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Navigation Icon Sets from TemplateMonster

Such small details as icons often play very important role in web design by adding some uniqueness and charisma to website's design. You'll agree that design aesthetics consists of various factors and well-designed web icons is one of these. The great thing about icons is their versatility because by adding some original navigation icons you can kill two birds with one stone - improve visual appearance of the website and of course make it more user-friendly.

In fact, navigation icons are negotiators between your website and visitors and it is vitally important for your project to have effective icons that would be simple, clear and attractive for the same time.

Today we've collected a bunch of navigation icon sets that are various by their design.

80 Map _ Navigation Icons - Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

80 Map _ Navigation Icons - Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

If you want to get lots of colorful map and navigation icons, check out then this set! The set contains 80 navigation icons that can be handy on your website, app, whatever you want to. These icons will definitely attract the attention of any visitors and users and make your platform more friendly and cool looking. If you want to change the colors, it is fully possible with the help of such programs like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Here you can find such navigation icons like parking, satellite, gas station, roadworks, speed trap, airport, street view, etc. Especially excellent for various apps for drivers.

Camping And Survive Set Iconset Template

Camping And Survive Set Iconset Template

Check out this awesome camping and survive icon set if you need some icons for camping. The set contains 27 camping icons in different styles, so you can choose any according to your taste and needs: minimalistic outline, practical two color, mysterious glyph, bright flat, and fresh filled outline. Every icon is editable, so you can change colors, sizes, etc. Here you can find the most popular icons connected with the camping sphere, for example, fire, flashlight, tent, compass, knife, ax, binoculars, and many more. These icons are made especially for you and you don’t need to spend much time making them. Just place them where you want them to be and you’ll get a great design.

50 Maps & Location Line Black Iconset Template

50 Maps & Location Line Black Iconset Template

Icons are great and helpful especially when they have a pretty minimalistic style. The given set exactly fits the profile! Check out this map line icon set for using the icons for websites, presentations, mobile apps, brochures, and similar. The light and simple design won’t distract anyone’s attention and would be handy for any purpose. Here you can find icons of arrows, compasses, maps, markers, and many more things. You get the set in six different formats, so don’t worry about compatibility, you can use the icons in different apps and it will work out. Choose the minimalistic set to cover all the issues with the map icons need.

50 Maps & Navigation Line Green & Black Iconset Template

50 Maps & Navigation Line Green & Black Iconset Template

Check out these handy maps and navigation icons done in a green and black color scheme. The set is useful especially for websites, mobile applications, presentations, etc. If you want to use them, use such a program like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or any similar one. The set is available in different six formats like AI, PNG, SVG, JPG, EPS, CDR. The icons are fully vector, so you can easily edit and scale them. Easy to use on different sizes and backgrounds due to the presence of 20 PNG sizes. You can find here the icons of markers, distance, location, flags, globes, road signs, compasses, etc.

50 Maps & Navigation Line Inverted Iconset Template

50 Maps & Navigation Line Inverted Iconset Template

If you are looking for light maps and navigation icons, the present set is perfect for you. It contains 50 white maps and navigation icons for using them in apps, presentations, websites, various brochures, ads, anything you need to come up with. Easy editable and handy for such purposes. This set is also available in six different formats, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. The icons are ready-made and pretty easy to use. Just place them where they are needed and get a cool and modern design. All the icons are designed for maximum usability, so use them if you need some maps and navigation items.

110 Mobile Apps Filled Blue & Black Iconset Template

110 Mobile Apps Filled Blue & Black Iconset Template

If you are a developer and make apps, you definitely need some mobile app icons. This set is 100% your choice. Check out these mobile app icons for using them especially for applications. The design of icons is practical and has a universal blue and black color scheme which looks attractive and quite modern. You get the set in six various formats, so it is easy to work with them using any program like Adobe Illustrator or similar. Here you can find different mobile app icons like books, games, weather, mail, voice memo, Wi-Fi, volume, video, and many more. Enjoy creating mobile apps using these mobile app icons.

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