A UI Developer Resume That Will Impress any Recruiter

  1. What to consider when you write a UI developer resume
  2. A UI developer resume – objective and summary
  3. What if you don’t have the experience to mention in your UI developer resume?
  4. Create an exciting UI developer resume fast

UI Developer Resume. UI is an important element as it helps people use different products, whether it’s a website or software. Designers have to make sure that everything looks good. Moreover, all the colors and elements should fit properly–unnecessary elements shouldn’t stand out.

It is important to combine various colors and fonts and other elements to make everything look amazing. The competition among UI developers is extremely high. Having a strong UI developer resume is a must when you are searching for a job.

A UI developer resume – impress a recruiter.

First, you need to consider that there is a difference between UI and UX – if you want to learn a bit more about it, please spend some time watching this short video. It can also help you understand UI developer responsibilities a bit better. This video will be extremely helpful for people who are looking for their first project.

UI designers have to make sure that users have no troubles using a product (a user has to find all the necessary elements without spending much time). At the same time, the product should look amazing and impress people. It’s always pleasant to work with software or a website when you can easily do what you need.

What to consider when you write a UI developer resume

Writing a UI developer’s resume can be quite challenging. Again, the competition is quite high, but that’s not the reason to stop. You need to impress recruiters.

Keep in mind, that a recruiter spends around 7.4 seconds to study your resume. Moreover, there are certain elements that make a recruiter throw away your UI resume and forget about you. To make it last longer than 7.4 seconds you should consider the following:

  • Zero creativity. The resume should follow some standard. You need to include important information only. It’s important to find some balance between “too much information” and “not enough information.”
  • Skills and expertise should be at the top of the page. This is what a recruiter has to see when they start studying your resume.
  • Avoid adding too many photos.
  • It should be laconic. It may be two pages long if you already have some experience.
  • No need to focus on personal achievements too much.

All these tips can make a recruiter pay attention to your resume. However, there are other important tips as well:

  • Check grammar carefully. There shouldn’t be any typos or errors. It not only makes your UI resume look better, but it also shows that you are an attentive person, which is crucial when it comes to design.
  • Formatting. You need to make it readable. Consider adding some bullet points – you can use them when you mention your achievements, experience, or soft skills. There are numerous ways to separate a page visually. Again, it’s important to make your UI developer resume readable – it helps to show that you know how to make a product look nice. Use white spaces and find a nice readable font. Again, don’t be overly creative in the design.
  • File format. It would be better to use a .pdf file. Such files can be scanned by companies. Moreover, .pdf files will always display correctly.
  • Try to minimize using personal pronouns. When you write a UI resume you should focus on the employer.
  • Experience. List only significant items in reverse order. You need to start with the most recent position. This section has to be properly formatted. Add some bullet points. Keep it short and informative; avoid listing jobs unrelated to the position you are applying for. Start with the company name, then mention your position, like “UI developer” and then add some bullet points mentioning your achievements.

Keep in mind that soft skills are very important and you need to mention them as well. You may be talented and experienced, but if you aren’t able to solve problems – you may not get the job you want. Therefore, it may be a good option to develop soft skills as well. Some companies may prefer mid-level team players to high-level professionals who can’t cooperate with other people.

Printable Resume Templates

A UI developer resume – objective and summary

If you don’t have any experience, then you should include the objective. That’s where you tell about your goal. Again, it shouldn’t be too long, but it should include some information. You need to show that you want to work for the company and you can help them satisfy their clients. It would be wrong just to mention the skills you have. It would be better to write something like “An energetic UI developer with strong UI prototyping understanding.” Don’t forget to mention what you learned, like “CSS, HTML”. It would be nice to add some numbers as well. For example, “Designed a website with a 300+ daily visitors rate.”

If you are an experienced person, then your UI resume should include a summary section. That’s where you tell what you have achieved. Again, this section shouldn’t be brief. You need to provide a recruiter with some information. Start with something like “A skilled UI developer with 5+ years experience.” Then you can add some information about what you expect from a new job position such as “seeking to improve UI design.” You need to include achievements as well. For example, “created UI for John Doe website that 90% of visitors find impressive (according to the website poll)” or “90% positive feedback.”

Keep in mind that there are no tips or tricks that will 100% guarantee you the job you want. All these tips will increase your chances. Again, you may not have enough experience or they may be looking for someone who has other skills.

What if you don’t have any experience to mention in your UI developer resume?

The solution is straightforward. If you don’t have experience – get some. If you want to become a UI designer that works with websites, then you need to create a website. There are many options. You can use the WordPress platform that provides people with limitless possibilities. You can get one of these templates as a starting point. You don’t need to know how to code. You can unleash all your creativity and create an impressive website to demonstrate your skills. You can easily add new elements. Moreover, you can include the link in your resume. It would be better to show what you can do instead of just telling people how good you are.

Another great thing about a personal website is that it can become your resume. On a website, you can show what you can do. Moreover, if your website becomes popular – you can turn it into a source of income. That’s the case when you start promoting yourself as a designer. You can also use your website to get feedback from visitors. It also helps to understand what it’s like to work as a designer and create a web page.

Create an exciting UI developer resume fast

It’s possible to save some time. Just like with a website, you can get a template and modify it. There are various sections, where you need to add necessary information, like achievements, experience, skills, education, or UI developer certification info. You can get a nice template here. Here are some examples:

Name Short description Features
Brian Smith It has a section for a photo and contact information. The page is divided into 9 sections where you can add the necessary information. Resume and cover letter

Easy to edit – there several layers, so you can modify elements individually

Free Google fonts are used


A4 size

Daniel Moore - Front End Developer You can add a photo. It has a wide section (for important information, like experience, skills, etc.) and a narrow one for information like name, education, etc. Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .pdf


A4 size

2 Designs – with and without a photo

Free fonts are used

Easy to edit

Vector elements used – you won’t lose any quality

A business card template is included

Front End Developer ATS Friendly Template A perfect option if you prefer minimalism. It has numerous sections where you can add the information you need. It doesn’t have any colorful elements Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .pdf, .docx

2 Design options – with and without a photo


Free fonts are used

Easy to edit – layers facilitate the editing process


David Richards Another template without any colorful elements. It is divided vertically. It has a narrow section for secondary information and a wide section for primary information. It also uses various icons. Resume and cover letter

Print-ready 300 DPI, A4

Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .docx

Carmen A colorful template with several sections. It uses color to visually separate the page. It has a place for a photo. Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .docx, Apple pages

Free fonts are used

Vector elements are used – you can modify everything without losing any quality

Print-ready, 300 DPI, CMYK

A4 paper size

4 page template

Paragraph and character style

The template is layered – easy to modify

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