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As the previous year has shown, responsive design, SEO tools, right fonts, elegant themes and pixel-perfect illustrations are not the only things that make your website more attractive. By adding a video, you enliven your web page visually and audibly.

A video can help you arrange your project, presentation or make some new changes to your website. To provide our clients with the most in-demand products, we always follow the latest trends. That’s why we would like to draw your attention to our set of best free stock video websites.

Just in a case, if you are an amateur or professional videographer, have a look at our video store templates to give an efficient kickstart to your business or hobby blog.

Tips To Choose A Video for Your Website

No random stuff

Use a video related to the topic of your web page. Respect a time of your clients or followers and don’t waste it on scraps of useless information.

Contrast and compatibility with your content

Get assured that any new video suits the chief tones and brightness of your website. Too much contrast in a looping will probably distract your visitors from the key information. All colors in a video should emphasize the values of your main content. Just don’t let it dominate.

If it happens that you fail to find your ideal video, try to follow this short piece of advice:

  • change your content color;
  • overlay your video with a light or dark screen;
  • overlay your video with the appropriate color.

Hopefully, these easy manipulations with your mouse can help you to harmonize any video you prefer on your page.

Choose a short video that loops

Use only short videos that won’t slow down the whole loading time of your website. Remember that you need a video for a successful promotion but not for making your website annoying.

Device and browser compatibility

Check if your approved video looks the same good on the screens of different devices not to spoil the whole impression of your website. Also, do not forget to customize your video for the variety of browsers.

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos


Stock Video

Pexels has a mission to help millions of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to develop their projects. Daily, Pexels promote a vast number of their works.

Founders of this platform give its visitors free access to a substantial amount of multipurpose high-qualitative videos. All products of Pexels can be easily used in web development.

You also can find their beautiful and modern video content for your presentations or online stores.

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Stock Footage 4 Free

Stock Footage 4 Free

Video works of Stock Footage for Free won’t let you be indifferent. From absolutely impressive sceneries of snowy mountains and unstoppable rivers to daily life-related alternatives.

Without doubts, you can find anything there for free. And that is the guarantee the team of Stock Footage for Free gives its clients. The greatest part: there are never any fees!

Stock Video


Stock Video

Clear and bright footage from Videezy is royalty free. You can use it for a personal or commercial purpose. But you will be asked to credit in your project.

Most videos are ready to use in HD format, but you can choose some from a category of 4K clips. In Videezy you find lots of landscape scenes and abstract videos. All products are also supplied in MP4 format.



Don’t avoid visiting Coverrs page if you are looking for short clips. There you will see numbers of perfect variants to make your own animated cover page or an ideal background for your website. Any video can be found only with some clicks, due to themes. And Coverrs offers nine blocks for different purposes.

It’s also said that every Monday +7 new clips are added to the site.



Having been created only in 2012, Videvo already has become one of the most trusted and multipurpose video resources. By choosing Videvo, you will be provided with lots of beautiful videos and cool animated graphics.

The main rule of the founders of Videvo is free content for their clients.

Life of Vids

Life of Vids

The Life of Vids website provides its visitors with a weekly renovated offer of various videos and clips. An exceptional feature of this stock is every user can share their own content in the library.



Destill proposes all users high-qualitative video products that can fit any purpose. No matter if you are a blogger or have a website to represent your cafe. Visit their page and choose from the variety of short clips and videos.

Having followed Destill website for a once, you will get ten new free videos every ten days.

Cute Stock Footage

Cute Stock Footage

Cute Stock Footage has a big library of free videos. All of them can be used for both, commercial and private ventures. Abstract animation and clips are worth seeing.



With Vidsplay, you get videos you like gratis. But the only thing you have to do is not to forget to leave a link to Vidsplay website. Although, it’s not a significant problem, as there you can find plenty of fresh and available content.

Beachfront B-Roll

Beachfront B-Roll

Beachfront B-Roll is fast and handy service to search for free videos and animations. All videos are represented in HD quality; you also will find different topics and reviews of visitors.


At the least, always to pay your attention to categories or blocks of videos you like. Unfortunately, even among the plenty of free numbers can be some videos only for buying.

And don’t forget that sometimes “free” doesn’t mean rightless. You will be asked to add the video stock’s link to the place where you are going to use it.

So, make your decision to promote your web sources at a new level. Remember, we provide you free high-quality videos!

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