Boost Conversions with the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

  1. The landing page purpose
  2. How to make a high-quality landing resource
  3. Best WP landing page plugins
  4. Conclusion

Today, many website owners are engaged in some business that includes the sale of goods or providing services. And eventually, the question of creating a landing page arises for everyone.

A landing page is a widespread phenomenon in the field of Internet marketing. And not without reason. With proper application, it’s a powerful tool for turning website visitors into customers. If your project needs a landing website, then you can easily find the agency that will develop it. You can also try to do it yourself.

A landing site is a popular way to advertise the product on the Internet. And it became so popular because it’s effective. A landing resource is a single promo page which purposefully and thoroughly mentions one or several products. It also offers the opportunity to buy them. You can hire freelancers who will do the job for a decent amount. But I suggest you use a simpler and cheaper way. This method is to use the best WP landing page plugins.

There are lots of plugins that can help to create a landing website on WordPress. Therefore, such plugins will be excellent solutions for you. Moreover, if you don't have strong coding skills, then it’ll be challenging for you to create such pages yourself. Moreover, astronomical prices are charged for web design sometimes. But absolutely everyone can create a landing website using WordPress. To do this, it doesn’t require specialized knowledge and high amounts of money. To simplify the creation, many plugins are written. Their task is to hide the multipage nature of WordPress and leave one active page.

The landing site purpose

A landing site is made to increase the conversion of your project. The user usually comes to it after using a link from another resource (this is called contextual advertising). Such a page maximally pushes the visitor to accomplish the targeted action. This is achieved because a landing page is developed only under one proposal and implies the fulfillment of the only possible action. That is, the content placed on the landing page doesn’t allow any alternative actions to the potential client. Except for the fulfillment of the one for which it was written. Also, the content is attractive and informative. The design causes you the desire to get what is offered there.

wordpress themes

How to make a high-quality landing resource

WordPress Landing

Before we continue to the list of the best WP landing page plugins, we will try to answer one question. How to make a landing website so that it had a high conversion and made the profit? The analysis of consumer behavior revealed that the potential client goes through five main stages. Attention → interest → desire → action → satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Based on this information, a specific landing page structure was developed. Let’s look at its main blocks and the elements that fill them. The main brick of the ideal landing page on WordPress is the welcome screen. You can call it a header. It’s visible to the visitor immediately after loading the page before the moment of scrolling. The essence of the welcome screen is in attracting the user’s attention to keep him on the page. It should cause the guest to want to learn more about the content. Which components are located in this part?

  • Logo. Not an obligatory, but a desirable element. Its presence allows to identify you and thereby increases the degree of trust in your company.
  • Description. A short text describing what you do and what you specialize in.
  • Contacts. Another tool to increase trust. Mostly it’s a phone number and a callback order button.
  • Title. The unique trade offer is what the site has been created for. And it’s quite natural that it should be in the header.
  • Image or video as a demonstration of a product or service. Must be of exceptionally high quality.
  • CTA Button. CTA stands for a call to action. It’s placed on the button. It’s this element that becomes the first of levers that convert a potential client into a real deal.
  • Sometimes a feedback form is placed on the first screen. Thus, the site structure makes it easy to find this element among other content. The number of form fields should be minimal and require the visitor only the information that is most necessary for you.

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Best WP landing page plugins

Landing Plugins

The best WP landing page plugins, about which I will tell you in this article are multifunctional and full-featured. Plus, the plugins are SEO-optimized. This allows search engines to index the page and increase the chances of finding customers. And there are many ready-made HTML5 & CSS3 solutions for creating a landing website. So, I present you my top ten plugins. Let’s get acquainted with these solutions. All of them have almost identical functionality, working principle, and main features. Free versions of these designers may have less functionality and support. But they will quite adequately cope with their task. If you don’t plan to create a heavy page, don’t look for absolute uniqueness and originality, and are ready to edit some parts of the code manually. The principle of creating a landing site on WordPress using all these tools is approximately the same.

Landing Pages, SEO Content. Increase sales & leads

With the help of the landing pages plugin, you can increase website traffic and sales by adding of landing pages to the website. All sales and order will be saved in your database. To view the orders, just open in back-end menu “Orders through landing pages”.

In order to create landing pages on WordPress website, follow these simple steps:

  • Install and activate the plugin. “Landing-page” category will be created automatically. All pages added to this category will be automatically converted in landing pages of your website.
  • Each landing page will become a Contact Form, which can be customized for better conversions.
  • Customize your created landing page by adding of your own text near Contact form due Settings in the plugin.
  • Customize your text for the “textarea” of Contact form on your landing page.
  • Customize the Title text of the landing page.
  • Landing page can be linked to your normal articles and pages through the page tags.

Landing Page Cat – WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Landing Page Cat

Using this Landing Page Plugin, you can feel the ease of setting up truly beautiful, simple, highly converting landing pages. Instead of stuffing the plugin with multiple complicated tools and features, the developers focused on one thing mainly, i.e. providing you with the free extension to create good-looking and conversion-optimized landing pages in just a few minutes. Adding this extension to your WordPress site, you will be able to launch effective landing pages straight out-of-the-box.

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress landing page plugin

WordPress Landing Pages plugin framework gives you the possibility to choose from pre-designed landing pages or create your own custom designs. It will give you the abilities to monitor and track conversion rates, run a/b or multivariate split tests on landing pages, and most importantly increase lead flow. The extension was designed with inbound marketing practices in mind. it will help you drive and convert more leads on your site.

Highlighted features:

  • Visual Editor to bring all necessary changes to the design and see the results of your work in the real time.
  • Track conversion rates on your landing pages for continual optimization.
  • Clone existing landing pages and run A/B Split tests on variations.
  • Use your current WordPress theme or choose from our library of custom landing page designs.
  • Pre-populate Forms with visitor information to increase conversion ratesю
  • Easily implement your own custom landing page design.

Think Landing Pages

Think Landing Pages

Use the plugin to create functional and good-looking coming soon and landing pages on your WordPress site. The extension was built with marketers and designers in mind. Intended to help you build your email list and boost sales, the landing pages cannot be substituted by the regular posts of other pages. Using the landing page plugin, you can build video landing pages that allow the viewers to get your message clearly.

Sunny Landing Pages: Free Landing Page Builder

landing page plugin

Grow your business using functional and captivating landing pages. Used by more than 500 websites worldwide, the landing page plugin lets you build impressive landing pages without any coding skills required. There are more than 100 pre-designed landing pages being provided. You can choose any of the existing designs and personalize it as per your own needs. The biggest advantage of this landing page WordPress extension is the availability of the drag-and-drop landing page builder. When finished, the landing page can be published to your homepage or any custom URL on your site.


Today we learned how to make landing pages on WordPress and use marketing tools. Now you know which structures and designs are optimal for achieving the goal of leading the user to accomplish the targeted action. The landing page plugins, which were listed in this article, will help you make a compelling landing website and increase the conversion.

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