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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most progressive technologies of our time. If you are interested in its development and use website builders, you might be also interested in a product released by Weblium at the beginning of 2019.

With the new Weblium AI-based website builder, you can see how artificial intelligence works in web page creation. It proves that anyone can make a user-friendly and professional-looking site by themselves.

Weblium Artificial Intelligence Website Builder


As you probably know, many years the TemplateMonster team is known for developing web templates, themes, bundles, fonts, in a word - any kinds of product for web sites. They came even further and created a project, which would provide you with a ready-made website build by the professionals or by yourself. This project, as you have definitely guessed, is called Weblium.

Weblium is an online platform which combines functions of a website builder and design studio.

Formerly, Weblium used to operate as a website development studio known for utilizing an alternative “do-it-for-me” approach where the agency created the website, and the customer received not only a working site but also access to an easy-to-use website editor. Thus, an owner could easily make almost any changes in their site without attracting developers or even using a complicated CMS.

In January 2019, Weblium made another step forward. They launched an AI-powered website builder that allows people to create a website in less than an hour. This service, which is called Weblium DIY, introduces a “do-it-yourself” approach.

About Weblium DIY

After numerous requests from customers who wanted to manage the process of website creation from the very beginning, Weblium team decided to start a new project that supposed to let users be in charge of everything from picking up the font of the header to arranging conceptual blocks.

The greatest challenge lay in the question “How to create a system which would allow people without any knowledge in UI/UX design make a good-looking website?” That is how the idea of AI-based Weblium DIY has come up.

Weblium Artificial Intelligence Website Builder

Basic info about Weblium DIY

  • Principle. A web-hosted service.
  • Browser compatibility. Compatible with all popular browsers.
  • Website load speed. Due to the fact Weblium is built on React.js, the webpages created with Weblium load faster compared to other famous website builders.
  • Suitable for:
    • Personal use (to create websites for yourself).
    • Business (to make professional-looking websites which can work for almost any kind of business).
    • Digital agencies (ready-made templates allow to quickly produce block-structured user-friendly websites).
  • Ease of use. Combining a webpage out of ready blocks, adding new sections, removing or mixing them takes just a few moments.


  • Artificial intelligence. AI Design Supervisor is aimed to improve the appearance of the pages. It automatically adjusts the style: creates matching font pairs, fixes colors, etc., eliminating most of the amateur mistakes which make the design look unprofessional.
  • Templates.
      • More than 200 ready-to-use blocks and templates are available after registration.
      • Weblium also provides an opportunity to order a custom template.
    Weblium Artificial Intelligence Website Builder
  • SEO. Websites created with Weblium are already SEO-optimized on a basic level:
    • Most duplicated webpages are deleted by default.
    • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are added automatically.
    • It is possible to set meta tags in the general settings of a website. Also, a website owner can change titles or descriptions for particular pages in the editor.
    • The canonical link element can be added to prevent duplication of the content.
    • A search index is administered by the owner.
  • Mobile devices. Weblium products are fully responsive. Design a desktop version only, and artificial intelligence will adapt it to any other device automatically.
  • Analytics. Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and other services are available.
  • Support and assistance:
    • Assistance. Weblium offers professional assistance (from advice to the creation of a website from scratch). Weblium studio designers can help with the design of your site as well.
    • The support team works 24/7 and can be reached online from the Weblium website.


  • The basic templates and functions are free.
  • A pro account costs just $10.5/month. It allows you to remove Weblium branding, connect a domain name, integrate marketing and analytics tools, and have access to advanced editing options.
  • There is also a possibility to work as an agency and create many sites at a special price.

get a readymade website

Wrap Up

Weblium kept up with the times and created a modern tool that can meet the needs of contemporary website owners and creators. It offers a wide range of templates, SEO and analytical tools and may become a serious competition for popular, yet old-style builders.

In contrast to the majority of popular online services, Weblium DIY made a platform that allows anybody to work on their own project, even with minimum experience.

The interface looks very clear, while tools are organized in such a way that it is easy to find them intuitively. AI manages colors, fonts, and spelling, it matches blocks you add with the general concept of the page. If something is unclear, the Weblium support team is always there to help.

Weblium Artificial Intelligence Website Builder

All the essential instruments are free on a constant basis (while a lot of similar platforms offer only one or two weeks of a free trial). And if you want to unlock advanced options or to remove Weblium branding from the bottom of your web pages, you can buy a subscription at an affordable price.

In January, Weblium got numerous reviews from the users of Product Hunt and became the #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week.

If you are interested in how AI functions on a website builder, you can check it out on the Weblium website. Post your opinion on the new AI tool in the comments.

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