10 Proven Ways to Generate Low Cost Website Traffic Explained

There are so many ways to boost traffic to your website. However, the basic rule of getting more income is having a steady flow of visitors to your online business. If no one views your site, maybe something went wrong? To take in the situation, let’s consider the key principles and tools on how to get more traffic to your site at low cost.

Making websites more noticeable and discoverable on the web is one of the most important tasks for online affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. To rank among most visited, top-rated web resources, companies spend big on ad campaigns and different marketing schemes. Such approach makes it all worthwhile since now they are in high demand, well earning, and big hitting projects. Though, it often happens so that small startups are limited on budget and can’t afford spending a fortune on such strategies. Does it mean they are doomed to stay in the shadow for ages? Whether you are running a large-scale web project or a small startup, you always have a chance to boost your traffic at minimum cost. In this blog post we’ll tell you how to achieve success.

How to Increase Website Traffic with Minimum Budget

As long as you update your website with unique and captivating reading, you should see a natural increase in traffic flow. If you want to reach wider audience and get more profit, there are many other things you can do to give your site a boost.
[related_posts] Blogging

This is one of the most proven ways of gaining visibility on the web. When properly organized and frequently updated with quality content, your blog could safely become the best channel to boost traffic. When reaching a post on a topic that’s trending and discovering something really helpful, people will most likely share this post with followers from social networking sites or elsewhere. Simply keep track of what’s in demand and write about it. You should know your target audience. Since you know who commonly reads your blog, you can decide on the content to share.

Guest Blogging

Sharing captivating posts on your own blog page is a win-win solution, however you can also try to contribute to other popular blogs in your niche. The benefits of guest blogging are endless. For instance, you can reach wider audience, share your thoughts and ideas, introduce your products/services, generate natural links, build relationship, etc. It’s clear that on someone else’s blog you are not in full control. Though, you will never lose if you try to introduce the auditory to something new and worthy of their attention.


People have always preferred interactive infographics to pure texts. These are known as a great way of engaging more viewers in. Additionally, it won’t cost you much to create one. You can either hire a web designer or make use of such online tools as Easel.ly, Infogr.am, Venngage, Piktochart, etc. to create a great looking infographics and increase your visibility. Another thing to mention is that visual content in more shareable in social media than written data. So, delivering your message in a ‘picture’ form you can build good following.

Social Media

With so much being said about social sharings, let’s take a closer look at how exactly you can benefit from this to generate more traffic to your site. Those of you who are tough on budget should make special use of social media since it won’t cost you a penny to create an account. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social networking site, interaction is the key. Once again, always keep in mind what auditory you’re targeting. Some people look for inspirational posts and catchy reading, whereas others prefer funny stories, pictures to laugh at or any other stuff of this kind. Mixing different types of content you will make your page look appealing and balanced.

Comment on Other Industry Blogs

A blog comment can generate more traffic than you think. Subscribe to other industry blogs, leave a comment when relevant and appropriate. A great comment ensures fellow readers will come to see your website. Spammy comments like “awesome post” won’t work. Make sure your comment represents your business in the best light. Alongside with sharing your thoughts on the topic, don’t forget to provide two links – one directly to your site and another one to the latest blog posts.

Link Building

This is a highly effective strategy in the modern online world. Link building is all about providing links that point to your website or blog from other pages. You can make use of this while contributing to other blogs as well. The thing to remember is that everything should happen naturally as you write quality content. Here are several tips on effective link building:

  • When placing links to your page on other websites don’t forget to link back. Make sure you exchange links with trusted resources only since linking to low-quality site can hardly help.
  • Link back on blogs and communities related to your topic. Create a profile there, provide information about you site, share quality post, and give links to your project.
  • Build link with other companies in your field.
  • An RSS feed allows linking to your articles in a variety of other places. This should also come in handy when trying to boost traffic to your site.

Link to Old Posts on Your Site

When writing a new post, don’t forget to link back to the entries you’ve already published. This will make your posts more informative and let people stay on your blog for longer. The same can be done with old posts. Providing links to more recent articles you can keep the audience informed on when trendy out there.


Publishing a newsletter is one of the most effective ways of generating low cost website traffic. It may contain content and helpful tips to your blog subscribers. Additionally, you will never lose if you add a couple of links to your site. This will help users reach you fast and easy, click through your recent entries, and join the army of your avid readers.

Run Online Communities and Forums

This is a proven technique employed by the majority of online affiliate marketers. Starting a forum on topic related to your niche you can grow your online community. Answering questions and participating in hot discussions you will establish yourself as trusted authority. Interacting with the audience and helping out people in your community you can drive traffic to your website in an easy way. This is how it works – when posting a comment, your site URl automatically appears in the signature of your forum post.

Give out Freebies

Everyone likes freebies. Each time you provide free stuff, make sure you’ve included a link to your official website. This will not only help you make your business more noticeable, but also generate traffic at low cost. Depending on your niche, you can provide articles and reports, give out eBooks, run free online classes or seminars, provide free audio and video materials, shareware, free website templates, and more.

Speak up

Well, that’s it for now. These were 10 most popular techniques to generate low cost website traffic. Implementing them in your online business strategy, be sure you will never lose. We recommend trying a couple of the aforementioned tips and test which ones will generate maximum profit. There are dozens of other techniques to boost traffic implemented on the web. Which ones do you make use of? What would you recommend trying out first? Share with us under this post.

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