPress. According to SimilarTech, WooCommerce is currently installed on more than 815,000 domains. The system, unlike Magento, is not "abstruse", but still not as simple as Shopify (in terms of settings). Using the platform is possible on a free basis, but in case of a lack of basic options, you still have to pay extra.
  3. OpenCart. A free platform that is most suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. If you need to increase functionality, use special settings. There is a large selection of extensions (about 14,000). Despite the fact that the platform is free, you will have to spend at least on a domain name, hosting services and SSL certificate.
  4. PrestaShop. PrestaShop is called a cross between Magento and Shopify. It uses a Freemium business model, which can be downloaded for free. Creating a store takes place in a few minutes at no additional cost. Official statistics say that about 28 000 stores operate on the PrestaShop base. For web hosting, a beautiful template and some features you will have to pay.


Dropshipping is a simple and safe trading scheme. It is an excellent option for starting and testing new horizons in the field of e-commerce.

All you need is:

  1. Pick products you want to sell;
  2. Choose dropshipping suppliers;
  3. Find the perfect online store theme among many Shopify themes;
  4. Create a good-looking online store;
  5. Fill it with products and information in;
  6. Be a successful dropshipper!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below in a comments section. Good luck!

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Dropshipping FAQ

⛵What is dropshipping?

It is a business model where you don’t sell the products you manufacture by yourself but the ones made by some other firm. In some sort, dropshipping business in reselling business.

?Why is dropshipping profitable?

It minimizes the risks for a business person. You sell all the stuff on demand, so there’s no risk you will produce something you won’t get paid for.

?What is Shopify?

It is a CMS made especially for online eCommerce projects. Shopify is very simple in usage and can be easily maintained even by those people who never tried to create a website earlier.

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